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Manicure on a wet varnish: ideas for inspiration

 To study as the manicure on a wet varnish becomes, a lot of time isn't necessary. Only the confidence, patience and the imagination is required! And from tools – a thin brush, a needle or dots. And some varnishes (or gel of varnishes) favourite shades.


Manicure on a wet varnish: ideas for inspiration



Features of equipment of manicure on a wet basis


 The essence of a method is that patterns on a plate are carried out on the wet, not dried varnish. A brush, a needle or dotsy make the movements as a result of which colors partially mix up, forming beautiful drawings.


 The design can be carried out a usual varnish. But, having tried miracle properties varnish gel, many women use only this innovative means. In a concrete case, drawing on wet gel to a varnish has additional benefits!


Manicure on a wet varnish: ideas for inspiration


  • There is an extra time on performance of design. As gel a varnish dries only under the influence of a lamp, there is no need very much to hurry with drawing.


  • The optimum structure of means promotes that lines beautifully blur, creating delightful patterns. Too liquid means on a wet basis aren't suitable for drawing!


  • Saturated noble shades gel of varnishes are pleasing to the eye.


Step-by-step instruction of performance of design


 The design of manicure on a wet varnish is carried out in only four stages.

  • It is necessary to put a basis – a color varnish which will serve as a background for drawings. It needs to be dried up completely. If you do design by a simple varnish – wait necessary time. During the work about gel it is delicious – use a special lamp.


  • Cover a plate with the second varnish coat of the same color. But it isn't necessary to dry it!


  • Apply on a wet basis of a strip or a point in other color. Surely create beautiful drawings a needle, dotsy or a brush, mixing shades directly on a plate. After creation of images it is necessary to dry everything properly.


  • Cover plates with a transparent fixer.


Manicure on a wet varnish: ideas for inspiration



Manicure on wet gel to a varnish: the best ideas


 We suggest you to master the most popular and simple schemes by means of which beautiful patterns are formed.

  • Specks. Varnish gel the dotsy we will apply specks of other color on not dried layer. We do it in any order. It is possible to fill with specks all plate or to build a row sideways. Color points will beautifully blur, creating gradual transition of shades.


  • Leather of a reptile. It is executed on the same technology. Only ends need to be put in a strict chess order small distance from each other.


  • Curls. Put some ends a basis in a row. Then from them "extend" freakish curls. It is possible to walk a needle after points, drawing the eights or eyelets.  



  • Flower. Put four or five end around. And after that extend from them lines to the center (or on the contrary, to outer edges), forming flower petals.


  • Branch. Put the end of white color in a row. In core of each point drip a small amount of a green varnish. Then a needle walk on points, extending them that the beautiful branch turned out. Other option of design assumes to put points in two ranks. And it is necessary to alternate colors in each line. From each point it is necessary to extend "leaf" to core, forming a branch.


  • Spring. Put points in a row, alternating two colors. Walk on them dotsy, doing the helicoid movements.


  • Cockleshell. Put the end around. In it represent one more circle from points, but less. Walk on them a needle, making the helicoid movements.


  • Rosette. Admirers of flower manicure often use this equipment. It is necessary to put the simple arches reminding petals gradually expanding circles. Lines softly blur, creating a royal flower of improbable beauty.


  • Marble. Mixing of two flowers, most often black and white is its cornerstone. On a white background some sites are darkened. Then the needle carries out thin twisting streaks on a plate. In some places of the line are softly shaded. The ready design reminds a marble covering.



  • Butterfly. Draw 3-4 thin color lines near with each other. In the middle divide lines into two parts, then a brush from both parties "collect" tips in one point, forming wings of a butterfly.  


  • Feather of a peacock. Put the end in the middle of a plate, then lead round it varnishes of other color, gradually extending edges from both parties. It is recommended to use for this purpose varnishes with a glitter.


  • Abstract patterns. The design resembles patterns of water manicure superficially. Put with different flowers some lines closely to each other. And then draw on them some parallel straight lines of movements dotsy, but in other direction.


  • Indistinct setochka. Put with a brush from a flakonchik some vertical strips at identical distance. Then a thin brush or a needle you draw horizontal lines, "crossing out" earlier put strips.


  • Service jacket. It is possible to create the French manicure with indistinct border. Apply the line of a smile on a wet basis in other color. Then make some movements a needle, "smoothing" borders.


Manicure on a wet varnish: ideas for inspiration


Some councils for beginners


  • Choose contrast varnishes! That the design was expressive and effective, prefer the brightest of what will find in a cosmetics bag! Use varnishes with a glitter. It will add originality to manicure. 


  • If it is necessary to change a drawing form, but not to mix thus colors, after each dab wipe a brush. If not to do it, shades will flow each other at each dab. And it too is very beautiful! Therefore embody the idea according to an idea. 


  • Expedite the movements and it is sure! It is guarantee of successful design.


 On the basis of these schemes of the master create new interesting patterns. Our list of ideas is only start for beginners! Every time, mastering equipment on wet, you will definitely not want to repeat already tried option. There will be a desire to create something brand new, very special! Create, look for new forms!


Manicure on a wet varnish: ideas for inspiration


Manicure on a wet varnish: ideas for inspiration


Manicure on a wet varnish: ideas for inspiration


Manicure on a wet varnish: ideas for inspiration




Manicure on a wet varnish: ideas for inspiration


Manicure on a wet varnish: ideas for inspiration