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Pearl manicure of a photo 2018 fashionable design of nails

For each woman very important that her nails and hands looked accurately and it is well-groomed, after all they will please not only darling, but also to draw attention of people around.

Pearl manicure of a photo 2018 fashionable design of nails Today it is possible to make beautiful manicure, beauty shops offer a set of services in a nail-art, since cleaning and finishing with the most various designs.

Recently the pearl manicure which is carried out in the most different technicians became the most popular. The pearl manicure represents a covering of nails a special varnish with nacreous effect. The technician of execution of such manicure is a lot of.

Pearl manicure of a photo 2018 fashionable design of nails For example, it is optional to you to search shelves of shops with varnishes in search of pearl "charm" in a flakonchik, you can choose any shade and get a special vtirka for nails which will help to gain this effect.

The pearls are always associated with something refined and elegant, such nail-design without effort will draw attention to the owner. Besides nacreous color, the pearl manicure can also mean and use of various pearls to a decor. Certainly, it is artificial stones, but they look quite adequately.

Ideas of nacreous manicure of 2018 photos of a novelty of design

Creating the chosen design on nails, it is very important to observe an everyday image of the woman, her manner to put on also preferences in a choice of color.

If your image depends on change of mood – today you the strict lady, and tomorrow you have a style of the street teenager, then the pearl manicure will be not really by the way. The main thing that the chosen varnish was in harmony with any clothes, irrespective of weather and change of mood.

Only then the pearl varnish will be good idea. Romantic colors with unusual modulations will help to create any judge of a neyl-art manicure for the different moments in life. Warm and cold pearl shades allow to be combined harmoniously with various thought-up image.

Pearl nail varnish of a photo of 2018 novelties of design

Drawings and the shining jewelry it is possible to decorate only one nail on a ring finger, the manicure with such decor looks much more modestly, it approaches for every day. If it is necessary to execute a neyl-art for a festive event, magnificent and original 3D jewelry gets out, their quantity selects individually.

Pearl manicure of a photo 2018 fashionable design of nails The nacreous manicure with New Year's design will perfectly added a festive image of the lady, in the course of creation of a neyl-art the pearl-blue smile of a service jacket with spangles is drawn, nails are decorated by white snowflakes.

Pearl manicure on short nails of a photo 2018

The truncated marigold looks accurately, and will harmoniously fit into a daily image or office style. The pearl design of nails may contain the following ideas used at its registration:

  • it can be executed in one color;
  • the varnish of various shades similar on color scale or contrast among themselves can be applied on different fingers;
  • it can be supplemented with reserved unostentatious drawing, for example, in the form of curls, they can cover one finger or a little;
  • when dressing pastes recommend to apply them in the minimum quantity, on the truncated nail plates some brilliant pebbles will look very organically and gently.

Manicure photo vtirka 2018 stylish options

Women of fashion who want to receive stylish pearl manicure, will be able to show fully the imagination and to express the identity, applying for this purpose various ideas. It is possible to distinguish the following from the most widespread of them:

Pearl manicure of a photo 2018 fashionable design of nails

  • out of competition there is a service jacket executed in gentle and distinguished option to what are applied natural pastel tone;
  • pastes are actual for giving of additional gloss and chic, their quantity can vary from several pieces to a full covering them a nail plate;
  • such combination as a pearl vtirka and effect of beaten glass is very interesting, such combination does a neyl-art incredibly original;
  • classics the maximum naturalness that allows to give effect of shine, characteristic for such jewel as pearls is considered;
  • also putting powder on a bright covering, for example, of a red or green-blue shade is allowed;
  • very originally alternation of brilliant powder and an opaque covering that creates the unusual and drawing attention contrast looks.

The most delicate wedding manicure pearls of 2018 photos

The wedding – one of the finest events in life of any woman, is also not present anything surprising that this day she wants to look the real queen. The image of the bride has to be thought over to the smallest details – a dress, a dress, a make-up and, of course, design of nails. The wedding manicure has to be gentle, refined, unusual and magnificent at the same time.

Vtirka for nails the polar lights design of 2018 photos

The women of fashion always watching the last trends of the feshn-industry not only put on stylishly, but also choose trend options of manicure. In principle, it is optional to wait for a special occasion to please itself with amazing design of nails. At popularity peak now there is a manicure having effect "polar lights".

Creation of design of nails with effect of the polar lights – a task not so difficult if for this purpose you have all necessary. What it is necessary to make to receive very beautiful, ideally equal and poured covering? Act strictly according to the instruction, and at you surely everything will turn out.

  1. Execute standard preparatory procedure of manicure: put nails in order, apply gel varnish of primary color and dry it.
  2. After that surely put a top. It is desirable to use means without sticky layer. If it is, simply remove it by means of special means. Background color can be both black, and white, but the final shade from it will change.
  3. Without sticky layer start applying a pigment on a top covering. Better to rub it the special applicator. As a last resort, it can be put simply with a finger.
  4. Remove excess parts of a vtirka with a soft brush or a brush, having shaken the remains in capacity with a pigment.
  5. Cover design with a transparent top and dry in a lamp.

Pearl manicure of a photo 2018 fashionable design of nails

Manicure vtirka may-bug design of 2018 photos

Powder with effect of a chameleon became one of the most popular. Vtirka for nails a bug is often presented by dark shades which by the light of are poured from green till violet color. Such manicure very much reminds an armor of a May insect.

Depending on the chosen basis the design can be made brighter, muffled, saturated or dark. This choice will perfectly add an evening dress, a strict image on an exit or will dilute ease of daily onions. It is interesting that powder in itself absolutely inconspicuous and has a beige-gray shade.

Gentle pink manicure photo vtirka 2018 design

To many women of already not rather simple monophonic covering of nails a pink varnish, after all in such a way for a long time to surprise nobody. But light pink on short nails can emphasize very favourably beauty of a female hand.

The pink manicure 2018 also concedes one of the most favourite types of design of nails at women in popularity only to red manicure. Perhaps, prevalence of pink manicure is caused by its universality. After all at the correct selection of a shade it will be pertinent in any situation. For example, the gentle-pink manicure will approach practically any dress. Such, almost imperceptible shade on nails can be used for office. If to add it with decorative elements it will quite correspond to an evening image.

Recently style of minimalism, including in pink manicure became very popular. But owing to different experiments unexpected options of transitions from a saturated shade to lighter tone turn out, and various decorative details very stylishly decorate manicure. For this purpose best of all the art list, pastes, laces, stickers and spangles will approach. All these receptions will help to make pink manicure is simply unique distinguished and gentle.