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Onikholizis or peeling of a nail from a bed: Reasons, types, treatment, photo

Peeling of a nail from a nail bed is called still onikholizisy. Some don't give to this disease of due consideration though the problem is rather serious – ignoring of treatment leads to the started form and tyazheloustranimy rough defects of nail plates.

What occurs at an onikholiziza?

Onikholizis or peeling of a nail from a bed: Reasons, types, treatment, photo Onikholizis-otsloyeniye nail plate

Peeling – violation of integrity of nail plates. Under their surface hollow gleams that becomes the reason of separation of nails from soft tissues of fingers are formed.

There is a full or partial change of color of nail plates. They can become pale yellow, whitish-gray, is more rare – bluish or brown. At first only the top part of a nail or its lateral faces, then, in process of development of a disease is exposed to flaking, defect reaches also its basis – all surface departs from a nail bed. But most often, before doesn't reach, and the nail plate separates not completely.

Possible diseases when peeling nails

Peeling of a nail plate can be observed at some diseases both chronic, and sharp. The most frequent are:

  • problems with a digestive tract – an ulcer, gastritis and other diseases;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • violations of work of TsNS;
  • frustration of endocrine system.

These are system diseases. Also oniholizis it is peculiar:

  • to eczema and psoriasis;
  • to atopic dermatitis;
  • to bullezny dermatosis.

Reasons of an onikholizis

Various factors of both the infectious, and noninfectious nature can be the reasons of peeling of a nail plate.

Onikholizis or peeling of a nail from a bed: Reasons, types, treatment, photo chemical factor of peeling of nails

Noninfectious reasons:

  1. The chemical– the disease is shown at frequent contact with household chemicals without use of gloves or other substances. Laundry detergent, nail varnish, liquid for its removal can appear such means.
  2. The mechanical– various injuries: strong blow, a section, squeezing, a habit to gnaw nails. In such cases the hematoma (a blood congestion) under a nail which needs to be removed as soon as possible correctly is formed.
  3. Allergy.The same household means, latex, nail varnish can cause such reaction. Often their flaking can be observed after a covering gel varnish, enjoying popularity today, but quite often causing an allergy.
  4. Medicines. Here carry some groups of antibacterial preparations, most often treatment of a ftorkhinolonama becomes the reason of stratifying of nails.
  5. The manicure and pedicurewhich is carried out incorrectly in house conditions – also frequent reason of an onikholizis. Nails can start being stratified if inaccurately to cut off them that leads to deformation, and also at their podpilivaniye to hold a file not perpendicularly to a nail plate, and at an angle, to move the tool diversely.

Onikholizis can provoke fluctuations of a hormonal background, a lack of vitamins and stressful situations.

Carry fungi to the infectious reasons, is more rare – bacteria. In 40% of cases oniholizis is caused by the first microorganisms. Getting on nail plates, they destroy it, nails start being stratified and break.

Lack of vitamins

Deficiency of vitamins both various macro - and microcells too can provoke peeling of a nail plate. Their shortage usually occurs at food by poor food.

At a diet surely there have to be products with the high content of iron, calcium, zinc. The fish containing also large amount of magnesium, vitamin D, phosphorus without which digestion of calcium is impossible is ideally suited.

The vitamins B, A and E containing in apples, creamy and sunflower oil, sunflower seeds, sour-milk production, nuts also are important for health of nails.

Also in a diet there has to be a presence of the proteinaceous products, vegetables and fruit containing silicon, amino acids, zinc and folic acid.

Types and activators of an onikholizis

Depending on the reason which caused oniholizis distinguish its following types:

  • the traumatic;
  • oniholizis, caused by skin diseases;
  • system (caused by system diseases);
  • oniholizis, caused by violations in work of endocrine system;
  • fungal or bacterial (a thicket at a rubrofitiya, an epidermofitiya);

Diagnostics of an onikholizis

Onikholizis or peeling of a nail from a bed: Reasons, types, treatment, photo survey of the dermatologist

At detection at himself peeling of a nail plate it is necessary to address to the dermatologist for establishment of the reason of this problem. If in the course of diagnostics the doctor finds associated diseases, he will direct the patient to other expert. It is necessary to eliminate the factors provoking oniholizis.

On the first reception the dermatologist visually examines nail plates. It happens so that the doctor distinguishes at once fungal damage of nails and directs the patient on the analysis (soskob) revealing a type of the activator. After that the corresponding treatment is appointed.

If survey of nails didn't establish the reason of their peeling, such methods of diagnostics as can be appointed:

  • sampling, defining existence of a fungus, stafilokokk and streptococci;
  • blood test to estimate the general condition of an organism.

Both other tool and laboratory diagnostics which choice is based on the most probable cause of an onikholizis isn't excluded.

Clinical picture

Symptoms of an onikholizis depend on the reason, it caused.

At a disease, the arisen ambassador of an injury of nail, it can be noted:

  • pain syndrome;
  • formation of a hematoma;
  • decolouration and weakening of a nail plate;
  • bleeding.

If oniholizis it is caused by an infection, can be observed:

Symptoms, the general for all types of an onikholizis:

Treatment and preparations for peeling of nails

Onikholizis is rather persistent disease, it can't be cured for a short period. Elimination of symptoms can happen only after full growth of a nail.

Problem of treatment – a stop of peeling and elimination of its main reason. Therefore complex therapy is applied to disposal of an onikholizis. Sequence of action at detection of peeling of a nail plate:

  • Visit of the dermatologistand if necessary, the doctor of narrow specialization (the gastroenterologist, the endocrinologist and others) for elimination of the main disease as the reasons of an onikholizis. It is necessary to follow the appointed treatment surely.
  • Observance of the dietincluding products with necessary vitamins and minerals, a large number of proteinaceous products, the food containing zheliruyushchy substances.
  • Performance of massage of fingersfor blood circulation strengthening.
  • Traysfor nails with potassium permanganate addition. After such procedures on the affected nailssintomitsinovy or geliomitsinovy ointment is imposed, fixed by a bandage and a plaster, a compress leave for night.

