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Iridescent manicure: ideas and equipment

 The iridescent manicure promptly rushed into a stylish neyl-art. Experts offer great ladies uncountable quantity of the options of its execution capable to decorate a marigold of seductresses in any day.


About a rainbow on nails


 The iridescent manicure appeared in the world of a neyl-art rather recently. Thus an accurate template as in a case with, for example, French, it has no. To women of fashion experts suggest to paint the marigold in all colors of a rainbow, using different technicians and drawings.


Iridescent manicure: ideas and equipment


 Thus independently it can be executed by different methods, including and saloon. In the course of creation it is possible to use not only varnishes and brushes, but also special adaptations: sponzh (or usual sponges), stickers, pigments and stamps. The only thing what should be remembered that on natural and on gel nails which on the structure are identical to the first, are carried out in the identical ways, and here acrylic it is best of all to entrust experts.


The instruction on execution in the technician Gradiyent


 Specialists in a neyl-art offer great ladies the simple and clear instruction how to make iridescent manicure with use of equipment "Gradient".


Iridescent manicure: ideas and equipment


 For a start it is necessary to prepare all necessary tools and materials. Will be necessary for such manicure executed by means of a sponge:


  • varnishes white and shades of a rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green (or lime), blue, blue and violet), number of the last it is possible to reduce at will;


  • and liquid for removal of a varnish with Q-tips.


 It is necessary to begin execution with causing base under a varnish and a white shade on all nails. Then to the last allow to dry out completely. Further the sponge is cut on five parts (by number of nails on one hand) and apply two-three color shades on each of them so that the first on each part was the last shade previous. By means of sponges the gradient is applied on nail plates. Then allow it to dry out completely. The finishing step is adjustment and removal of a varnish from skin round nails. Here it is so simply possible to execute iridescent manicure in house conditions. At desire it can be decorated in addition with spangles or to cover with the phosphorescing varnish.


The instruction on execution in equipment of the French manicure


 The iridescent French manicure is carried out a little differently and demands from the great lady of a certain experience performed by a neyl-art.


Iridescent manicure: ideas and equipment


Iridescent manicure: ideas and equipment


 It is necessary to apply a transparent varnish on a nail plate. As soon as it completely dries out, the first shade from the right corner draws a triangle by a usual brush. Its top corner has to begin one millimeter above an extreme point of a free nail plate. Further on a diagonal put with a thin brush other shades, ending them in the highest initial point. To shades to allow to dry out then a translucent varnish with spangles to carry out on borders between shades. However, the varnish with spangles can be replaced on silver or gold. A finishing step is drawing the fixing varnish.


Use gel varnishes


 Experts of a neyl-art recommend not to stop on the options of execution of manicure "Rainbow" painted above and to try, for example, gel varnishes, providing fast and strong effect.


Iridescent manicure: ideas and equipment


 So, for a start it is necessary to prepare saturated shades of varnishes for the carried-out manicure. For the correct selection of transition in this case it is best of all to use a color circle and to involve no more than three next shades for design of each nail. After that it is necessary to prepare a nail plate, surely using in process base under manicure. Further apply on a nail chosen tone of a varnish. For beginners experts of a neyl-art recommend to begin the experiments with two shades and to choose vertical option which to execute without sponge much more simply.


 In the first layer apply thin two shades on a nail plate, having halved it thus. Further in advance moistened in a kliner (liquids for removal of a sticky layer) flat the brush is carried softly out on border, shading it, using the equal movements from a cuticle to a nail tip. After transition between flowers was softened and surplus on skin was removed by a kliner, the nail should be placed in the UF-lamp.


Iridescent manicure: ideas and equipment


 Procedure of drawing the second layer is identical to that that was applied to the first. The third layer is shaded a little differently. A brush with a kliner have under a bias from light tone to dark, providing smooth transition. Then it is possible to fix result in the UF-lamp.


 By means of considered like varnishes it is possible to execute also wedding iridescent manicure. Basic and top gels, and also pigments of pastel tones of an iridescent palette with easy flickering effect will be necessary for it. The instruction on execution is quite simple: apply basic gel varnish then over it cause with a brush in the form of a petal from a cuticle to the middle of a nail one tone on a nail plate and, moving from a tip to the middle, the second tone. Thanks to soft pressing at the movement transition from one color to another will turn out smooth, and on a photo such manicure will only emphasize refinement of a wedding image. The design of a nail is consolidated by a top varnish and dried in the UF-lamp.


The instruction on execution in the technician Shellak


 The manicure in iridescent style can be made and by means of saloon procedure. The speech in this case goes about shellac. It isn't so difficult to make it as can seem at first sight, but thus it is necessary to use the UF-lamp and special varnishes for shellac performance.



So, the first step degreasing as special liquid of already prepared nail plates and their drying in a lamp acts. Then put basic, developed for this type of procedure, the covering and again is dried by two minutes. Further it is necessary to cause basic tone shellac varnish and to send to the UF-lamp for 2 minutes. After that it is possible to start drawing directly iridescent palette. It is possible to make it one of above described in the way, but only varnishes which are specially intended for this procedure. The manicure layer once will be put, and therefore it is better to decide on a palette and a saturation on artificial nails from acryle in advance. Drying of result in a lamp to last also 2 minutes. As the finishing steps drying, degreasing and removal of a sticky layer act drawing top (a top covering). The only thing of what aren't tired to remind the master of a neyl-art to great ladies, is that when drawing any of layers it is necessary to carry out surely a brush on a nail tip to seal a plate.


 To what from above the presented ways of performance of iridescent manicure to prefer, solve to the great lady, however each of them is easy in performance and in power even for the beginner.