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Marble manicure

The marble manicure is that new tendency which managed to win hearts of many girls in 2017. Each master very often hears requests to make unusual nails with effect of a noble stone. But it is optional to visit beauty shops to get this unusual covering of nails. It is possible to execute it houses independently.


The marble design of manicure looks very effectively on a marigold of any length. It is a substrate with chaotic stains. Veins of different width help to create unique texture of a noble stone. The most popular substrate of a covering is white. On it black and dark gray stains which imitate marble best of all look. But for fans of experiments on nails gel varnishes it is possible to create imitation of malachite, turquoise, a jasper, agate, quartz and many other stones.

Marble manicure

Some ideas

The marble manicure is perfectly combined with the following elements and approaches under different images.

  • pastes;
  • manikyurny tapes;
  • contrast peas;
  • contour inking;
  • geometrical figures and elements;
  • negative space.

Effect of a natural stone

The marble design is carried out at once by several varnishes. Performance of this covering will require the improvised palette. The foil or any plastic lid can become it.

That will be required

  • base;
  • color gel a varnish for a substrate;
  • color gel varnishes for a streak;
  • round brush;
  • thin brush;
  • palette;
  • top;
  • lint-free napkin;
  • lamp.

Step-by-step instruction of creation of marble manicure

  • To prepare nails for work: it is good to degrease them and to put a basic layer.
  • To cover nails with a green substrate.
  • On the improvised palette to add primary colors varnish gel: light-violet, green, gold, pink, white, black.
  • To draw a pattern by means of a round brush with a little shivering hand that strips laid down slightly rough layer. It is necessary to begin at a cuticle and to move to a diagonal to free edge.
  • It isn't necessary to wipe a brush before gathering other shade. Colors have to mix up among themselves.
  • At the end it is necessary to take a thin brush and to trace lines in the white and most dark color.
  • If the option of drawing suits you, it is necessary to send nails to dry a lamp.
  • To put a top, to send again to a lamp and to remove a sticky layer a lint-free napkin.

The marble design of nails gel a varnish in house conditions is ready.

Marble manicure

Expensive design by means of a package

The usual plastic bag will help to create marble design in luxury style. If it is good to crumple it, it will be able to transfer the necessary texture of a stone to nails.

Necessary materials and tools

  • base;
  • white gel varnish;
  • black gel varnish;
  • package of 5*5 mm;
  • thin brush;
  • top;
  • lamp.

How to make marble design in house conditions

The step-by-step instruction how to make marble manicure of the house:

  • To degrease nails and to put one layer of base.
  • To dry everything in a lamp.
  • To apply primary color on a marigold.
  • Without waiting until nails dry to crumple a small package and the patting movements to carry out on nails.
  • The unusual pattern which repeats texture of a stone will turn out.
  • Black varnish by means of a thin brush it is possible to trace veins of a different form, a bend and the size.

Marble manicure

The marble design in house conditions is ready, its example can be seen on a photo!

Malachite casket

How to make marble manicure, imitating expensive stone? This idea will be pleasant to lovers to carry everything only the most expensive. The design will add at once some zero to your luxury image.

Necessary tools

  • base;
  • foil;
  • color varnishes;
  • dots;
  • flat brush;
  • top;
  • lamp.

Technology of creation of marble design in house conditions

  • To degrease nails and to put a base layer.
  • To dry a layer in a lamp.
  • To cover nails with a color varnish.
  • On a foil it is necessary to mix many varnishes in one shade. Colors need to be caused in turn at each other: dark green, lavandovy, grassy, olive, emerald, black. If gel varnish badly drips, it is possible to help it dotsy.
  • After that it is necessary to create a chaotic pattern dotsy of these drops.
  • To apply a top layer on a color covering of nails.
  • Flat brush to scoop the pattern.
  • To transfer chaotic a pattern to nails. On a brush pressure has to be minimum.
  • To dry in a lamp layers slightly longer, than usually.
  • To block a covering a finishing top.

Video instruction

Technology of creation of marble manicure it is possible to look at video.

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The sparkling jewelry

Easy and pleasant abstraction which is unusually poured. The marble manicure is carried out metal color gel by varnishes with large spangles. This equipment becomes on the wet.

That will be required

  • base;
  • color gel varnishes;
  • metal gel varnishes with dense spangles;
  • flat brush;
  • top;
  • lamp.

Technology of performance

  • It is good to degrease nails and to cause base.
  • Without design to apply a white varnish or neutral gentle cream color on nails.
  • To cover nails with design with a metal varnish with dense spangles. For deep effect it is possible to make a gradient of several metal varnishes, leveling transitions by a flat brush.
  • On a palette to put a drop of a dense top and white varnish gel. White shouldn't be dense and not spread in a top.
  • Flat brush to take a top and white gel a varnish. To transfer it to a nail that on a surface chaotic strips were formed. The message a brush and can braid texture in any direction, changing only pressing. You shouldn't transfer a varnish too close to a cuticle and to lateral rollers, differently everything will flow.
  • To cover design with a transparent top.
  • And without design to apply an opaque top on nails.
  • To send everything to be polymerized in a lamp.

The marble design on a photo looks quite mysteriously. The white fog and stains on the sparkling gradient in naive flowers successfully have something in common among themselves. They conceal impetuous gloss that adds uniqueness to unusual manicure a little.

Marble manicure

Aristocratic beauty

Simple marble manicure, but not deprived of special charm. Grafichny forms and accurate lines beat a simple indistinct uzorchik. The highlight consists in contrast of forms and a rift of color.

That will be required

  • base;
  • main color gel varnish;
  • white gel varnish;
  • palette (foil or plastic);
  • thin brush;
  • top;
  • lamp.

Step-by-step instruction

  • To prepare nails for work. They need to be degreased and put a layer of a basic covering.
  • To dry everything in a lamp.
  • To cover nails with primary color in 2 layers.
  • On a palette to put 1 drop of primary color and 3 drops of a white varnish.
  • By means of a thin brush to mix 3 different gradients on a saturation. To stretch colors in some tones, beginning from the lightest. The last tone has to be most approximate to the main dark tone.
  • Without design to apply a white substrate on nails.
  • Along the central axis diversely to collect a droplet fan gel varnish a thin brush, imitating marble.
  • It is necessary to gather colors from a palette and to transfer to nails. The cuticle has to have them dark blue and change color in process of the spread on a nail. To a tip contrast has to come to naught.
  • To send a layer to be polymerized in a lamp.
  • To hide excess lateral parts of drawing under white gel-paint or gel varnish.
  • Thin brush to carry out two fringings, emphasizing rifts of color in design. All thin lines have to go along a gradient.
  • To dry design in a lamp.
  • To cover a white shade with an opaque top, and a gradient glossy.
  • To send to be polymerized in a lamp.

This marble design balances between the cold and accurate geometry and soft indistinct forms sinking in a rift of flowers. Contrast of textures in addition facilitates perception of balance of this covering.

Marble manicure