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Manicure in light tones of a photo: 100 ideas of design of nails

Manicure in light tones of a photo: 100 ideas of design of nails It is impossible to present the modern woman without well-groomed hands and the beautiful manicure which is picked up towards the image and executed gel varnish. It is an integral part of perception of the woman, as whole. You can look what will be fashionable manicure in light tones which photos are presented for a review. A variety of receptions of decoration of nails inclines towards naturalness more and more. Ridiculous long nails with elaborate design departed in the past. Where it is more pleasant to see well-groomed hands with quiet and natural nail-art.

In the forthcoming season there are in fashion nails light, you can attentively consider and use a photo of examples on short nails for ornament. It is possible to make beautiful design by means of various receptions without campaign in manikyurny salon. For house application are ideal gel varnishes – with them quickly and easily to work. Besides, the various color palette allows to create original and beautiful ideas of light manicure of nails which photos are given below.

How it is correct to make manicure?

To make design of nails in light tones, it is necessary to know some rules of its performance, photos of ideas will help with it. First of all, decide on a shape of a nail. If the have good length, it is possible to make rectangular edge. On short and wide nails the oval or almond-shaped form is ideal.

Accurately grind all nails, having given them the identical length and the form. By means of special means soften a cuticle and remove it. A nail file for polishing of nails process a nail plate. If nails exfoliate, it is possible to walk slightly the bafy. After that degrease a surface, carefully wipe the face parties.

If nails weak and dry, them it is necessary to cover with a primer for the best coupling about gel varnish. Before drawing gel varnish is imposed a basic covering, the nail is dried in a lamp one minute. Gel varnish is applied in two-three layers with closing of edges and the subsequent drying. After removal of a sticky layer the chosen design is carried out. The last the finishing covering with careful closing of edge of a nail keeps within.

During performance of manicure the nail and skin round it experience stress loads. Therefore after the end of procedure the area of a cuticle is processed by special oil which is rubbed by the easy movements in area round a nail plate.
Fashionable colors of the current season

Light nails at which design it is possible to look at a photo, will help to decide on a choice. Gel varnish of gentle color, both saturated, and having "the diluted appearance", will have success in new year. It can form a basis for creation of design or be used for drawing drawings.

Use all various palette of light tones in decoration of the nails:

Design choice

In the forthcoming season along with the traditional directions of design there will be in a trend a manicure in light tones, a photo 2016 will be actual and in a new season. The following directions of design are popular:

  • service jacket;
  • lunar manicure;
  • geometrical drawing;
  • Ombre's style;
  • "beaten glass";
  • ornament pastes;
  • prints with animal pictures.

Council: at a choice of registration it is necessary to consider for what you choose design. Elaborate and intricate drawings will be inappropriate in daily affairs. For work choose quiet, monophonic color and a minimum of jewelry on nails. For an evening exit, a solemn and festive event it is possible to decorate nails with bright drawings, pastes.
Variety of service jackets

Manicure in light tones of a photo: 100 ideas of design of nails The first lines of popularity of nail design are held strongly by a service jacket. This ideal addition to any dress. The modern light service jacket replaced the traditional look a little, the photo visually tells about it. If earlier the service jacket was known as the French manicure with "a white smile", the smile of any color is now allowed, but the preference is given to color of baked milk, an ivory. Safely use gel varnish of light tones for creation of images, as on a photo.

The new option of a service jacket with a cross strip of other color exactly in the middle of "smile" is interesting. It is actual there is a classical option. Ornament no more than two fingers on one hand is allowed by pastes or drawing. Already there are admirers of a service jacket not in the form of a smile, and a triangular form or in the form of the line which is coming to naught practically in the middle of a nail. For drawing it is possible to use gel varnish.

Visually to extend a short nail, it is better to do a service jacket narrow. Or to apply technology of transition of two flowers obliquely. The drawn vertical lines, but no more than three, or pasted narrow tapes for a decor will help.

Lunar manicure

It is one more form of a peculiar service jacket. Lunar the manicure is called because except a smile is made out same, as it, color a nail hole. Here too it is possible to experiment with a color, but it is worth being careful. Consider that the issued hole and a tip of a nail considerably will truncate a nail plate.

Multi-colored holes and opportunity to draw them in any place of a nail will be feature of the current year in lunar manicure. Very fashionable it is considered a combination of lunar and French manicure where are used for a nail light tone, it is possible to look at their photo, how at the visual aid.

Actual Ombre

This equipment is rather difficult for execution but if you master it, you will be able to please yourself and the nails surrounding with an unusual look. It is carried out from two and more flowers and consists in a smooth overflowing of one in another. In a different way such method is called "gradient". Shellac which light tone are presented on a photo will be ideally suited for performance.

Will be necessary for creation of such design:

Before work on area round a nail the layer of fat cream, is applied on a plate - base. Then two or more colors of a varnish undertake. They give all the best on a piece of a foil or plastic horizontal lines in parallel with each other, without gleams. Sponzh or the sponge is moistened in water and well wrung out. Then the sponge is put to a varnish so that it didn't move – the varnish has to be absorbed in a sponge.

Now we put (not really strongly) a sponge to a nail that the varnish imprinted on it. We delete with a Q-tip the varnish remains which got on skin. After drying the finishing covering is applied on a nail. Now the light manicure gel varnish is ready, photos give of it a complete idea.

Effect of "beaten glass"

Slices of "beaten glass" can be cut from a multi-colored foil or to use a special ready film which is put to a nail, and on them the pattern from multi-colored fragments of glass imprints. All subtlety of creation of such design consists that it becomes on a sticky layer of a gel nail and from above surely becomes covered by the finish.

As in a trend shellac light, on such substrate "glass" looks anything not worse, than on dark, the photo confirms this fact. In the same equipment also the color foil which gives almost same effect is used.

Decoration of a nail pastes

Manicure in light tones of a photo: 100 ideas of design of nails Pastes don't get out of fashion, but their application in design cardinally changed. If it was a few years ago possible to see abundance sparkling a paste on all nails, now ornament became more reserved. Large elements aren't welcomed, in fashion small jewelry.

From them it is possible to spread patterns, small by the size, but not on all fingers. One-two nails on one or each hand are usually decorated. The preference is given to laying a paste at the beginning of a nail, on its lateral face or a tip. All this is applied on gel varnish, and the light design of such ornament only emphasizes grace.

Decor with figures of animals

In a summer season the design with the image of animals on light nail varnish will be actual, the photo of such ornament gives an idea that young girls will suit it. It is possible to execute light design of nails by means of cliches, transfers or fimo, as on a photo. Pictures can be either color or black-and-white. After drawing drawing obligatory a covering of a finishing layer.

Council: if you were solved and are ready to get to work, one more council won't prevent. For example, than it is possible to draw on nails. The choice of paints is various. It is possible to draw acrylic paints, gel-paints, color gel varnishes of light tones as on a photo, the design from it won't lose the freshness. Only you shouldn't forget that drawing is applied on the smoothed-out, polished surface of a gel nail and from above becomes covered by a top. If the design becomes on a natural nail, it also becomes covered by the finish.