If at diagnostics the problems with health which became the reason of stratification of nails were found, local therapy won't bring result. In such cases it is necessary to treat the main diseases:

  • Atdetection of psoriasis or eczema often appoint the corticosteroidseliminating inflammatory process.
  • In casesof the bacterial damage of nailscaused by stafilokokkaantibioticsare appointed.
  • Fungal infections demand other treatment. For their elimination the preparations of local appointment including in structure an imidazole and allilamin are used. There are also drugs fighting against a fungus for the use inside, they are called as antimycotics of system action. "Grizeofulfin", "Terbinafin", "Flukonazol", "Ketokonazol", "Intrakonazol" treat them. Such preparations only under supervision of the doctor as have a set of contraindications and side effects are accepted. The course of treatment lasts from 3 months to one year, therapy continuous. The doctor can recommend and trays with addition of salt, soda. A new method of treatment of peeling of the nail plate caused by a fungus is the laser directed on the activator under a horn layer. At deformation of a nail plate and the expressed pain syndrome the expert can advise removal of a nail plate.
  • If peeling of a nail is caused by an allergy, the irritant is defined. Contacts with this substance are completely prevented. In some situations the expert appoints an immunotherapy for reduction or elimination of an allergy.
  • During the peeling of nail plates, the appeared ambassador of an antibiotikoterapiya, it is necessary to restore the broken intestinal microflora. Natural fermented milk products can help it. After intestinal microflora returns to normal, peeling of nails will stop.

First aid at a nail injury

Onikholizis or peeling of a nail from a bed: Reasons, types, treatment, photo Nail hematoma bruise

At a bruise of a finger it is necessary to place as soon as possible a hand or a foot under a stream of cold water. It is necessary for prevention of emergence of a hematoma under a nail which provokes peeling of a nail plate. It is necessary to keep the injured extremity not less than 15 minutes for narrowing of blood vessels and elimination of pain in cold.

For avoidance of hypostasis the iodic grid is applied on skinand the dragging-away bintovy bandage is applied. It as much as possible will reduce risk of an otkhozhdeniye of a nail from a nail bed.

Onikholizis or peeling of a nail from a bed: Reasons, types, treatment, photo puncture for a blood exit from a hematoma

If the hematoma was formed, it is necessary to address to the doctor for carrying out small surgical intervention: in a nail the small opening is made in order that the blood which saved under it left.

In case of impossibility of visit to the expert, it is possible to try to carry out these manipulations in house conditions on condition of full sterility. For this purpose it is necessary to wash up carefully hands and to process a bruise solution antiseptics, to take a sterile needle, to heat it on fire. Having done an opening in a nail plate, to clean from under it blood. Then repeatedly to process a nail.

At emergence of peeling of a nail plate because of its traumatizing it is necessary to carry out the following actions at once:

  • At first it is necessaryto disinfect tweezersor cuticle scissors. To cut off them the exfoliating part (if it is on a nail tip).
  • To process a nail plate and fabrics round it antiseptic solution (iodine, hlorgeksidiny).
  • To add sea salt in number of 2 tablespoons to 250 ml of water, oil of a tea tree (5 drops), to pour out solution in a basin, to lower there the injured extremity. To do a tray within 20 minutes, then dry to get wet with a towel.
  • To apply cream with the calming and regenerating properties("Bepanten")on the damaged site. To repeat these procedures some days.
  • In order that under the exfoliating nail plate bacteria and fungi weren't got,it is necessary to observe daily hygiene of hands and feet.

In video the nail puncture at a bruise is in detail considered.

Treatment by folk remedies

Ways of nonconventional medicine are used as additional, for symptomatic treatment and disinfection.

Onikholizis or peeling of a nail from a bed: Reasons, types, treatment, photo orange juice with salt

Good means for strengthening of nails is solution from orange juice, a tablespoon of salt and 60 ml of warm mineral water. 5 drops of iodine are added to these components. Everything mixes up. To keep fingers in this mix it isn't less than 10 minutes.

The tea mushroom possesses the anesthetizing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. From it it is possible to prepare gruel. To take the small part cleared of films. To crush it. To impose the received weight on affected areas 2-3 times a day.

Some additional ways on treatment of a bruise of a nail in house conditions in video.

Measures of prevention of peeling of a nail plate

For prevention of such disease as oniholizis, it is necessary to adhere to the following rules:

  1. It is necessary to carry only that footwear which "breathes".
  2. Socks need to be chosen from such materials which possess high air permeability (cotton). It is necessary to change them every day.
  3. Not to carry close footwear.
  4. After contact with water, dry to wipe hands or feet.
  5. During the work with chemical household means it is always necessary to put on gloves and then to dry up.
  6. It is necessary to organize correctly the food excluding canned food, fat and sharp products. Necessary products – with the high content of vitamins A, B, D, E, calcium and micro, the macrocells promoting its assimilation, polynonsaturated acids.
  7. As seldom as possible to carry out treatment by antibiotics.
  8. It is obligatory to treat chronic diseases in an aggravation phase.
  9. To avoid stressful situations, overfatigue, a sleep debt.

Thus, if preventive measures weren't observed and shown symptoms of an onikholizis, it is necessary to address for consultation to the expert who will carry out diagnostics and will appoint adequate complex therapy. Self-treatment in this case can't be allowed as there is a lot of reasons of peeling of nail plates, and independently they can't be established.