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The marble manicure gel is delicious

The marble manicure became "hit" among numerous options of design of nails for a long time. It looks effectively, but from the master both assiduity, and attentiveness are required to receive due result.

Externally marble manicure looks as the stains of various shades which are smoothly replacing each other. The color scale can be both classical, and unusual, bright, the main thing — to pick up the shades which are in harmony with each other.

  1. So, combinations gray and white, blue and white, white and pink are demanded.
  2. If to mix different tone green, it is possible to imitate color of a jewel of malachite, and blue and blue colors give a turquoise shade.
  3. Golden lines will allow to simulate mica layers.

Often this type of manicure gel is delicious, call water. It is connected with that water is necessary for one way of its realization. However some masters practice also waterless equipment — drawing by a brush, and even use cellophane packages or food wrap.

The marble manicure gel is delicious Stage-by-stage process of creation of marbled manicure

Why water for marble manicure gel a varnish is necessary

Water is a platform for mixing gel varnishes. The finger in water is easily enveloped, color is easily caused and well dries.

We will consider technology of receiving such original design with use of water.

Will be necessary for work:

  • ware for water (it is better to take a disposable glass and to throw out it after completion of procedure),
  • at least two gel of nail varnish of different flowers,
  • primer, base and top,
  • toothpicks or needle for creation of stains,
  • water of room temperature,
  • lamp for drying.

The marble manicure gel is delicious

Operating procedure:

  1. To prepare a nail plate — to grind, zabafit, cut off a cuticle.
  2. To degrease a nail, to put a primer. In a minute base and to dry it.
  3. To drip a varnish in capacity with water. It has to spread on all surface of the water. The second gel is delicious to put the end to water. To repeat procedure several times with alternation of the chosen shades. Then to draw with a toothpick or a needle on a water surface patterns — spirals, zigzags, strips or other elements.
  4. To hold a nail parallel to a film from varnish gel on water and smoothly, without breakthroughs to lower a finger in water. By means of a pure toothpick to wind the varnish which remained on water, distancing from a nail. To repeat procedure with other nails.
  5. By means of a wadded disk to clear skin round a nail of surplus of a covering (or to apply a special protectant to protection of skin).
  6. If necessary to edit drawing a dorisovka of elements.
  7. To dry a covering in a lamp.
  8. To cause base and three minutes to dry in a lamp.
  9. To remove a sticky layer.


If akvamanikyur gel is delicious it didn't turn out, it is possible:

  • water was too hot or cold (water has to be room temperature),
  • gel varnishes were old or too dense,
  • varnishes of different firms manufacturers "didn't make friends" with each other.

If you don't want to use liquid, it is possible to get gel a varnish with marble effect which doesn't demand water use. It is enough to cover with it a nail plate and it is good to dry.

The marble manicure gel is delicious

The marble manicure gel is delicious

The instruction — how to make marble nails gel is delicious

We will consider option of creation of such manicure without use of water.

Operating procedure:

  1. To prepare a nail plate, having ground and having filed it. To degrease a surface. To cover with a primer.
  2. To put and dry a basic covering.
  3. To put a layer pigmented gel varnish, to dry it in the UF-lamp.
  4. To put a layer transparent gel varnish we (do not dry).
  5. We take a foil, we put on it a drop dark gel varnish. We drip in small capacity a little klinser — for clarification of a brush. A thin brush we create drawing. You put slightly bent lines, short and long, crossed and any capable to simulate structure of a stone. After carrying out each line dip a brush in a klinser, and you are repeatedly taken place on it, slightly lightening and diluting. Convenience gel varnish that it won't dry up therefore it is possible not to hurry.
  6. Dry ready drawing.
  7. To cover nails with a top and to dry under the UF-lamp.
  8. To remove a sticky layer.

The marble design of nails gel is delicious — option not for every day, and it is rather for a special case, for example, for a celebration or a holiday on a seashore. There is a lot of options of patterns and combinations of flowers therefore it is possible to experiment safely.


Marble gel a varnish with use of a cellophane package

In house conditions it is possible to use a usual cellophane package (can replace it and food wrap). He will help to create unusual drawing which will beautifully look, both on long, and on short nails.

For work will be required all standard set for gel varnish, plus cellophane.

The marble manicure gel is delicious

We carry out standard preprocessing of nails, we cover with a primer, base and background color (we dry layers).

We drip on a marigold two three necessary colors (droplets have to be not really volume that the nail didn't drown in gel varnish). Now we take a bag and we press to a surface, they can poyelozit slightly on a nail if drawing arranges, we clean surplus varnish gel from skin and we dry. We finish a covering a top.

It is also possible to put a package not the plane, and in the look squeezed in a lump, the package is put by the stamping movement.

There is also one more option of use of a package when drawing is applied directly on a package, and colors mix up on it a toothpick. Then, the promakivayushchy movements, drawing from a package is transferred to a nail.

Some useful tips

The marble manicure gel is delicious

The marble manicure gel is delicious

In order that the design turned out beautiful, experts recommend to take no more than four shades, thus two of them surely have to contrast with each other. It is also possible to mix various textures, for example, nacre, a metallic, opaque enamel, golografik.

From popular patterns It should be noted water color stains. Having mastered marble drawing by a needle or a toothpick, it is possible to learn to put interesting ornaments, imitation of an animal color and other drawings.

Among women of fashion thin or wide horizontal strips of bright tones, and also stains are in demand.

Are still actual also pastel tone, for example, gentle-brown, ash-gray, light pink. Advantages of such manicure — opportunity to use in daily a sock.

Besides the main shades it is possible to apply spangles which will be relevant at creation of festive manicure to a special case. Use of a glitter, paillettes is allowed.

In house conditions the beautiful pattern can turn out not from the first, but having a little trained, you will surely achieve result.

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