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Sugar manicure gel varnish

Sugar manicure gel varnish

A variety of varnishes pleasantly pleases today even the most exacting customers. You can find glossy, opaque, neon and even "space" coverings. Therefore to choose something that will help you to express itself, it will be absolutely simple. One of the interesting novelties which appeared quite recently is a sugar manicure gel varnish. It is done by many manicurists, after all this trend carried away girls and women of different age. Let's understand, in what its feature and how to repeat this saloon prodedura in house conditions.


Such manicure looks very unusually. Your nails as if cover small sugar grains of sand of the necessary color. It looks interestingly and very beautifully. Most often such option of a covering is chosen by young girls. In this style the similar decor of nails looks quite appropriate.

In more detail about sugar manicure you learn from the following video.

How to use

If you like this interesting idea and you want to make such manicure, it is optional to you to address to salon or to masters. It can be realized quite and it is independent. Gel varnish with sugar texture can be bought in cosmetic shop or to order on the Internet. The choice is provided quite big therefore something to you will precisely attract.

That the varnish well laid down on nails and each nail as a result looked as small color sugar, the flakonchik needs to be stirred up accurately before drawing a product. If not to make it, the result will turn out far that you wanted to see as a result. It concerns both a covering, and the color.

There are features and in a question of drawing.

It is important to use correctly a brush, without gathering on it too much product. Paint nails a thin layer. If necessary after its full drying repeat procedure. But don't try to apply on a nail plate more varnish for time at all - that so will be gone effect of sugar grains of sand on nails.

If you correctly do everything, the varnish will dry almost instantly. Thus there will be no bald spots and transparent strips. If it is necessary for you that the manicure held on more long, from above on nails it is possible to walk also a thin layer of a fixer. It will also add to manicure of flickering effect.

Other party of a question – removal of this magic product from a nail plate. As on the texture it differs from simple varnishes, it and needs to be deleted in the special way. As practice shows if to start erasing it the wadded disk moistened in acetone, small "grains of sand" will damage a nail plate. Besides, for full clarification of nails you need a lot of time.

To solve a problem of clarification of nails rather simply.

Remove it as classical gel varnish even in case you painted nails a simple varnish. Moisten in liquid for removal of a varnish wadded disks and apply them to a marigold, having covered from above with a foil. In such look it is necessary to take the improvised compress on nails some minutes.

After that the foil needs to be developed, and to clean the softened remains of a varnish a wadded disk. It will descend easily, without damaging structure of a nail. Thus on skin there will be neither color, nor spangles. After removal it is desirable to moisten gel varnish of a hand with cream or oil that skin round nails wasn't dried up.

How to pick up a suitable varnish

This so-called marmeladny gel varnish is present at many rulers today. Therefore you can buy practically any means and apply this cosmetic "fruit jelly" on a marigold. But it is best of all to choose the checked and qualitative option, of course. In this case and the design will turn out more beautiful, and the manicure will hold on longer.

Let's consider some options sugar gel varnish from different brands, we will analyse their advantages and shortcomings.

Jerden "Color Sugar"

It is the first varnish which is remembered in attempt to make a top of popular varnishes for sugar manicure. In this series rather rich color palette. You can find the whole fifteen shades which look very interestingly and unusually. But the color palette is not the only advantage of varnishes from this brand.

Treats pluses of these products also that they dry as fast as possible. And the ready manicure long enough keeps. The received sugar marigold will hold on within three-four days. But term can quite be prolonged socks of manicure. If a chip of the small size, it is possible to correct it a varnish. It will be not really visible.

"Sahara Crystal" from Dance Legend

This series with the beautiful name belongs to the category of professional tools for creation of sugar manicure. The color palette is also rather interesting. But there is the feature. Varnishes from this brand on nails look a little not as in a flakonchik. Besides, that the varnish didn't do much harm to your nail plate, before its drawing it is necessary to cover nails with a transparent varnish or a qualitative basis.

Golden Rose "Holiday"

In comparison with the previous options, these varnishes cost much cheaper. It is the budgetary alternative of those who wants to receive beautiful manicure with effect of "cotton candy" on the marigold. Thus despite low price, on quality the product doesn't lose to more expensive analogs at all. Therefore it is possible to buy safely means moreover and not in one color.

As for shortcomings, they here too are.

Varnish less dense therefore to receive beautiful color, it needs to be put in two layers. But if you carry out this procedure accurately, receive desirable result and beautiful saturated color. Besides, such manicure doesn't need additional fixing. Nails will already look effectively and beautifully to flicker.

From the budgetary products by the same principle it is possible to advise also varnishes from Expert of Colour firm. They cost not much, but thus please with quite good quality. The received colors look effectively and aren't worse at all than if you did such manicure in salon.


The sugar manicure is an interesting tendency which gained distribution both among celebrities, and among simple women. First of all pleases the last that quite simply it is possible to receive desirable result and to make it even at home.

Such gel varnish long enough rushes. If you do manicure in salon, it will hold on more than a week. The house covering will please you slightly less. But also three-five days will be enough to see enough of such miracle on the nails. However, here everything depends also on specific features of your organism, and on quality of the product.

Besides, the sugar manicure is suitable for different life situations.

On the one hand, it looks elegantly and will approach under evening images. And with another it can quite be combined and with the casual clothes.

Such nails interestingly and unusually look. By means of such experiment it is possible to receive both monophonic manicure, and multi-color. So, for example, it is fashionable to allocate one nail either in other color, or other invoice. Therefore all nails can be made glossy, and one – "sugar". It will look originally. Combine among themselves different shades and textures, and you even in house conditions will be able to make with the nails something unusual.

In general, the sugar manicure is an ideal option of decoration of nails for the summer or spring when there is a wish for something lovely and easy.

Choose a varnish under the style or simply in the right frame of mind, and create the stylish manicure about the help of such means.

If you didn't test this novelty on yourself yet, you can safely experiment. Perhaps, it what wasn't enough for you to give to the style of a highlight in this season.