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Ombre's manicure

The manicure in style of aroma "captivated" modern women of fashion last year. But to this day this design remains actual. To be on the ball and to correspond to fashionable tendencies, it is absolutely optional to visit expensive salons, spending on it a lot of time and finance. The ombra can do manicure in house conditions, own hands. The main thing to have a little patience and a little free time. This article will in detail tell you how to do on nails effect of a gradient or simply — beautiful transitions of color by a usual varnish. After all such nails look simply stunningly and cause delight in people around. Some call it manicure "lunar" that too it is very attractive and unusual.

So, read with what to begin how to make to an ombra on nails, and also you watch a photo, video and instructions.

Ombre's manicure

Ombre's manicure

What is Ombre's manicure?

Before making to itself aroma on nails in house conditions, it is necessary to have exact idea of that, what is it. The manicure in style to an ombra — this combination on one nail several, shades, close on color scale, in such a way that is created effect of very smooth transition. Color as if flows one in another. On another such design is called — a gradient.

Such effect by special technology of drawing a varnish is reached. It is possible to do a color gradient both vertically, and it is horizontal. But the last option of design of aroma looks better and more beautifully. It is possible to do a gradient on any nails: long, short, oval, square, increased or. Also aroma can be done also gel varnish. It can be light manicure, bright or dark, the main thing that colors of varnishes were well combined among themselves.

As the manicure to an ombra looks, we look at a photo: 

How to make manicure in equipment to "ombra" in house conditions?

To learn to do design of aroma on the nails in house conditions absolutely easily. But for this purpose it is necessary to prepare all necessary components.

For this purpose it will be necessary for you:

  • Varnish 3kh or 4kh close flowers;
  • Foil (it is possible to use an old disk, a dense cardboard or a slice of plastic);
  • Sponzh, sponge or kapron (fabric slice);
  • Acetone or liquid for removal of a varnish;
  • Oil for a cuticle;
  • Q-tips;
  • Toothpick.

Option 1. Technology of drawing — the instruction step by step:

  • On nails make accurate manicure, straighten length, cover them with a colourless varnish;
  • Oil skin round nails for a cuticle. It is necessary that the varnish soiled fingers less;
  • Further, everything will need to be done quickly: (or any other dense surface) apply strips on a foil the 2-4kh of flowers of a varnish, passing from dark to light or on the contrary;
  • Slightly mix colors among themselves a toothpick (as to make it, it is visible one photo below);
  • At once dip a sponge in these colors and print on nails. Sponzh or a sponge surely have to be from kapron, or it can be a slice of kapron fabric, differently the varnish will be absorbed in material and will badly transfer color to nails.
  • When all nails are covered with a gradient, without waiting for its drying-out, cover all with a colourless varnish;
  • If okolongtevy rollers were soiled, remove all surplus with the Q-tip moistened in acetone.

How to make manicure to an ombra, you look at a photo: 

Ombre's manicure

technology of drawing varnish

Council: To gain "lunar" effect which now is at popularity peak, use colors so that the basis of a nail had a light tone. For color allocation of a lunula (holes from above of a nail which all have absolutely), this manicure and I received the name "lunar".

As the lunar design looks, you look at a photo:

Ombre's manicure

lunar design

Option 2. Technology of drawing — the instruction step by step:

  • Cover a nail with basic color of a varnish which will form a gradient basis, wait when it dries;
  • Further, it is necessary to apply 2-3 color strips on a foil, using as well basic color;
  • Oil skin round a nail, and do transfer of color on nails a kapron sponge, as in the above described instruction;
  • If it is necessary, remove surplus with the Q-tip moistened in liquid for removal of a varnish.

As to make it, you look at a photo:

Ombre's manicure

equipment of lunar design

This option differs in smoother effect of transition of color. Limits of tones turn out more indistinct.

You watch also detailed video lessons how to do manicure of aroma of the house:

How to make Ombre's manicure gel varnish in house conditions

Without effort to do on nails to an ombra gel varnishes, it is worth being trained at first on usual varnishes because if at you something doesn't turn out from the first, gel varnish will be difficult to be removed.

For work with gel it is required to you:

  1. UF-lamp;
  2. Set of gel system (basic covering, color gels, top covering);
  3. Primer or bondeks;
  4. Polishing baf, a soft file for nails;
  5. Q-tips, acetone.

Prepare nails for drawing gel varnish further: slightly you zapilit a surface of nail plates, process them bondeksy or a primer.

Step-by-step equipment how to make to an ombra gel varnish:

  • Cover nails with basic gel, dry it in a lamp;
  • On a foil make strips the 2-3kh of flowers of a gel varnish, slightly mix limits of tones a toothpick;
  • Kapron sponge transfer a gradient to nails;
  • Remove surplus of a gel varnish on skin at once, differently in a lamp color will stiffen and it will be difficult to move away him;
  • Dry nails in a lamp and repeat procedure with a color;
  • Cover all with top gel, dry it more long.

To do design with effect to an ombra or the lunar manicure gel is more difficult, and the skill therefore watch attentively video is necessary here and be trained at first on the tipsakh. (a roller how to do to an ombra gel varnish)

On a photo the most successful and effective colors for lunar manicure and design to an ombra are given below:

Ombre's manicure

combination of color for lunar manicure and design to an ombra