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Manicure by means of a sponge in house conditions, with a photo and video

Each girl dreams to have ideal shape, and the condition of nails plays in it not the last role. To look stylishly and attractively, it is very important to think over design of nails. It is considered one of the most stylish and original options manicure by means of a sponge. Thanks to use of the simple adaptation it is possible to gain very interesting effect which will surely surprise all surrounding.

Features of beautiful manicure

Usually the sponge is used for performance of interesting manicure an ombr which combines some tones of one color on each nail. It can be executed diversely — vertical, horizontal and even diagonal. The choice of concrete option depends on length of nails and the imagination. Manicure by means of a sponge in house conditions, with a photo and video

To receive accurate and beautiful result, it is necessary to pick up the correct tool for performance of a neyl-art. Sponges can have various density and thickness. It is best of all to use thin sponzh with dense structure whereas thick and too porous adaptations are hardly convenient.

Many professionals at all instead of a sponge when performing such design of nails use applicators for shadows. This surprisingly convenient tool allows to make all necessary procedures most accurately.

List of necessary adaptations

To make beautiful and accurate manicure with a sponge, besides the main adaptation the following is required:

  • foil;
  • color varnishes;
  • basic basis;
  • finishing covering;
  • liquid for removal of a varnish;
  • Q-tips.

Technology of drawing

Allocate two main ways to create effective manicure by means of a sponge. They differ in technicians of drawing a varnish and total results. The first way will provide gradual transition between shades, and the second will allow to receive rather clear boundary.

In the first case it is necessary to execute such sequence of actions:

  1. To apply a basic covering on nails and to allow it to dry.
  2. To put a varnish of white or beige color and again to leave before full drying. The layer has to be quite dense and dense. If it turns out transparent, it is recommended to repeat procedure two-three times.
  3. To apply two-three strips of varnishes of different flowers on a foil so that they touched to each other. To connect borders of shades to the help of a toothpick.
  4. Accurately to lower a sponge in the received palette and carefully to press it to a nail. If you want to receive the most saturated color, procedure is recommended to be repeated several times.
  5. After completion of process at once to put the fixing means. By no means it is impossible to allow drying of a gradient. By means of a finishing layer it will be possible to smooth all roughnesses which appeared after use of a sponzh.
  6. In end it is necessary to remove surpluses of a varnish from fingers. It can be done by means of Q-tips and special liquid.

Manicure video lesson sponge

The second method is much simpler, than the first, and therefore those girls who have no necessary skills can use it even. For this purpose it is necessary to do such actions:

  1. To put a basic covering and to allow it to dry completely.
  2. To make up nails the lightest shade of a gradient and again to leave before full drying.
  3. To apply on a palette the second color, to put sponzh then accurately to press it to a nail tip. To allow this layer to dry.
  4. If you plan to put three colors, paint with the second shade the middle of a nail plate, and the third — the tip.
  5. At the end to put a finishing covering then to remove an excess varnish from skin.

Interesting ideas for manicure

There are many options of registration of nails. Very stylishly and gently the French manicure which can easily be made by means of a sponge looks. The traditional combination of white and pink shades will become the excellent decision. More courageous women should experiment and pick up original color schemes.

If to execute such manicure a sponge in the first way, the indistinct border will turn out. In this case the design of nails will hardly remind a classical service jacket. To receive clear split of tones, it is better to use in the second way.

It is possible to place gradient strips across or verticals. As jewelry pastes, stickers, spangles and other decorative elements will approach. Very effectively and attractively creation of unusual drawing color varnishes and brushes looks.

Owners of short nails too quite are able to afford usual gradient manicure. Ombre excellently looks on nail plates of any length. However in this case there is a restriction by quantity of shades of a varnish which can be used. For very short nails it is possible to choose at most two tones. Otherwise there is a risk to make them visually even well.

Iridescent manicure

Girls who want to be allocated against people around, should choose iridescent manicure. He won't demand a large number of adaptations or special skills, and here the result will surely please.

To execute original manicure, it is necessary to take a white varnish which is applied to a basis. Also varnishes of the main flowers of a rainbow will be necessary — it is possible to choose yellow, green, blue, red.

In addition, it won't be possible to do without sponzh, liquid for removal of a varnish, Q-tips. Also the list of desirable means should be added with a transparent varnish which may contain spangles or to be without them.

How to execute such extravagant manicure a sponge? It is for this purpose recommended to do the following:

  1. To apply on nails white color and to leave it to dry. The sponge needs to be divided into slices, and each of them has to be a little more nail by the size.
  2. To apply on each fragment on two shades, and the last tone on the previous slice has to be the first on the following. Restrictions on color and sequence aren't present is depends on your desire and the imagination.
  3. To apply a varnish on nails, in turn putting a sponge. All surplus is recommended to be removed by means of a Q-tip, previously having moistened it in special liquid.
  4. After full drying it is recommended to apply a transparent varnish that will allow to make manicure more durable on nails.

Iridescent manicure on video

Glamourous manicure

Manicure by means of a sponge in house conditions, with a photo and video

To girls who prefer glamourous style, the neyl-art in pink tones will be ideally suited. For this purpose it is necessary to take varnishes of pink shades and to do such the following:

  1. The lightest varnish has to play a role of a basis. To receive more saturated color, it is possible to make two layers.
  2. To apply varnish strips on a foil — the light shade has to pass into the dark.
  3. To dunk there sponzh and to put it to nails. It is possible to do it in any direction. If you decided to choose a vertical arrangement, strips have to be narrower.
  4. To apply the fixing means on nails and to dry up them.

Useful tips

Manicure by means of a sponge in house conditions, with a photo and video

To receive effective and accurate result, when drawing such manicure it is necessary to follow certain rules:

  1. Color of the main covering directly influences a manicure saturation. If you choose pale tone, they are recommended to be put in some layers.
  2. Sponge it is necessary to carry out the accurate patting movements. Thanks to it it will be possible to achieve more obvious effect of a gradient.
  3. To receive saturated manicure with bright flowers, the varnish should be put several times.
  4. The fixing means recommends to process nails until the manicure dried, after all after application of a sponge there can be small roughnesses. Thanks to a fixer it will be possible to receive ideally equal and smooth surface.
  5. Every time before performance of manicure of each nail is recommended to update a color palette.
  6. That skin of fingers wasn't soiled with a varnish, it can be stuck with an adhesive tape.
  7. If you don't use professional adaptations for drying of nails, for acceleration of process it is worth lowering hands in cool water.

Video councils for manicure sponge

Application of a sponge for creation of manicure allows to receive very interesting and original results. That nails looked well-groomed and accurate, it is very important to carry out all sequence of actions accurately. If you have no necessary skills, it is better to address to the professional master who will offer you optimum option.