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Ridge nails on hands: reasons and treatment of deformation and dents of nails

Nails – very exact indicator of a state of health. Ridge nail plates specify that it is necessary to pay attention to problems in an organism and to try to correct a situation. It is necessary to exclude possibility of traumatizing nails and to take therapeutic measures for elimination of a problem.

Description of a problem

The expressed relief of nails usually doesn't cause concern in people. However, to avoid aggravation of possible complications, it is better to think of the solution of this problem in advance. If the nail cloth has no uniform smooth surface, and is speckled by vertical or horizontal strips, stratifications or cracks, is and there is a ribbing of nails.

Ridge nails on hands: reasons and treatment of deformation and dents of nails

Nails, ridge down

  • Vertical ribbing – a furrow proceeds from the basis of a nail bed to free edge. It can be in the form of frequent structure or several rare furrows. Strips can have an appearance of a bend, distortion of an equal surface of a nail, to have accurately expressed structure of a break or stratification of the become horny nail matter.
  • Horizontal ribbingfrom lateral face to the center of a nail surface pass poles and furrows. They can be faltering, semicircular, thin or accurate. Strips can come to an end in the middle of the nail plane, and can cross it completely.

If your nail plate has no smooth surface, surely pay attention to nature of roughnesses, study structure truly to estimate a problem, and take steps for correction of a situation.

That can become the reason of ridge nails

Ribbing, relief, defect of a nail plate can have some various reasons which need to be considered before taking steps of therapeutic character. The reasons for emergence of defect of a nail plate can be a consequence of mechanical damage, disorder (imbalance) of activity of an organism or an infectious disease.

Mechanical damages

Ridge nails on hands: reasons and treatment of deformation and dents of nails

Ridge nails

  • Injury-causing manicure – damaged eponikhiya, a cuticle or matriks
  • Finger injury owing to blow, the strong pressure or compression
  • Long compression in the field of a nail plate, blood circulation violation
  • Careless handling of chemicals
  • Frostbite or system influence by cold

Men are exposed to damage of a nail plate owing to an active physical activity more often. Women usually gain this defect in case of the procedures which are carelessly carried out the manikyurnykh – the basis of a nail is exposed to traumatizing.

Also at careless handling of chemicals or during frostbite of hands there is a negative impact on a root of a nail cloth leading to emergence of ribbing and deformation.

Failures in work of an organism

Ridge nails on hands: reasons and treatment of deformation and dents of nails

Rough nails

  • Problems in work of endocrine system – diabetes or violations of activity of a thyroid gland
  • Metabolic disorders, avitaminosis
  • Problems in work of a gastrointestinal tract
  • Genetic disorders
  • Deficiency of vitamins of groups A and E
  • Stress

Relief of a nail cloth can become a signal of violation of endocrine system. Most often nails become rough at people of old age who have irreversible processes of degradation of work of digestive and endocrine systems.

Also at women during pregnancy such defect can develop. Ribbing of a nail cloth is usually caused in them by deficiency of microcells and vitamins of groups A, E and B that is a consequence of strong changes of a hormonal background. These problems after the detailed analysis can be corrected by means of reception of vitamin complexes.

Infectious diseases

  • Dermatitis and chronic diseases (eczema, psoriasis, deprive)
  • Fungal infection
  • Infection with helminths and parasites
  • Intoxication, poisoning
Ridge nails on hands: reasons and treatment of deformation and dents of nails

Nails, ridge on gorizontil

Horizontal relief (ribbing) of a nail cloth surely has to cause alarm for the reason that it can turn out to be consequence of a fungal infection. In this case without the correct therapy not to solve a situation, and ribbing is the litmus finding a problem.

Helminths and the pre-natal parasites who are harmful influencing the developing organism arethe most probable cause at violations on a nail surface at the child. Therefore on a nail plate the child has to have a problem of emergence of grooves and dents on control at parents, as signaling about possible serious consequences.

Cases when it is necessary to address to the doctor

Ridge nails on hands: reasons and treatment of deformation and dents of nails

Horizontal furrows on nails can signal about organism diseases

It is necessary to understand and divide the reasons of emergence of ribbing of a nail plate. Mechanical problems can be solved with the help of house or cosmetic procedures of recovery character. More often vertical reliefs are such.

At emergence of horizontal wavy furrows and stratifications usually diagnose problems in work of various systems of an organism or infectious problems. They are consequences of the most difficult diseases which demand serious medical intervention and professional inspection.

At detection of symptomatology of medical character surely consult to the doctor. Only having carried out diagnostics, it is possible to get rid correctly and effectively of the reasons which generated defect of nails.

Correction methods in house conditions

In case relief (ribbing) of a nail isn't subject to serious medical intervention, carrying out a number of procedures of recovery character is recommended. Often they are advised to carry out in a complex, using vitamin therapy and procedures of external influence for recipes of traditional medicine – trays, compresses, rubbing in.

Treatment of ridge nails

Tray from a sage

Ridge nails on hands: reasons and treatment of deformation and dents of nails

Tray for nails

  • sage – 2 tablespoons.
  • honey – 3 tablespoons.
  • warm water – 0,5 glasses
  • olive oil – 0,5 glasses
  • lemon – 0,5 pieces.

The cooled part of sagy broth needs to be mixed withthe honeykindled on a water bath, to add warm olive oil. Mix should be mixed before obtaining uniformity, adding gradually lemon juice ½.

You keep hands in the prepared substance for half an hour. For this compress the body temperature of the person is recommended – the greatest effect is so reached.

All components shouldn't be overheated: their therapeutic effect is lost.

Ridge nails on hands: reasons and treatment of deformation and dents of nails

Lemon compress for nails

To cut a lemon in half, on each half to fill sea salt, to allow to be absorbed within 15 minutes. To shipnails in a lemon and to sustain 15 minutes.

Preventive measures

  1. Reconsider the diet. Exclude a diet which could cause deficiency of this or that nutritious component: calories, vitamins, microcells.
  2. Protect contacts of the hands with the reasons that can cause a problem: cold, close gloves, chemicals.
  3. Replace the softening trays with oil structures before procedure of manicure.
  4. For a manicuring pass to more sparing types of manicure – European, Japanese, hardware.
  5. Exclude metal manikyurny tools, give preference to orange sticks, glass nail files.
  6. Under a layer of a color varnish it is better to put special protective medical varnishes bases.

It is even more recipes and councils for disposal of grooves on nails it is presented in this video:

Condition of a nail cloth – an important indicator on which it is possible to trace a condition of an organism in general. Don't ignore these signals. In time the stopped problem – guarantee of your health.