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Nails on hands burst lengthways: reasons and treatment

Our body is constantly subject to influence of environment and internal reorganization. Sometimes because of certain reasons the body starts showing problems. Happens such that nails suffer. Namely, there are cracks on nails. The injured nails often speak about problems with health. Such phenomenon always brings big discomfort and looks not esthetically. But it is possible to cope with this problem.

The reasons why nails burst

For a start be convinced that not gel varnish or usual nail varnish, namely a nail plate cracked. If it is accurately clear that the nail, first of all is injured, it is worth paying attention to influence of external factors. Quite often people ignore the due environment for hands, care of them that handles and nails remained well-groomed and healthy. Treat external irritants:

  • Influence of chemical means;
  • Long stay in water or contact of hands with water;
  • Change of temperature condition;
  • Interaction with harmful chemical compositions which are used for repair (glue, paints and similar things);
  • The wrong leaving on hands and nails;
  • Low-quality means for nails;
  • Fungal disease.

But there is also large number of the reasons of internal character. If external irritants it is possible to eliminate and correct quickly a situation, with this type of the reasons the situation is more difficult. Treat them:

  • Skin diseases (dermatological);
  • Diabetes;
  • Hormonal failures at women;
  • Shortage of water;
  • Insufficient amount of vitamins and minerals;
  • Problems with a liver;
  • Violations of work of a gastrointestinal tract.

Emergence of longitudinal cracks

It is often possible to face stratification of nails and small cracks on them. But sometimes it happens so that the nail bursts lengthways.

Nails on hands burst lengthways: reasons and treatment

Such condition of a nail or several nails can't be disregarded, because it already a signal to more serious problem. There is even a name to such phenomenon — an onikhoreksiya. This disease is connected with emergence of longitudinal cracks on nails.

This disease can be shown from thin cracks, but you shouldn't lose sight of such problem. As a rule, the nail is split on all length, and not just on any site. In more started form the crack causes painful feelings and discomfort.

The disease can be caused:

  • Infections;
  • Diseases of nervous system;
  • Mechanical damages (trauma);
  • Emergence of a fungus;
  • Interaction with strong chemicals;
  • Skin diseases;
  • Metabolic disorder in an organism, and consequently, and in nails.

Treatment of nails in house conditions

Treatment can be conducted independently if you precisely know the reason of emergence of a crack. For a start it is worth eliminating the reason, and then to undertake correction of a situation.


Nails on hands burst lengthways: reasons and treatment

Any problem should start be corrected from revision of a diet. Perhaps, your organism doesn't have enough vitamins.

  • Vitamin A contains in carrots, tomatoes, apples, apricots, vegetable marrows, peaches.
  • Vitamin E can be found in dairy products, meat, vegetable oils, grain.
  • Vitamin C is in a citrus, cabbage, a sea-buckthorn, paprika.
  • Vitamin B most of all in bread from firm grades of wheat, grain crops, eggs, dried fruits, nuts.
  • Omega-3 fats are very important for health of nails. They are in fat grades of fish (sardines, a salmon), seafood. They help to restore shortage of useful substances in the injured nail, promotes healing and merging.
  • Calcium is the making element of all bone tissue of a human body to which nail plates belong. Cottage cheese, cheeses, nuts, haricot, peas, porridge support him.
  • Iron helps fabrics to be under construction and to cages to be updated quicker. It is in a liver, bean, grain, corn, nuts, spinach.

Also it isn't necessary to forget about a necessary amount of water in day. Its shortage negatively affects on health of all organism, and serious problems can begin. For the adult the daily norm will make two liters. Thus it is necessary to know that juice, tea, coffee, carbonated drinks don't replace water.

House procedures

Nails on hands burst lengthways: reasons and treatment

Well trays will be suitable for treatment of cracks on nails.

Fine component is sea salt. It is used for strengthening of nails, acceleration of their growth and prevention of diseases. It contains a large number of useful substances therefore it is so useful to nail covers. The tray requires a glass of warm water, there add on a tablespoon of salt and soda. Prevent until everything is dissolved, and lower hands on half an hour.

