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Manicure of nails with the help varnish gel

All of you for certain heard about such covering for nails as — Shellac. And so, he is just the very first called and popular representative of a new line of polymeric and strong coverings for nails — gel varnishes.
Manicure of nails with the help varnish gel

We will compare pluses and minuses of such manicure

Gel varnish looks on nails as a usual varnish and is applied also, but dries only under beams of an ultra-violet lamp, and after drying becomes much stronger and wearproof.

At the expense of it, gel sticks on nails more long to the usual — of a week to three, thus its surface isn't scratched, not used up, and color doesn't grow dull.

One more plus is that it creates a strong framework for nails because of what they break less, and, therefore, grow quicker. Thus it has practically no smell.

Manicure of nails with the help varnish gel To minuses of use of such manicure of the house, it is possible to carry rather high cost of a basic set of the equipment and means. On average from 3rd to 6 thousand rubles, a half which the price for an ultra-violet lamp makes, and also color coverings, their cost, not cheap at the price, fluctuates from 10 to 34 USD.

Inconveniently in varnishes also that nails can't be tinted quickly if suddenly in some place the chip because of feature of procedure was formed, so, it is necessary to erase the chopped-off varnish at once completely.

Materials and tools

Manicure of nails with the help varnish gel For performance of manicure in house conditions it is required to you:

The step-by-step management from our expert

  1. For a start we do manicure, giving a file the form to nails, and also cleaning a cuticle from a nail plate. In order that the varnish was better linked to a nail it is also possible to walk a file on a nail surface, what to make it rough.
  2. Now we degrease a nail plate, it is better to do it by special lint-free napkins that on nails wouldn't remain anything superfluous.
  3. Then we put the bond and a primer. All these stages are obligatory in a case about gel - varnish manicure and serve that it would hold on more long and didn't exfoliate ahead of time.
  4. After completion of preparation of nails we put a transparent basis, it can combine and a top covering that is very convenient and economic.
  5. Gel varnish looks and is applied as usual by means of a brush. Manicure of nails with the help varnish gel

    Try not to go beyond a nail plate and not to get on a cuticle. Otherwise to you, first it will be inconvenient when the varnish stiffens at you on skin and secondly it will quicker lag behind.

  6. After drawing it is better not to touch nails, and at once to place them in an ultra-violet lamp for about 30 seconds. By the way, in most cases, lamps have a timer for 2 minutes, this standard time of drying of a varnish covering, but for base advise to use smaller time.
  7. After polymerization of base we put two layers of a color covering, we put with rather thin layer, differently too thick covering will quickly lag behind a nail.Manicure of nails with the help varnish gel But also not too we feel sorry for a varnish, differently it will "polosit" and will be put not evenly. If you incidentally touch a nail and you will impair a little just put covering, it right there can be leveled as gel remains liquid, not to place it in an ultra-violet lamp so far.
  8. And so, put the first layer, fixed in a lamp of 2 minutes. Put following and once again fixed. After polymerization you shouldn't touch nails as a surface their sticky, and you can apply on it not the necessary parts or fibers, or to leave the fingerprint.
  9. You can decorate the manicure with application in the form of a butterfly "fimo". Fimo – a stick from polymeric clay which cut forms a figure with drawing.
  10. It is possible to cut fimo most, and it is possible to buy already ready applications. They are on sale in shops with the equipment and materials for hairdressing salons and beauty shops, and also in online stores.Manicure of nails with the help varnish gel
  11. That application would be attached, apply a droplet of transparent base on a nail of a ring finger, and then you impose on it a butterfly and you will polymerize in a lamp. Now application sits on a nail tight.
  12. At last we apply over color gel varnish a top covering and surely thus we seal an end face, that is we varnish not only a plate of a nail, but also its cut. Again we will polymerize then we delete a sticky surface with the lint-free napkins moistened in an obezzhirivatel.
  13. Well and finally you humidify and you feed a nail cuticle with special oil, procedure this not obligatory, but very pleasant. The manicure is ready.Manicure of nails with the help varnish gel
If any moments remained are unclear, we suggest to watch detailed video with a master class from the professional master:

As there is a removal and removal varnish gel

Such manicure by means of the cotton wool moistened in special solution which are imposed on nails then are wound with a foil is removed and are left for some minutes. The varnish under the influence of means is softened and exfoliates.

Don't try to tear off the gel varnish which isn't softened previously from a nail.

Perhaps remove you it and it is easy as it departs completely in the form of a film, however on nails there can be unpleasant catches and roughnesses which will spoil appearance of a nail.

You watch detailed video of this process:

Manicure of nails with the help varnish gel Unlike a usual varnish, after end of manicure, it is possible to be engaged at once in any affairs, without being afraid that the covering will be scratched or will be torn off. Therefore for who has such problem – gel varnish, its excellent decision.

Manicure of nails with the help varnish gel
Such set is recommended to busy women. That who at work or sits late with the child, and therefore has no opportunity to get to beauty shop to the master and often to update the manicure.

And here those who on the contrary likes to change and choose manicure to match clothes or mood – such option will hardly arrange.

What not to be tired of the same shades, alternate gel - varnish manicure with usual.