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Nails standing the white: reasons of pathology and first actions

Our nails located on a foot or on a hand are the real indicators of a condition of our organism. On change of their color, structure, thickness it is possible to judge not only existence in a body of an infection, causative agents of diseases, but also diseases of internals. Therefore if you found out that your nails began to get white color, it is necessary to reflect on the health.

Reasons of "whitening" of nails

Nails of a foot or on a hand grow white differently. But, as a rule, change of color on the white comes from the basis. The whitish hole located at the basis of a cuticle starts growing in the parties and up, gradually filling all plate. In certain cases plates on fingers become covered by white specks, and already then extend on all nail. The reasons of whitening can be various:

  1. Shortage of vitamins. The most harmless of the reasons, however, rather widespread. Avitaminosis can be caused by improper feeding, or application of low-quality means on care of nails of feet and hands.
  2. Fungal defeat – the most widespread responsible. The similar problem can arise both on toes, and on hands. Thus there are accompanying signs – the nail becomes thinner, there is an itch and reddening of skin.
  3. Mechanical damages. In this case the reasons of formation of white spots or change of color of nails on hands and feet on the white happens because of strong blow or a long compression. The top layers of a plate die off because of what become colourless.
  4. Allergy. As patients note, in this case not all plates at the moment turned white, but only of what allergen influence – gel was the share, liquids for removal of a varnish and other substances. Also it was noted that the nail not instantly, and later time when the substance managed to collect in a horn layer on a toe or hands turned white.
  5. Violations of work of internals. The least common cause of emergence of white color on surfaces of nails. As a rule, so signal about the incapacity of a kidney, heart or a liver.

Regardless of the reason of change of color nails of feet on white, it is necessary to address to the doctor as soon as possible. In policlinic it is worth glancing in the dermatologist's office. If it isn't present, address to the therapist. After inspection of the injured nails on a foot or a hand the direction to the mycologist – the specialist in fungal infections can be given out.

That in the future not to ask a question why the nail suddenly became white, it is worth taking care and of the mental state.

Frequent stressful situations, nervous breakdowns, the postponed depression – all this can become the reason of that pigments white on surfaces of plates don't want to leave your life.

Main methods of fight against white educations

Having addressed to the expert, you will be able precisely to define, for what reason the nail on a finger of your foot began to grow white and make the correct algorithm of actions. If responsible is avitaminosis, for a while it is necessary to refuse the painting means, to concentrate on the health and to make the balanced food. To help to return healthy pink color instead of the white also vitamin complexes will be able.

If spots white on toes appeared as a result of a fungus, the full range of recovery actions is necessary. Only the doctor after detailed inspection as to each type of an infection it is necessary to select the corresponding type of preparations can make a full course of treatment. Prepare that your way will be heavy.

When the shade changed a nail to white color as a result of a trauma (as often happens on a foot thumb), special actions it isn't required – the plate itself will be restored and will return the former look. However if it doesn't occur long time, it is worth addressing to the doctor.

Manifestation of allergic reaction in the form of change of color a plate on a white shade is atypical.

If any complications it isn't observed, it is worth refusing use of substance which provoked this phenomenon simply.

Only complex inspection can precisely tell that spots white on nails of hands or feet appeared as a result of dysfunction of internals. If you have suspicions on incapacity of heart, kidneys, a liver, watch the state and how the nail behaves more attentively. In case of aggravation of a situation – immediately address to the doctor.

Cosmetic procedures in fight against a problem of "white nails"

It should be noted that underwritten recipes of masks, trays and other cosmetic procedures quickly help to eliminate pigments white on nails of feet and hands only if they are caused by the insignificant reasons – damages, shortage of vitamins.

The simplest and effective procedure of elimination of white spots on nails of feet will be the tray with warm water.

For pushchy effect and that rather an a nail became normal color, it is possible to add to it a teaspoon of sea salt on 100-150 milliliters of liquid. Ship the fingers on hands or standing in capacity with hot water (that the body suffered), and take out in 10-15 minutes.

Hot water improves microcirculation in a finger that promotes penetration into a nail of nutrients. As a result, spots white on plates disappear much quicker. For improvement of action after procedure rub cod-liver oil in finger-tips of feet or hands, let's it be absorbed.

Expensive components will be necessary for preparation of an oil tray, but as a result you will sate with vitamins not only the nails, but also skin of fingers standing or on hands. Anyway surfaces white on plates will disappear from it quicker.

Preparation of means consists in warming up of one glass of olive or mindalevy oil and addition in it 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Ship the affected white nail together with a toe or hands in the turned-out solution, and pigments white on plates will soon disappear.

Nails standing the white: reasons of pathology and first actions

Prevention of "whitening" of nails

Having coped with a problem, it is important not to allow that educations white on nails appeared again. The list of preventive procedures depends on responsible for change of color. If it was the fungus, it is necessary to adhere more carefully than rules of hygiene – use special structures, liquid soaps for processing of the hands and feet right after visit of crowded places.

After successful recovery the organism remains inclined to repeated emergence of a fungus.

Adhere to the correct way of life not to ask a question: "Why there were nails white on fingers of hands and feet?". Enrich the diet with vitamins of a natural origin – fruit, vegetables, nuts, fish and meat, jelly. Grease the fingers with the moisturizing creams, regularly apply the strengthening trays to nails.

Refuse frequent carrying out the manikyurnykh of operations. Give to nails rest from the painting means and "rough" processing of their form, and then pigments white on them won't appear. Don't use strong means for removal of a varnish – they damage the top horn layer which is the most important.

Observe provided councils and recommendations of experts, and you won't face a problem of white plates any more. Health of your nails depends only on you.