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The manicure a cockleshell gel is delicious

Many girls look forward to approaches of summer, after all it means that the winter receded and it is possible to take pleasure in the warm days and to be sent on leave. But already now it is possible to present himself summer mood by means of fashionable manicure a cockleshell.

After all the volume design of nails gains popularity. And to it there is a logical explanation: it looks unusually and beautifully, and the technology of performance won't cause difficulties even for the beginning masters. Besides in an arsenal it is necessary to have a minimum of flowers, and to dry gel a varnish it is possible even on the weakest LED lamp.

The manicure a cockleshell gel is delicious

Nails of an oval, round and square form, but not pointed best of all will be suitable for manicure a cockleshell. Make a choice for pastel tones: white, peach, gentle-pink, beige, cream.

With their help you will achieve the necessary natural effect. But for bigger effect you can cover a surface with a brilliant decor – ideal option for a celebration and even for an image of the bride.

It is considered that such design advantageously looks only on two-three fingers. But anything terrible if you execute it on all nails, after all it not bright also will vulgarly not look.

The manicure a cockleshell gel is delicious

The manicure a cockleshell gel is delicious

We will cite to you as an example some technician of performance of sea volume manicure. But you and can show the imagination and embody own unusual ideas in reality. After all in the nature there is a set of cockleshells, and each of them is unique.

For a manicure embodiment the cockleshell is better to take gel varnish of a dense consistence without sticky layer. There is no need to fix it the top reducing volume. But it is possible to use also a standard covering.

The manicure a cockleshell gel is delicious

The following tools will be necessary for work: 

  • UF or LED lamp;
  • gel varnish of a pastel shade;
  • acrylic powder;
  • thin brush;
  • basic covering;
  • opaque or glossy top;
  • soft baf.

And now we start business. We will tell how step by step to create manicure a cockleshell.

The manicure a cockleshell gel is delicious

The manicure a cockleshell gel is delicious

  1. We prepare nails. A file we give the necessary form. We check, whether there are on them no roughnesses, roughnesses. We get rid of a cuticle. We process a plate surface a soft baf. It isn't necessary to thin it, it is necessary to eliminate gloss simply.
  2. We put a primer.
  3. We cover a nail with a basic layer and we dry under a lamp.
  4. We put the first layer gel of a varnish and we send to dry.
  5. We repeat the previous action.
  6. Now turn of drawing a top, we dry and we get rid of a sticky layer.
  7. We take gel a varnish of the same shade and by a thin brush it is drawn on a surface vertical strips. The distance between them has to be small. To bring them to a hole not absolutely surely, it is possible to leave two-three millimeters. About six-seven lines will be located on one nail. They can be direct or slightly bow-shaped.
  8. We dry a layer. We leave a sticky layer.
  9. We apply over the previous layer new gel with a varnish. For relief giving, without being sorry, we strew a surface with acrylic powder of the same shade. We dry in a lamp. We shake surplus of powder. It is for this purpose better to use a brush.
  10. To keep velvet of a cockleshell, it isn't necessary to fix it a top.
  11. It is possible to do and without powder. But in this case after a portrayal of lines and drying, we put a top. The relief will turn out not such volume, but more gentle.


Ideas of a decor – how to decorate a cockleshell on nails

The cockleshell on nails will look more effectively if to use various elements of a decor.

  • Pastes, pearls, beads, splinters of the real cockleshells

Such jewelry will give to manicure of solemnity. We have them at will, but will look more effectively if to place a small amount of elements by the nail basis, creating effect of that lines of a cockleshell originate from them.

  • Velvet sand and acrylic powder 

How to do manicure by means of acrylic powder, it was already told above. Putting velvet sand is made similarly. With their help it is possible to decorate a cockleshell and without decorative elements, achieving natural relief.

The manicure a cockleshell gel is delicious

  • Coloring by paints 

It is possible to achieve volume and by means of transparent gel-paint. It is necessary to draw lines over a color varnish. But it is necessary to take means in a large number that the relief was visible accurately. Three-four paint coats can be necessary for relief of a cockleshell. We fix result a top.

  • 3D plasticine for a molding

It is easier to make such design, pressing a brush. But for this purpose it is better to dunk it in an obezzhirivatel (klinser) not to allow material sticking. Plasticine needs to be applied with an even layer on all nail, and cavities — bends to trample down a brush.

It is expected that the manicure a cockleshell will become a hit of a spring and summer season. The person interested to be in a trend, it is necessary to master technology of its performance already now. Especially it is easy performed by, a lot of time doesn't demand, but thus looks effectively and will be suitable for any case.

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