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The summer manicure gel is delicious

Juicy fruit – fine idea for design of nails in the hot summer. Such manicure is perfectly combined with summer dresses and perfectly will be suitable for holiday.

The summer manicure gel is delicious

Bright colors will lighten mood and in case weather on the street doesn't please.

To draw design in the form of a water-melon or a kiwi it is possible independently – use already ready technicians.

The summer manicure gel is delicious The bright manicure gel is delicious with fruit

What fruit you wouldn't choose for drawing, it is necessary to execute traditional preparation of a nail plate.

  • First of all, it is necessary to take care of removal of a cuticle,
  • To give to nails the desirable form, to clean gloss the bafy.
  • After drawing and drying of a basic covering it is possible to start design.

We will sort some technician of drawing of different fruit with the help gel of varnishes.

Bright kiwi

The summer manicure gel is delicious

  1. We apply on nail plates lime gel a varnish is there will be a substrate for our kiwi.
  2. We draw an arch in the black or brown color along a nail — it will be peel border.
  3. The white we carry out kiwi core – we do an arch along lateral part of a nail and we paint over it. We do it in a form same, as well as the black line.
  4. From the center of core we paint over rays of different length and thickness. We place under the UF-lamp.
  5. We cover with a top and, without drying it, black gel a varnish we imitate kiwi stones – we draw points. Also it is possible to put ends on a covering before drawing a top. We fix in a lamp.
  6. By the brown it is painted over that part of a nail which remained behind black border. We paint over in two layers, we will polymerize everyone in a lamp.
  7. We block design a top and we place in UFL.
  8. We remove stickiness. It is possible to polish a surface bafy that there was no gloss.
  9. We do one more layer of brown gel, from above we strew with transparent acrylic powder. We send to the UF-lamp.
  10. We clean off the superfluous a brush. On green part we place transparent points varnish gel, coming on the black a little.
  11. We fix and delete a sticky layer. It is ready!


Juicy lime

The summer manicure gel is delicious

  1. We apply white gel a varnish on a marigold and we place under the UF-lamp.
  2. We trace a lime contour the green – for this purpose we apply gel a varnish of lime color round a hole. We will polymerize in a lamp. We do two layers to receive a saturated shade.
  3. The black we trace a fruit contour (it is possible to take white color), for this purpose we lead round a green hole the thin black line varnish gel. Also we trace streaks and segments by means of a brush. At us imitation of a lime in a section has to turn out. We fix under UFL.
  4. Gel a varnish of more pale shade, than the primary lime color, we draw on white part of a nail of a drop of juice, as though exuding from a juicy tasty lime. We will polymerize.
  5. We cover with a top and we fix in a lamp.
  6. For creation of volume it is possible to apply volume drops of a top on "juice" and once again to dry under an ultraviolet. After removal of a sticky layer it is possible to enjoy result.


Summer water-melon

The summer manicure gel is delicious

  1. By dark green varnish it is traced lateral face of a nail on all its length, forming an arch slightly concave towards the prinogtevy roller.
  2. We mix a little green varnish gel with the white. The gentle-green shade has to turn out. In such color we trace the line end-to-end to the black. On width the light green line has to turn out already. We will polymerize in the UF-lamp.
  3. We mix gentle-green color with white to receive a shade still is slightly lighter. We join a new strip with light green gel is delicious and we will polymerize.
  4. We do one more docking line, only already white, we fix in UFL.
  5. The red-pink we will execute pulp of our water-melon. It is possible to mix by analogy red or pink color with white to receive tone, the most similar to tone of pulp of a water-melon. We paint over the nail rest. We do two layers, we dry everyone.
  6. Varnish we dilute dark red gel with a small amount of a top and we draw them windows — points for sunflower seeds on pulp. We dry in UFL.
  7. We gather on dots a little black gel of a varnish and we put droplets in the drawn windows – sunflower seeds will turn out. We fix under a lamp.
  8. In the white color we put patches of light on sunflower seeds — we will polymerize.
  9. We cover drawing with a top — we fix in UFL. Further we take a dense top or sculptural gel for drawing volume points.
  10. We remove stickiness and we put down points of the different size on a zone of pulp of fruit. As material doesn't flow, they will turn out volume. (After stickiness removal our water-melon will beautifully shine.)
  11. We dry in a lamp and we remove a sticky layer. On it the manicure can be considered complete.


Tasty strawberry

The summer manicure gel is delicious

  1. We cover with red gel nails and we dry in a lamp.
  2. In the green color we draw leaflets at the nail basis (it is possible to use two shades green). A golden varnish we put ends are there will be kernels. We fix in a lamp.
  3. Red varnish by which the substrate is executed, we do a relief. For this purpose we draw some wavy lines, leading round stones. The lateral part and the basis can be not touched – we concentrate on the center of a plate. We dry under a lamp and we do the second layer of a relief. Again we will polymerize.
  4. We put the top covering is thin. It is possible to apply a few spangles on leaves and to decorate with a large green paste. We fix under a lamp.
  5. We remove stickiness. We receive tasty fruit on fingers!


Technology of drawing of fruit about gel Trendynails plasticine

Trendynails plasticine  – is unique material for a molding. He allows to receive realistic volume details.

With its help it is convenient to create design with flowers, figures of animals and, of course, fruit.

It is easy for them to use, it quickly dries under the UF-lamp. We will consider how by means of such plasticine it is possible to create tasty pineapple.

The summer manicure gel is delicious

The summer manicure gel is delicious

Operating procedure:

We prepare a marigold for manicure according to the standard scheme, we do a full covering gel is delicious.

  1. We wipe a finger klinser that plasticine didn't stick at a raskatyvaniye to a finger. We roll a ball of white plasticine, we roll with a finger on a nail it in a thin flat flat cake. It is possible to straighten with a special silicone brush a form a little.
  2. By silicone brush hatchet or another the tool, convenient for you, we do the notches imitating architecture of pineapple. The thin setochka, as if a peel will turn out. Borozdochki is pressed through accurately, without crawling the tool on material.
  3. Manikyurny hatchet we put small ends in each cell.
  4. The silicone brush rolled one more ball of plasticine is there will be a pineapple tail. We place it about a cuticle zone. We form sharp leaflets of a ball. We dry under the UF-lamp.
  5. We will add details – we carry out gel-paste thin strokes on a contour of rombik of pineapple to emphasize texture. Paste shouldn't flow down on rombika, differently pineapple will turn out inaccurate. We apply couple more of strokes on a pineapple tail. We will polymerize in a lamp. Plasticine doesn't need to be blocked a top therefore the design can be considered complete.

Useful tips on summer design

  • Better it is less and better – to decorate with a pattern only one-two nails on each hand enough to attract attention.
  • Be not afraid to experiment – as a substrate it is possible to use not only one color, and, for example, a gradient with transition from one tone to another.
  • Will add fruit designs such elements of a decor as spangles, pastes, tapes.
  • Even if you have short nails, the summer design will beautifully look – don't refuse to yourself juicy shades.
  • If you are going to have a rest on the sea, in design it is better to refuse convex elements – such manicure can hold on slightly less, than usually.

Use not only ready technicians of drawing – think out the, and then your summer manicure will make impression on people around.

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