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Shellac on short nails in house conditions

Quite recently a short marigold was considered as a sign of negligence and lack of taste. However times change and bear new fashionable tendencies. Today short nails are at popularity peak that considerably simplified household life to modern women. It is possible to cope with household chores without being afraid to break a long nail plate that means a real crash after all because of one broken nail it is necessary to cut off also others much quicker.

What length wouldn't be a marigold they constantly demand leaving. It is extremely inconvenient to do manicure with use of an ordinary varnish which starts descending literally the next days. Shellac use became the real rescue in this situation.

Shellac on short nails in house conditions

What is it

Shellac is the means of innovative type uniting in itself a varnish basis and gel. For a short period shellac gained popularity and now is actively used by women both in house conditions, and when performing manicure in eminent beauty shops.

Means possesses the special covering possessing the increased level of durability and preventing emergence of chips on a plate. Procedure of drying of manicure differs from ordinary as demands existence of an uf-lamp a little.

Features of shellac on short nails

Shellac on short nails in house conditions Putting shellac on short plates is possible. Besides innovative means makes the strengthening impact and provokes rapid growth, and also saves a nail from damages.

To achieve the maximum harmony it is worth observing a certain number of recommendations:

  1. You shouldn't use large or too small stylistic elements.
  2. Use of vertical patterns and drawings will allow to add a few lengths to fingers and to correct a shape of nails.
  3. It is necessary to avoid abundance of red and black flowers of a varnish.
  4. The oval shape of a nail will visually extend a plate.
  5. It isn't desirable to use more than three color scales at creation of manicure.
  6. Most effectively on short nails patterns in the form of peas and the line on a diagonal look.

How to make in house conditions

The main list of adaptations for creation of manicure is given below:

  • Shellac – the huge color palette will allow to choose the shade emphasizing identity.
  • The covering (basic) – carries out protective functions and allows to make high-quality coupling with a varnish basis.
  • The covering (top) – provides gloss of a plate and prolongs manicure service life.
  • Uf-lampa (36 Watts) – any structure containing a gel basis will dry.
  • Baff – relieves of microcracks and surplus of an integument.
  • Obezzhirivatel – allows to eliminate a congestion of excess fat from a plate (after drawing at all not to touch the processed place).

Shellac on short nails in house conditions

Creation of smart manicure with use of shellac will appear absolutely simple process if to use the offered management:

  1. Shellac on short nails in house conditionsFirst of all we steam out an integument of hands in rather warm water having added a few cosmetics containing a soap basis and the strengthening oils.
  2. We remove the steamed-out cuticle by means of an orange stick.
  3. Applying a nail file we correct a plate form.
  4. With soft nail file it is eliminated all roughnesses of a nail.
  5. Using a wadded disk we process a plate an obezzhirivatel (it is possible to use ordinary alcohol).
  6. We put with a thin layer a basic covering and we dry about 15 seconds in an ultra-violet lamp.
  7. We put a covering of color type shellac (about 2-3 layers for the maximum degree of a saturation of a palette will be required). We dry each layer for 2 minutes in a lamp.
  8. We put with a thin layer a top covering and again we dry in a lamp. This type of a covering will allow to keep depth of a shade and the received gloss throughout a long period.
  9. At the end of procedure we process a cuticle oil that will strengthen a nail plate and will stimulate its growth.

Ideas of design for short nails

Using shellac for creation of manicure it is possible to create unique design images. The main advantage of varnishes on a gel basis is considered a small period necessary for dehumidification and unlimited number of minutes for creation of the next pattern.

As the most popular ideas of design of short nail plates are considered:

  • color extension;
  • gradient;
  • service jacket (white);
  • manicure with use of two flowers;
  • lunar manicure;
  • list and mn.dr.

Restrictions on use of ideas for transformation of a short marigold completely are absent.

Instruction on creation of lunar manicure:

  • Having prepared nail plates the basic layer is evenly distributed and we dry it in a lamp.
  • Having executed drying of base we apply the main shade on all nail and again we send to a lamp. This palette will become color scale of a lunula. To receive the brightest of tone it is necessary to put some layers similarly.
  • Having completely dried a gel basis we fix a cliche in the lower area of a cuticle.
  • We cover free area of a plate in the chosen color and we send to a lamp for drying for 1,5 minutes.
  • Having dried everything a layer accurately we remove a cliche and we fix the received sketch applying an ordinary top covering that will add to manicure of gloss and firmness. We dry in a lamp about 40 minutes.
  • At desire it is possible to add to the image of a sticker, pastes or to use a list, a stemping.

Shellac on short nails in house conditions

Instruction on creation of a classical service jacket:

  • Previously having prepared nail plates the basic layer that will keep manicure from emergence of yellowish spots is evenly put.
  • Having dried base we distribute a varnish of transparent tone on a nail surface (we do 2-3 layers at will). Each of layers needs drying.
  • Having completely dried a varnish we fix cliches and we trace obodochka.
  • Having dried a varnish basis in a lamp we put a fixer.

Shellac on short nails in house conditions

Instruction on creation of a gradient:

  • The transparent varnish basis is applied on a marigold.
  • From above it is evenly distributed the main palette.
  • Having moistened sponzhik with water it is put atop a thin stripe of basic tone and it is close from it a stripe of other palette.
  • Intermediate distance between strips it is shaded that will minimize bright crossing of the border.
  • Accurately we move a print from a sponzhik on a nail plate.
  • We send a marigold to an uf-lamp for drying then we put a fixer.

Shellac on short nails in house conditions

How to remove shellac

  • We divide wadded disks into equal parts and we scissor on semicircles in number of 10 pieces.
  • We cut foil slices in number of 10 pieces.
  • We dip wadded disks into means for removal of a varnish and we press to a plate surface.
  • We wrap in foil slices a marigold and we leave for 20 minutes.
  • Later the specified amount of time we delete vatu with application of an orange stick.
  • The cuticle is carefully processed by special oil.


  1. Stylists recommend to use safely on short nails practically any color scale, but for visual increase in plates will be suitable light tone more.
  2. Owners of thin nail structure will be is ideally suited by shellac thanks to the special additives preventing stratification and damage of a surface.
  3. Before drawing a decorative covering the nail surface should be degreased special structure.
  4. At removal of shellac from short nails you shouldn't use a mechanical way as it can strongly damage structure, and lengths of cuts for straightening will be insufficiently to make the following beautiful manicure.
  5. The coverings having different texture will be ideally suited for performance of manicure by shellac on short plates. The unusual combination will draw all attention to itself, taking away accent from length of a free cut.
  6. At a choice of the sketch it is worth giving preference to geometry, floristics, but excepting large fragments.
  7. If causing two contrast tones is provided, it is necessary to dispose to the basis of a nail dark colors closer. It is so visually possible to extend a plate.

Shellac on short nails in house conditions