One more tray with sea salt will help to get rid of a fungus if it is. It will require two glasses of warm water, two tablespoons of salt and some drops of essential oil. It can be a tea tree, a camomile, a lavender, a lemon. Essential oils have disinfecting effect, they help to revitalize nails and to accelerate treatment.

If cracks small, the following recipe approaches. Add two teaspoons of salt and some drops of iodine to two glasses of warm water. Iodine helps to strengthen nails and to remove an infection.

Various ointments which it is possible to make houses actively fight against cracks. Here recipe of one of them. One tablespoon of vegetable oil (it is desirable, olive) and a castor oil teaspoon will be required.

  1. Add 3-4 drops of iodine to mix of oils and well mix.
  2. That everything thickened, the vsypta has some flour and bring ointment to a uniform state.
  3. The received means should be applied on the basis of a nail plate of times a day.

It is possible to carry out procedure before going to bed. The course lasts some weeks, yet not the nail won't start recovering. All components influence recovery, they help a nail to start growing whole and by that relieve of cracks.

Effective way is closing of nails by means of wax. This procedure is easily feasible at home, but demands time. As a result, nails cease to exfoliate and burst. Wax envelops all nail plate and doesn't allow environment to it to harm. Besides, special cosmetic wax in which there are a lot of nutrients is used. Procedure requires a little cosmetic wax, sea salt, bafik for nails, a brush or a shovel.

  1. At first it is necessary to remove the remains of a varnish and to make a tray for nails with sea salt.
  2. In 15 minutes make a salt srub. For this purpose not dissolved salt is useful.
  3. Apply a little on a nail plate and roundabouts rub. Such peeling will level a nail and will make it smooth.
  4. Further truncate length of nails a nail file.
  5. After all preparations on nails the thick layer applies wax by means of a brush or a small shovel.
  6. Soft fabric or polishing bafik rub wax in nails.
  7. When each nail is processed, take hands under cold water.

The effect from such procedure remains during few weeks. It is best of all not to varnish nails. They will look well-groomed.

For treatment of a disease it is possible to use mud baths. Therapeutic mud is on sale in drugstores. On packings it is written, in what proportions it is necessary to part it. Similar procedures will fill nails with life, will help to heal them and to strengthen.

Repair of a nail of the house

Nails on hands burst lengthways: reasons and treatment

It isn't obligatory to address to professionals for that they closed up a crack. It can be done houses, but will be necessary special means. For repair of a nail the special mix intended for such purposes, a fine fabric too for nails, a nail file, the polishing tool, sticks for a cuticle will be necessary.

  1. At first it is necessary to level and polish well a nail that edges of a crack didn't puff up and didn't cling.
  2. Apply glue for nails on a crack and its edges and let's it dry up.
  3. Now fabric is applied. It shouldn't lie only on a break, let cover the big area.
  4. Level fabric on a nail and remove superfluous by means of scissors.
  5. Further apply couple more of thin films of glue after drying of everyone.
  6. Again walk on a nail the polishing file that it became smooth.
  7. Then it will be possible to put any varnish.

Such procedure will be suitable for small cracks. Longitudinal cracks it is better not to treat so and at a strong divergence it will turn out nothing. Experts don't recommend to apply varnishes on nails if there are cracked sites to hide them. It is so possible to aggravate a situation. The nail can't breathe.


Nails on hands burst lengthways: reasons and treatment

To avoid similar problems, it is worth adhering to some simple rules and councils:

  • Always protect hands from chemicals and water if you tide up;
  • Moisten hands every time after contact with water;
  • Use special oils for nails for their strengthening and food;
  • Periodically do trays with sea salt, they perfectly strengthen nails;
  • Don't forget to protect a hand in a cold season;
  • Try to diversify a diet and there are products containing useful substances for nails.

It is good when the problem is fixed in house conditions and there is a visible result of procedures. But happens such when the organism doesn't go on a meeting, and the situation worsens. In that case it isn't necessary to abstain from the professional help. The doctor will be able to define the exact reason of emergence of a problem and will appoint treatment.

Always you watch closely the handles and nails. After all they give us signals and helps that it is necessary to correct that the organism well worked and was healthy. Try not to start a problem and not to postpone treatment. The after all cracked nails will draw attention therefore begin treatment at once.