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Ombre gel varnish on nails: master class

The equipment already quite long time remains to "ombra" in fashion and therefore to the shelf of adherents of a trend only arrives. It is very original method of design popular in creation of clothes, coloring of hair, manicure and even dressing of an interior. To Ombre gel varnish is done mainly by girls the active and following the fashion, and chosen for manicure colors can tell a lot of things about the person, his tastes and addictions. How to make to an ombra on stages? Whether it is possible to make such manicure of the house? We will try to understand. Ombre gel varnish on nails: master class

What is to the ombra?

The term came from French. In translation it means "darkened" or "having a shadow". In this season to an ombra on nails gel varnish is the most popular trend. Externally such method represents a combination on one nail of several close shades in one palette. The combination has to be harmonious, and transition of flowers - smooth. Otherwise the ombra can call gel varnish a gradient and to do it both horizontal, and vertical. To reach such effect not so simply as can seem. There is a special technology of drawing a covering. And each fashionable girl as to an ombra looks perfectly on nails of any length has to study this equipment.

There are three kinds of manicure on equipment to an ombra. In the first case transition from dark color to light tone is carried out. In the second transition on a nail plate goes to more contrast shade. At last, the third version means transition on nails of all hand. Thus each nail is painted in colors of one palette, but with a bias in more radical shade. Ombre gel varnish on nails: master class

Color variations and possibilities of a combination

The contrast combination of shades at the correct registration gives original and bright design. For an example it is possible to remember an effective duet red and blue or violet and yellow. In one option of manicure contrast shades can be combined for creation of indistinct or gradual transition.

Ombre gel varnish within one color palette looks rather elegantly and can add an image of the business successful woman. This combination is close to classical manicure an ombr which represents transition from light blue to a dark blue shade. In principle, use of at most five different shades in manicure is allowed, but the most popular is the gradient in three flowers.

Masters in salons often recommend to combine to an ombra gel varnish with other popular technicians, for example with a service jacket. It is in addition possible to decorate manicure with multi-colored or monophonic pastes. For long preservation of brightness and freshness of manicure gel varnish just is also good. Ombre gel varnish on nails: master class

Highlight of gel coverings

Ombre gel varnish is a not only beautiful result, but also long work. But the reached effect costs the spent efforts, and without visible changes the manicure will hold on three weeks and more long. Drawing a gel covering means long manicure and therefore just before procedure it is better to try to embody desirable result by means of a usual varnish. But there is nothing impossible, and quite really to master such equipment of manicure in house conditions. Before work it is necessary to prepare all necessary tools for manicure. In particular, varnishes of various shades, transparent base under manicure, a fixer, a porous sponge or a brush will be necessary. Correction of flaws requires liquid for removal of a varnish, fat cream for a cuticle and wadded disks. Ombre gel varnish on nails: master class

From the simple

The ombra should begin manicure gel varnish with classics to fulfill smooth voice-frequency transition in one color scale. And the best result is impossible without due preparation of a nail plate.

  1. So, grease a cuticle with protective fat cream to limit risk of hit of a varnish. If cream gets on a nail plate, the varnish will lay down roughly and the general result will be far from an ideal.
  2. You apply a basic basis on nails. If there is no ideal flatness, it is better to take the leveling basis. In the absence of problems also the usual colourless varnish will fit. But the last needs to be put in two layers and to allow to dry out properly.
  3. Time of causing primary color came. You put a varnish in two layers and let's dry out.
  4. By means of a porous sponge apply a dark varnish on edge of a nail. It isn't necessary to press, differently the varnish will be absorbed in a sponge.
  5. Now the turn of a fixer which levels a surface of a nail came and does result presentable. For the best effect put some layers.
  6. Admire a gradient on the nails!

To the difficult

Having mastered a basic way, we will improve to an ombra gel varnish. The master class begins with manicure and giving to form nails. To protect a cuticle from a varnish, it is necessary to apply cream. Today often the equipment of manicure meets use of a special foil which can be got in shops of cosmetics or departments for manicure. Such type of registration gains popularity and therefore many producers let out special varnishes. On nails such covering reacts to heat and changes color.

Besides such covering is possible both with usual, and with the gel basis. We already considered Ombre with a usual varnish, and the turn of a manikyurny master class in a gel covering came now. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare a manikyurny set, baf, an ultra-violet lamp, a foil slice, a porous sponge or a thin brush from nylon. For degreasing of nails the dehydrator is necessary, and directly the manicure will require a basis, a final covering, a little color gel varnishes and solvent. From additional accessories Q-tips, napkins can be necessary for a brush wipe, a toothpick and fat cream. Ombre gel varnish on nails: master class

Cunnings of process

If to do to an ombra on nails gel varnish, it is more rational to leave the basis of a nail colourless. In that case the manicure will serve more long as the growing part of a plate will strongly not be allocated. With accuracy it is necessary to use solvent as during removal of a varnish it is possible to damage drawing. But thus surplus needs to be liquidated completely, differently when drying it will pull for itself(himself) all varnish.

Before drawing a varnish use baf to grind a surface. After process nails a dehydrator. You put a basis under gel varnish in some layers and leave for drying under an ultra-violet lamp.

Ombre with a foil is suitable for beginners as doesn't demand special skill more. Paint over nails light tone and well dry. Apply two gel varnish on a slice of a foil and a toothpick designate their borders. Blot with a sponge a varnish and apply it on nails. For washing out of color move a sponge on a nail. From skin delete surplus of a varnish with a Q-tip. You put the finish and dry a marigold.

Ombre with a thin brush means drawing a varnish on the middle of a nail with shading of the lower bound. For smoothness of transition the brush needs to be wiped more often a napkin.

Contraindications when drawing gel varnish

To big pleasure of all devoted fans of long-term manicure gel varnish everyone as it is harmless can use and doesn't contain toxins. Besides, gel varnish carries out protective function and preserves a marigold against fragility and stratification. But you shouldn't mask a fungus by means of gel as the effect will be plachvny. Therefore before making to an ombra gel varnish, attend to that your marigold was healthy, had decent length and didn't break from the slightest loading. For this purpose it is necessary not only to look after an external condition of nails, but to spend on drink a rate of vitamins and to watch amount of calcium in a diet. Ombre gel varnish on nails: master class

Ideas on drawing a gel covering

For the first time the white gradient manicure which is called, by the way, the close relative of French is good. Very graceful result is explained by gentle transitions white, cream and pink. Besides white shades suntan. The black gradient manicure is very dramatic and will surely draw attention to hands of the hostess. The same effect is observed at a red ombr gel varnish. Step by step with a photo such manicure seems simple and even daily, but red to an ombra the woman self-assured and moderately impudent will choose. She won't afford untidiness and minor defects. Its image in general and its manicure in particular are object of imitation. Length of nails isn't decisive factor, and on short nails to an ombra looks also effectively.