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Stickers on nails under gel varnish: equipment (photo, video)

Stickers on nails under shellac, gel varnish, a varnish are the most real rescue for women who want to diversify manicure, but talent for a list have no. Easy to apply them on nails and if during manicure correctly to make everything, keep long.

Types of stickers

Before starting gluing stickers, it is necessary to consider design well. Thus it must be kept in mind that it isn't obligatory to apply them on all nails at all: sometimes it is enough to decorate only one-two fingers that the manicure looked interestingly and originally. It is also necessary to consider that stickers are quite self-sufficient, and therefore nails don't need other jewelry (fimo, a paste, mouldings).

Stickers on nails under gel varnish: equipment (photo, video) Now there is a huge choice of stickers of the most various flowers, designs and versions. On a way of gluing allocate the following types of stickers for nail plates:

  • the self-adhesive water;
  • the translated;
  • the water;
  • full-size water sliders;
  • film with a print.

Each of these types of stickers well approaches this or that type of a covering, is among them and station wagons. Therefore before purchase it is necessary to define a surface on what they should be pasted. For example, self-adhesive water stickers can't be glued on gel varnish: from such covering they slip, are twisted and how many the master tried, look ugly. Use them generally for ordinary varnish manicure on which they well keep.

But as stickers water stickers very well are suitable for nails under shellac and gel varnish. They have very beautiful design almost indistinguishable from a manual list, and are applied on very thin film that allows them to be fixed reliably on a nail. The finishing covering applied on them keeps well, doesn't slip, and they fasten very easily. Also they are good that allow to experiment design.

Features of stickers of a different look

Stickers on nails under gel varnish: equipment (photo, video) In application self-adhesive water stickers are considered as the simplest. However, they can't be applied for gel varnish or shellac, but it is possible to glue directly on a nail or on an ordinary varnish. For this purpose to remove it from a basis, to place in in advance defined zone of a nail and to put from above a wadded disk, having moistened it in warm water. In two minutes of vatu to clean then on a nail plate there will be a picture which it is possible to leave and so, but it is better to put a transparent varnish from above.

Under gel varnish transfers which are a transparent leaf with the caused design well will approach. At first it needs to be separated from a basis and to put to the chosen zone on a nail plate. Thus it must be kept in mind that the transfer was well displayed, the surface of a nail has to be absolutely equal and smooth. Through time specified in the instruction a leaf to remove, put a finishing covering, to dry.

One more type of a sticker which approaches under gel varnish, is known as a slider. It is the drawing applied on a paper basis which should be cut out by the sizes of a nail plate to lower in warm water, to take out and get wet with a tissue to remove excess moisture. Then to take away a basis and to paste gel varnish on well dried layer. Then it is necessary to put a top, to dry.

Well water stickers approach under gel varnish. They can be glued both on all plate, and on its part. To do it by analogy to a slider: to cut out a form, having used tweezers, to lower in water, to get wet with a napkin, to separate a basis and accurately to paste. If the sticker with design is applied on shellac, it needs to be glued on a sticky layer. Then it is necessary to put a top and to dry.

One of types of stickers for gel varnish is a film with a print. A highlight of this look that the design caused on them looks extremely beautifully and zavorazhivayushche. Sell them in two versions: a continuous leaf from which it is necessary most to cut out a form, or already made forms. Unlike the previous methods, during gluing of a film water can't be applied.

Stickers on nails under gel varnish: equipment (photo, video)

It is necessary to unstick accurately a film from a basis, having picked up edge tweezers, to put on a nail plate with a space from a cuticle and to smooth with an orange stick or a tissue. To sprain free edge of a film under a tip of a nail and to cut the bafy. Then to put a top, having reliably sealed edge of a nail: water socks shouldn't get to time for a film.

Nuances of carrying out procedure

Before starting doing manicure, it is necessary to define a type of stickers, covering type, color basic gel varnish. It is necessary to select it depending on the chosen pattern, thus it must be kept in mind that on a light background drawing looks more accurate.

Regardless of type of stickers and material of a covering before pasting drawings, nails need to be prepared. To remove old gel varnish or other material then to process a nail plate: to remove a cuticle, to cut off a thin skin, to give to free edge of a nail the beautiful form. It is necessary to do it taking into account length of nails, a shape of fingers and a lunula (is at the nail basis, keratin cages which are added subsequently to a nail plate thanks to what the nail grows exactly here are made).

For example, with short fingers it is desirable for women to give to free edge of a nail the almond-shaped form which will visually extend fingers of hands.

Stickers on nails under gel varnish: equipment (photo, video) If gel varnish is applied, it is necessary to remove natural gloss by means of a soft nail file and to degrease a surface special means, having used linen rags or napkins for manicure. Cotton wool can't use: in this case there will be fibers which will lead to chips.

After that to put a dehydrator which cleans excess moisture from a nail plate, then – a primer which task is to provide the best coupling gel varnish with a nail. Before putting a layer of the following means, it is necessary to wait that dried the previous.

These stages of works are obligatory as if between a nail and a covering or a sticker there will be an alien subject even if smallest sizes, it leads to emergence of air pockets. Such manicure will look inaccurately and it will be short-lived.

It is possible to start putting a covering further. It must be kept in mind that each put basis layer, gel varnish, a top it is necessary to dry well under an ultra-violet lamp so much time, how many is told in instructions, usually about two minutes. Otherwise the layer won't dry out that will lead to early chips.

Stickers on nails under gel varnish: equipment (photo, video) The first layer puts a basis, then – gel varnish if there is a need to make color the nasyshchenny – the second layer. Then it is necessary to put stickers. If it is introduction drawings, they need to be moistened in warm water, then to press to a nail plate and to remove tweezers a protective transparent layer. That drawing laid down exactly, in places of a bend of a nail it is necessary to make small cuts.

If the sticker has to cover a nail completely, it is necessary to place it so that between it, not less than one millimeter was a cuticle and lateral faces of a nail, otherwise the sticker will hold on some hours. For this purpose before putting a sticker, an orange stick or a pusher it is necessary to remove a cuticle and lateral rollers on the greatest possible distance. In half an hour they will return on a former place and will hide a space.

At the final stage put a top covering, for it even when gluing a sticker the small gap on each side from a sticker that the top could be linked to a nail is left, differently it won't keep. It is necessary to do a top covering in two layers and it is obligatory to seal well edges that the sticker kept. To dry each layer under a lamp.

As stickers long keep

As the sticker will long keep, depends on the correct performance of all stages of manicure, quality of materials, and also on that, it will be how correct to handle the woman the put covering (first of all it belongs to homeworks during which water and chemical means are used).

If the sticker keeps not for long, it can be caused by that it was applied on badly dried up layer gel varnish, or drawing before appearing on a nail, was dried badly up. That the sticker was low-quality or too thick can be one more cause.

If the finishing covering is chopped off, it means that it was applied on badly dried up sticker, when drawing drawing wasn't left places for coupling of a top about gel varnish, closing of nails was badly made. The finishing covering can descend ahead of time if the low-quality top or such was put that isn't applied to design with stickers. Therefore before purchase it is necessary to specify this moment in the instruction.