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The volume manicure gel is delicious

The volume manicure — is a fashionable trend of the last several seasons. The elements acting over a nail surface give to manicure a special highlight.

The volume manicure gel is delicious

To make volume it is possible various drawings – flowers, ornaments, figures of animals, abstract patterns, inscriptions.

Thus remain "hits": the knitted manicure, design under leather of a reptile, and also volume roses gel is delicious.

Varnish quite in power to execute such design on gel independently without visit of the manicurist and to add it with various elements, for example, pastes, a tape or a setochka.

The volume manicure gel is delicious Volume drawings gel is delicious

For performance of volume manicure gel the varnish will require:

  • single-phase gel a varnish or usual in combination with a top and base,
  • obezzhirivatel,
  • brush,
  • baf,
  • UF-lamp.

We will consider some options of volume design gel a varnish.

Irrespective of the fact which you will choose option, preparation of nails will be following:

  1. We remove bafy luster from a marigold, zapilivay an end face.
  2. We degrease nail plates and we apply the first layer varnish gel on one or several marigold (there where there will be a drawing), sealing an end face. In our example a varnish single-phase, that is basic and top coverings aren't necessary.
  3. We apply a varnish of other color on other marigold in three layers. To receive an opaque covering without use of a top, the grinder rubbed the top layer with the accurate movements without strong pressure.

Now it is possible to start drawing patterns.

Openwork frame

  1. By means of a dots – a special brush we put a nail ends from the same varnish that was already put so that the circle or an oval turned out. Points can be the different size, for example, through everyone two small we put larger end. We dry the turned-out circle in a lamp.
  2. We draw a monogram about free edge of a nail, and also under a circle is closer to a zone of a cuticle and again we dry under a lamp.
  3. We begin with a thin brush about gel a varnish to lead round a monogram, and also a point in a circle. We do it so that gel tried to keep step with a brush. Strongly we don't press, after all we need volume drawing. We supplement a frame with strokes at the edges of a circle. Black gel is delicious is done thin strokes — the shadows adding visual volume.
  4. In the center other varnish we draw the oval imitating a stone, we put also ends in the center of monograms. It is possible to add spangles to trace streaks. We don't forget all layers to dry carefully under a lamp.
The volume manicure gel is delicious Volume openwork frame, modelled flowers, monogram


  1. We grind primary color, then a brush of average length we apply gel with the line from a nail tip to a cuticle. At first we press a brush, and then it is gradually weakened that the line became thinner. We do some more such lines on all width of a nail. The pattern imitating the invoice of a cockleshell turns out. We dry in a lamp.
  2. We add volume – for this purpose we put one more layer varnish gel over the turned-out lines, thus the top lines have to be slightly thinner, than previous. We dry in a lamp. It is possible to add a pattern golden gel is delicious – we put down them points in the area of lunar manicure.

The volume manicure gel is delicious


  1. We apply gel with a varnish of a contrast color easy strokes so that something turned out similar to flower petals. Nearby we draw two leaflets. We put lines in two layers, drying everyone under a lamp.
  2. We block a thin layer of the same varnish gel the drawn contour. We do it it is very thin and it is accurate so that the varnish "polosit" a little — it will help to create additional volume. We dry a flower under a lamp.
  3. Accurately we grind luster a corner of a baf (not to erase drawing) is it is necessary to receive an opaque covering.
  4. We supplement manicure with golden points in the center of a flower and at the edges. Drawing looks so as if paint and acrylic powder was used gel.

The volume manicure gel is delicious

Crystal rose

  1. We grind luster and we put a pattern in the form of a rose (drawing dark well looks gel is delicious with spangles on dark color).
  2. We add volume, having put the second layer of lines by means of the same varnish gel – we lead round them flower contours. We dry in a lamp.


Secrets of volume design gel is delicious

  • For creation of volume drawings it is possible to use gel-plasticine. It is let out by Lady Victory, Vogue Nails, Arnelle. "liquid stones" are also convenient in work.
  • There is a lot of ideas for creation of design. For wedding manicure as it is impossible by the way volume flowers, will be suitable for the summer period – vegetable ornaments, cockleshells, and for winter – knitted patterns.
  • Velvet sand will help to emphasize drawing volume – it strew over a ready pattern.
  • If you for the first time try volume manicure, begin with simple drawings.
  • You remember sense of proportion – a bright pattern will be enough on one, at most on two nails.
  • Relief drawings are more noticeable on pastel varnishes.
  • It is better to dry each stroke or a strip separately. So the pattern will turn out more volume.
  • If you want to receive not a glossy, but opaque covering, it is possible not only to grind a nail bafy, but also to put an opaque fixer. It quicker and more simply.
  • Beads, pastes and foil will become fine addition to volume manicure for a special case.
  • Light and neutral coloring gel of varnishes, for example, beige, light pink, white, coffee best of all will be suitable for creation of volume manicure for every day.


It is a little training, and you learn to do unusual and bright, volume design by gel for every day and for solemn occasions.

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