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Sugar manicure gel varnish: how to make in house conditions?

Sugar manicure gel varnish: how to make in house conditions? Each girl therefore designers create original prints, designs and images for decoration of nails constantly have to have well-groomed nails. But who could think that there will be a sugar manicure. The nail processed in this technology becomes velvet – to the touch and visually reminds velyurovy fabric.

Of course, masters of a neyl-art don't cut out slices of their velvet and especially don't fix it to a nail. Everything is much simpler – there is a special velvet sand.

We suggest to make velvet design the hands, in house conditions, but at first it is necessary to understand who will suit such technique of decoration of a marigold and it is better for whom to prefer something another.

Advantages of sugar manicure

The granulated sugar which is faultlessly laid out on nails has some advantages:

  1. The manicure is unlike on any another – bright, stylish, unusual and extremely original, real exclusive.
  2. Particles of sand can be used as an integral covering of a nail plate, they are also applied to formation of images, prints and other ornaments, patterns.
  3. Design ornament for nails has no analogs, thus it is absolutely harmless and safe.
  4. If to make sugar manicure in due form, it remains for 20 days.

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Minuses velvet nejl design

Fortunately, it is less than shortcomings of a sugar neyl-art:

  1. If to ask for the help in beauty shop, the novelty costs much.
  2. The manicure with sand demands scrupulousness, the negligence leads to that material disappears in some days.
  3. To the maximum to prolong the period of carrying the decorating elements, it is necessary doing household chores, to put on rubber gloves hands.

The first way of drawing on nails of granulated sugar

Sugar manicure gel varnish: how to make in house conditions? The technician of drawing manicure a little, is better to examine everyone and after to choose the most suitable option. The first way is as follows:

  1. Make usual cut manicure, surely steam out handles in a warm grass tray, remove and cut off a cuticle, give a nail file the best form and well dry up a towel each nail plate.
  2. Apply a protective basis on a marigold.
  3. Now scoop a small amount of color dye, make couple of dabs on each nail. Most often choose quiet pastel tone – sand, beige, dairy, soft plum, gentle-pink. Sometimes select, on the contrary, it is expressed contrast shades.
  4. Until the structure dried up yet, quickly, but accurately strew granulated sugar on a nail and wait so far it completely will be pasted. On assurances of masters of a neyl-art, 10-15 minutes for this purpose are enough.
  5. Further you smetit the rigid tiny brush intended for work with a marigold, hotel unrecorded grains of sand if it is necessary to make a pattern – create it.
  6. That the sugar manicure kept more long, it is desirable to consolidate result shellac, however this reception won't approach if you want 100% of feeling of a velvet.

Second way: if there is a gel varnish and the UF-lamp

If gel varnish and a special UF-lamp are available, the velvet design will manage to be made more simply and quicker even in house conditions:

  1. Make up nails the necessary shade.
  2. Draw the scheme of an ornament, pattern with which you want to decorate nails.
  3. Cover the scheme with sand that it it wasn't visible. If grains badly stick to the basis, slightly press down them a bamboo stick, you shouldn't do it with big pressing – there is a probability of loss of part of volume.
  4. Further place fingers in the UF-lamp, all a couple of minutes and design already I dried up.
  5. Surely shake loose parts and make some dabs transparent gel varnish, and better a professional fixer.

How to give to sugar manicure of originality

Sugar manicure gel varnish: how to make in house conditions? If you were bored by traditional technology of creation of a velvet neyl-art, then use one of councils of byyuti-specialists:

  1. Grains can be fixed not on all nail plate, and to take only its part, for example, to allocate with a velvet a hole nail to a box or to apply on a tip. Be not afraid to decorate with pastes – French and lunar manicure demands an additional graceful frame.
  2. The economy of material can lead to result which obviously won't please you. Working with velvet sand, it is necessary to understand – either to pour generously, or not to use absolutely. Be not afraid to soil fingers – parts are easily wiped and showered.
  3. Very stylishly and expensively the rough lines, florid patterns, a monogram drawn with application at once of several colourful shades look.

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As for material cost, the granulated sugar intended for creation of exclusive velvet effect on nails can be bought in online stores at the price from 2 USD for 5 grams. Give preference qualitative products from famous producers, among masters Amy's firm enjoys popularity.