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The mint manicure gel is delicious

The mint – one of the most popular flowers for creation of original design of summer manicure.

It perfectly is in harmony both with casual clothes, and with festive elements of clothes. Thus manicure options with turquoise gel is delicious much, and it perfectly looks both on long, and on short a nail.

The mint manicure gel is delicious

The mint manicure gel is delicious

Various shades of turquoise color different producers offer gel of varnishes.

  • "Mint and basil" from Masura is a covering with a deep saturated emerald shade. Is suitable for use of equipment "dabs" for imitation of patterns of malachite. It is convenient to create a pattern by means of a magnet. The covering will keep not less than 2 weeks.
  • Gel Tnl varnish mint – a varnish with a dense covering without nacre and spangles. The mint-green shade perfectly looks as in itself, and in combination with other flowers and decorative elements.
  • Vogue Nails gel a varnish a mint cud is a covering with a light green mint shade. Differs in dense structure and multi-colored spangles of the different size. Yellow, pink, green, orange impregnations do a covering original and don't demand additional ornament.
  • Mint gel a varnish of "Biruza" from Bluesky – a varnish with an elastic dense covering, samovyravnivatsya when drawing. The gentle shade of turquoise remains within 2-4 weeks, without chips and stratifying.

Equipment of design of nails with mint gel is delicious

The mint manicure gel is delicious

Example of lunar manicure.

In turquoise color are necessary for creation of lunar design:

  • basic and top coverings,
  • primer,
  • gel varnishes of mint and white flowers,
  • brush for design.

The mint manicure gel is delicious

The mint manicure gel is delicious

Order of performance of lunar design with a turquoise covering.

Previously we carry out classical manicure, bafy a lipidic brilliant layer of a marigold. We cover with an acid-free primer.

  1. We apply a basic covering on a nail plate. We dry in the UF-lamp within one minute.
  2. We put 2 layers of a white varnish, we dry each layer in a lamp for two minutes. By white color holes will be issued, and turquoise we use as primary color.
  3. We drip on a foil some drops of mint color. We moisten a brush for design in a mint varnish and we start tracing holes. We draw line, having separated a white hole from other nail, and we paint over the main part of a plate in the turquoise color. We put it in two thin layers, we dry everyone under a lamp.
  4. We drip on a foil some white drops, the brush gathered on a tip gel a varnish and trace the line of a smile along free edge of a nail. Again we dry in a lamp. It is possible to create at once the line of a smile, having separated it when painting in the mint color of a nail.
  5. We put a top covering. It will hide small shortcomings and will consolidate result. Surely we seal nail end faces. We dry a top in a lamp within three minutes.
  6. We remove a sticky layer special means.
  7. We apply oil for care of a cuticle.


Useful tips

  • Turquoise color has surprising ability to look saturated and beautifully without any decor. If you have at work a dresscode, use gentle pastel shades and if there is a wish for bright paints, combine turquoise with white or other light color.
  • When there is no time for difficult design, but nevertheless there is a wish for something original, apply a decor on one nail, for example, the anonymous. It can be pastes or a simple pattern.
  • The mint – fine color for performance of wedding manicure. It is well combined with a snow-white wedding dress and looks more originally, than classical white or pink.
  • Turquoise well is suitable for performance of design in equipment to an ombra, and also it can be used as a basis for drawing drawings.

The mint manicure gel is delicious

It is possible to execute beautiful manicure with a turquoise covering in house conditions. Use any pleasant equipment, combine with other flowers, and your beautiful handles won't remain unnoticed.

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