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The transparent manicure gel is delicious

Well-groomed nails – an integral part of an image of the stylish woman. In the modern world the embodiment of any color schemes and drawings is possible. But before giving the preference to bright color and bright design of nails, it is worth thinking.

Whether there will be this manicure suitable to any clothes and accessories? And here the universal option – a transparent covering comes to the rescue. It never gets out of fashion, is actual in all images: business, street, evening and even the wedding.

Transparent gel nail varnish is a practical and universal way of care of nails.

The transparent manicure gel is delicious

By means of a transparent covering it is possible to strengthen a nail plate. Too thin nails can break and be stratified.

Gel a varnish prevents similar processes by means of a thickening of a nail layer. Also the covering serves as a protective element from mechanical damages.

To dilute conservatism of a colourless varnish, it is possible to try one of design options.

The transparent manicure gel is delicious

In big variety of those, are especially allocated: 

Service jacket and transparent hole

The service jacket or the French manicure is a popular type of nail design. It easy performed by. In classical option the top part of a nail becomes covered by white color, and lower neutral shades (transparent, flowers is closer to corporal or powdery). Versions are now popular "kezhuat" with replacement white in the bright flowers, and also application of all color palette.

Popular kinds of a covering in service jacket style: 

  • Combination of white top and transparent basis to addition of patterns spangles or fastening a paste;
  • Classical option of a service jacket, with addition of drawing on a ring finger or its full filling by a color varnish;
  • Combination of a transparent basis and brilliant (gold, silver, violet) tips.

To draw equal strips from above, experience is necessary. For beginners special cliches will go. They are let out for semicircular and triangular options.

The transparent manicure gel is delicious

The transparent manicure gel is delicious

Separate subspecies of a service jacket is the manicure with a transparent hole or lunar. It is the turned option of the French manicure: at the basis of a nail leave a colourless slice, paint other nail in the chosen color. The hole in this case can be curved in any party.

The main criterion remains invariable – accurate observance of borders between transparent and color parts. It is possible to reach it also by means of cliches.

Lunar neyl-art with a transparent part the quite practical. The grown nail won't look not well-groomed, and replacement of manicure can be postponed for some days.

Actual examples: 

  • Transparent hole + monophonic top. Beautifully contrast colors look: red, yellow, orange, bright blue. Also, shades popular now stylishly look: beige, coffee, light pink, light blue, wine, claret and khaki;
  • Festive design with pastes at the edges of a hole;



This type of a neyl-art is also called by "stockings". The name completely corresponds to the visual picture: translucent tone with a drawing impregnation.

The design is applied from above on translucent tone. It is possible to achieve such effect, having mixed transparent and color gel a varnish.

If there are difficulties with drawing a pattern, it is possible to use already ready decisions:  

  • Stepming or patten stamps (are on sale in rolls);
  • Stickers (are very simple in use);
  • Gel and acrylic paints. It is simpler to draw them, than varnishes. Will be suitable for creative persons.

The transparent manicure gel is delicious

Color schemes in equipment "veil": 

  • Black color: a traditional choice for this design. As drawings circles, a grid, flower prints well look;
  • White color: well will be suitable for brides. It is worth choosing lace from drawings – looks very gently.

It is worth also trying not to make out all marigold by means of "veil", and to make only two. To paint the others one tone. Then drawing will be allocated very much.


Transparent gel a varnish with spangles

The sparkling design of nails well will fit into the atmosphere of fun, holidays, and also a winter season.

There are two options of procedure: colourless gel a varnish + spangles or colourless gel a varnish + a varnish with spangles. The first option is a little more difficult as it is necessary to think over procedure at a stage of drawing dry spangles on a nail.

Kinds of design depend on the color of spangles chosen by you. Usually it: gold, silver, red, green, violet and pink.

The transparent manicure gel is delicious

Transparent with drawings, cliches

Drawings are an area of a boundless flight of fancy: geometrical figures, ornaments, flowers or inscriptions. It is possible to derive inspiration and to draw everything that is pleasant. Production for this purpose should be chosen on a water basis. Then it will be easy to adjust density and a shade of paint by means of water addition. Also on sale there are special cliches. They allow to accelerate process of drawing drawings.

Popular option among a neyl-art – the thematic drawings connected with change of seasons, holidays or travel. For example: New Year's subject or season of holidays.

The transparent manicure gel is delicious

The transparent manicure gel is delicious

Perhaps also combination of several types of design among themselves. For example: service jacket and drawings; service jacket and spangles; lunar and pattern manicure. Experiment color schemes and design, master new technicians and simply you create

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