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Pearl manicure

Pearl manicure

For each woman very important that her nails and hands looked accurately and it is well-groomed, after all they will please not only darling, but also to draw attention of people around. Today it is possible to make beautiful manicure, beauty shops offer a set of services in a nail-art, since cleaning and finishing with the most various designs. Recently the pearl manicure which is carried out in the most different technicians became the most popular. What features at it and the technology of performance what the most successfully combined colors, we will tell below, and also we will share a professional advice from the nail-industry.

What is it?

The pearl manicure represents a covering of nails a special varnish with nacreous effect. The technician of execution of such manicure is a lot of. For example, it is optional to you to search shelves of shops with varnishes in search of pearl "charm" in a flakonchik, you can choose any shade and get a special vtirka for nails which will help to gain this effect. The pearls are always associated with something refined and elegant, such nail-design without effort will draw attention to the owner. Besides nacreous color, the pearl manicure can also mean and use of various pearls to a decor. Certainly, it is artificial stones, but they look quite adequately.

Features and advantages

The nacreous shade will be pertinent always and everywhere. The design of nails with such effect is considered universal as it is equally well combined with daily dresses and elegant evening dresses. Very often pearl option of manicure in the combined technology of execution is chosen by brides for wedding ceremony and other celebrations.

The pearl manicure will become the excellent decision for any woman, at whatever age she was.

As pearls shades in many respects are considered universal, without doubts choose them for manicure for every day, for work, study or rest. Nacreous shades of nyudovy scale will be combined equally well with all things from clothes, as pearl color not bright, but it effective. But it doesn't mean at all that a marigold will be dim. At the slightest hit of sunshine they will be lit up in the magic color. Also nobody cancelled their dressing that can also become huge plus. Pearl nails with pastes or crystals will always look is delightful.

The nacreous nail-design to you will be had no trouble in doing in beauty shop and will offer the mass of options for a decor, also such manicure you with ease execute houses. The main thing that there was a desire, interest and a little patience. The pearl manicure is more demanded performed by gel varnishes because of their firmness and a saturation. But such design can be carried out safely and by means of usual varnishes without leaving the house, it is worth getting some necessary materials.

How it is correct to execute?

Magnificent nacreous color of a varnish will favourably look on any form and length of nails. Especially advantageously, certainly, on long nails, but also short he without effort will make effective.

If you carry out such manicure of the house, for a start choose a suitable nacreous shade. It can be and the classical gentle option reminding sea pearls and passionate pink with modulations. Irrespective of, you use gel varnish or the usual varnish, such shades very often don't lay down exactly from the first therefore you don't hurry, let's nails dry and if necessary put 2-3 more layers. You can leave such manicure in laconic monophonic execution or decorate some fingers with small pastes.

Today you can use some technician for performance of pearl nail-design. You can apply special vtirka which became very popular this year. Each master has them and represent special powders for drawing over a varnish. You without effort will get them in specialized shop, they cost not much though everything depends on firm manufacturer. In general, all of them carry out identical functions.

By means of such zatirka for nails you will give noble shine to any color of a varnish. And such innovation as gel varnishes, and to usual options approaches.

Vtirka for nails is applied on the dried varnish. Most often for these purposes use special sponzh or the brush, but the most part of masters "rubs" this powder by means of fingers in a glove. Thus the effect turns out more smooth and natural. You can choose option, the most comfortable for you. For receiving pearl nails it is possible to use special sliders with nacreous modulations. They can be monophonic or with small patterns. It is very easy to use them and they don't demand special skills in manikyurny skill. Also pearl manicure means use of stones under a type of pearls with which it is possible not only to decorate the line of a smile, to supplement a service jacket, but also completely to spread them some nails.

Be not afraid of experiments and safely combine some technician at the same time for creation of the most magnificent and graceful manicure.

Combination of flowers

If you the lover of classics and simply adore white pearls, risk to make all nails contrastly white. That they weren't boring, apply on them a white or silver pearl vtirka, the effect will be tremendous. Varnishes of pastel scale are very successfully combined with white color, here it is possible to execute the mass of the most various and unusual designs for nails. For example, average and anonymous fingers can be executed by white nacreous shades with a decor from crystals, and all others - dusty-pink color.

Black color with cream is very successfully combined, such shades can be combined safely on nails, choosing at once nacreous options or using a vtirka. For a bright party be not afraid to use contrast colors, for example, coal-black and indigo. They "are also "on friendly terms" with each other and perfectly look in a nacreous duet.

Ideas of design

Today there is a mass of various options of nacreous designs of nails with various effects and a decor. Further we will consider the most popular which, perhaps, will be useful also to you:

  • On the first place - monophonic execution with use of nacreous varnishes or a vtirok. Simple, laconic, with taste and in style minimalism. Will perfectly add any onions.
  • We focus attention on details. If it seems to you that nacre shines insufficiently or there is a wish for something else, choose a manual list on several fingers or option with decorative lace. Such manicure will look not only stylishly, but also is gentle.
  • It is absolutely optional to do all nails nacreous, place some emphases. For example, issue a ring finger an opaque shade or make it velvet in tone to your nacreous varnish. The effect will be very beautiful;
  • Also very often nacreous nails "dilute" with bulyonka, such tiny stones with which it is possible to cover some nails completely.
  • Not less gracefully nacreous service jackets and lunar manicures which without effort can be diversified with a list, ready stickers or stones look.
  • Nacreous nails very much love droplets as if fresh dew fell to you on nails. It is best of all to carry out such design in salon, after all it becomes with the help gel – varnishes. Thus, it looks more naturally and qualitatively.

Secrets of experts

Many experts not always choose a vtirka in tone to a varnish. Choosing slightly other shade or absolutely opposite, you can receive excellent result. On nacreous nails very expensively the equipment "molding" executed in gold or silver will look. Certainly, it it is difficult to make houses if you aren't engaged in design of nails, and here in salon to you without effort will execute such manicure. Nacreous nails draw to themselves attention therefore it is very important that agnails didn't "stick out" and the cuticle didn't look roughly. Before drawing nacreous varnishes or a vtirok on any other varnishes take care of cleaning of nails and giving of an ideal form to them.

If you aren't sure that at you it will turn out to work well together with a vtirka for nails, watch the training videos or simply take and experiment. Even if from the first something will go not so, already on the second you precisely will have progress. Try not to load pearl nails with huge stones and pastes. Such decor will perfectly add some nails on a hand, but not all ten. And if you after all have doubts, you will be able to execute manicure with pearl effect or not or you gather for an important celebration, give preference to the nail-master who without effort will embody all your dreams with nails in reality better.

You watch performance of popular design of nails with a pearl mirror vtirka in the following video.