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Transparent gel varnish: manicure in house conditions

Many modern girls appreciating the time by all means use transparent gel a varnish, long ago having forgotten about simple varnishes, carelessly the zakinutykh in dusty boxes. After all it is known that the magnificent and qualitative manicure became an integral part of the modern woman.

Transparent gel varnish: manicure in house conditions

Where you were: houses, at office, on business conversation, understanding of that a marigold are well-groomed, treated kindly, covered with magnificent and qualitative manicure, does you more self-assured and awards good mood. It is especially important when during the day you glance at the nails and you are convinced that your manicure is also fresh and faultless.

Features of work with means

Modern technologies of the manikyurny industry give the chance to enjoy practical and resistant gel varnish without chips and cracks within 14 days. Every year the industry gel varnishes acquires more and more magnificent shades and effects. Having tried various shades, we sometimes want to stop on quieter options. Perhaps circumstances demand something more classical and business. Anyway transparent gel varnish will come to the rescue. Transparent gel varnishes are used:

Transparent gel varnish: manicure in house conditions

  1. For the extension of the nails strengthening and the thickening nail plate. As independent hygienic manicure.
  2. As a basic basis under a color varnish. Without fail the thin layer puts and dried under UV rays no more than 30 seconds.
  3. For esthetic French manicure. It is especially actual for business women from whom demand a strict dresscode.
  4. For aquarian design, stained glass effect, neyl-design, and also unique manicure "veil" or "laces" are necessary.

Undoubtedly, nail technicians with impatience are eager to set us for the cozy little tables and to start transformation of nails. But whether it is so difficult in house conditions to learn to do independently to itself magnificent saloon manicure?

Especially brands of famous producers took care of creation of tiny inexpensive UF-lamps which can be used even on trips. We get all necessary initial materials. You shouldn't forget that quality and durability of manicure depend on quality of gel and components accompanying manicure. Therefore you shouldn't save on the known and proved brands.

Practical recommendations

If you want to master idle time and always the pertinent French manicure (a la a service jacket) created by means of transparent gel varnish, there is nothing more simply:

Transparent gel varnish: manicure in house conditions

  1. Before applying gel varnish, it is necessary to make the looking after manicure and to process a cuticle. The thin skin of a cuticle should be removed a metal pusher. We smooth roughnesses of a nail by means of a baf. Further even the edge of a nail plate and give it the necessary form by means of cuticle scissors. You don't forget that all nails have to be identical length, straighten them at the final stage of manicure.
  2. Degrease and dry a surface of each nail a dihydrate (fresher). Accurately clean the remains a pure slice of fabric.
  3. Apply base under a varnish, the first thin film of a transparent varnish, getting under summary edge. To record under UV rays. To put the second layer gel varnish, getting under summary edge, and to take under UV rays of 30 seconds.

The base, or primer, promotes stronger coupling of a nail plate and varnish, levels a surface and protects a nail cloth from coloring color gel varnish.

If you want to make a service jacket with a pink or cream shade, that time to apply gel varnish of a subtle pink shade. For this purpose you mix transparent gel varnish with a droplet red gel varnish, carefully you mix on in advance prepared palette and accurately you apply on all length of a nail.

On a tip of a nail you draw in detail an arch by means of a snow-white varnish.

Transparent gel varnish: manicure in house conditions Many for this purpose use a template, on each nail – separate. If your service jacket applies for something more original, we draw in detail a brush a freakish form or geometrical drawing. Someone with it copes with the help of a sponzhik, giving to an arch more indistinct look. You seal gel under the UF-lamp within 3 minutes. From above you apply transparent gel varnish. You fix it under UV rays within 3 minutes.

Further it is necessary to fix our layer a special covering. It will prevent flakings, skalyvaniye, cracks. Apply it on all surface of a nail, coming for its edge. And here you shouldn't touch a cuticle and an okolonogtevy thin skin.

It is fraught with premature flaking of a varnish. We wait for fixing of a varnish under UV rays. In 2 minutes remove a sticky layer with special means. One sponzhik moistened in a klianser is enough for 2-3 nails. Then it should be replaced on new, differently the manicure will grow dull. It is possible to take usual alcohol.

In case you intend to update manicure, you should remove a former covering. For this purpose it will be required:

Transparent gel varnish: manicure in house conditions

  1. To moisten sponzh with the special means softening gel varnish. Wet this means each nail.
  2. Wrap up a nail on each finger a foil and leave this compress for 5-10 minutes.
  3. Develop a foil and remove the exfoliating gel with a pusher and a wooden stick.
  4. Carefully wash up with soap of a hand and properly wipe them a towel.
  5. To restore nails after gel varnish, apply the looking after regenerating means on a nail plate. It will humidify and will strengthen a nail cloth. Will prevent stratifying and dyeing of a horn layer of a nail. It is worth putting this means constantly until you don't decide to make new gel manicure.
  6. Further you apply oil or the moisturizing cream.

The finishing works

The classical service jacket can be recovered patterns from the refined laces, with a jeweler subtlety applied over a transparent varnish. Incredibly gentle and refined transparent design of nails gains the increasing popularity today. The lacy veil changes both natural short nails, and increased by means of gel or acryle.

Such neyl-design is carried out only gel-paints which have more resistant pigment and don't spread. By means of a thin brush and a dots (a metal stick for drawing thin lines, points) all elements of laces are put. And here already to you to solve, there will be your lace on one nail, and the others will be stylized under a traditional service jacket, or on all at once. It is possible to make toning of lacy drawing. For this purpose we mix on a palette transparent gel varnish with a droplet of gel of a desirable shade and we cover with this mix a nail surface.

Transparent gel varnish on nails with elements of gel of other shades makes impression something fragile and gentle. Is ideally suited for wedding manicure, and also for the girls preferring to bright and aggressive manicure quiet and easy options.