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We will prompt: Ideas of manicure on short nails

We will prompt: Ideas of manicure on short nails

Beautiful and well-groomed hands are always a sign of the real woman. The pure and accurate manicure testifies to that their owner watches the appearance and looks after itself. For creation of beautiful and fashionable manicure it isn't obligatory to have long nails. Stylish nails can be issued and on short length. Today the manicure on short nails is considered a fashionable tendency of nail service.

Main tendencies of such manicure:

  • Naturalness.
  • Naturalness.
  • Almond-shaped or oval form.

Features and advantages of manicure on short nails

Many women give preferences to accurate short nails. Elementary knowledge of some general rules allows to pick up the most successful and harmonious manicure on nails of short length.

Advantages of short nails:

  • The fashionable.
  • The practical.
  • Convenient in leaving.
  • The elegant.

It is necessary to remember that the manicure on short nails looks is womanly and is sexual only on condition of a permanent care of them. For this purpose it is possible to visit beauty shops, and it is possible, having armed with the necessary tool, to spend manipulations at home. The main thing governed is a lack of dirt, cuticles and ideally picked up form of a nail plate.

Basic rules of short manicure:

  1. Length and shape of all nails the identical.
  2. Total absence of cuticles and the become lifeless skin round a nail.
  3. Ideal length of a nail is 1-2 mm higher than a finger lobe.
  4. Use of volume and large drawings, decorative elements isn't recommended.
  5. For the most harmonious design it is necessary to choose no more than 3 shades.
  6. Correctly picked up design taking into account an anatomic structure of a brush, fingers and a nail plate.
  7. Taboo on a molding from acryle, piercing and volume design.

Having decided on features and advantages of short manicure it is possible to go with courage to beauty shop and to carry out the conceived creation on the hands.

Shape of nails – the basic rule of ideal manicure

At competent selection of a form nails look esthetically and harmoniously. It should be chosen depending on anthropometrical data of a brush of the person and all its components.

We will prompt: Ideas of manicure on short nails

For a trapezoid shape of a nail it will be ideal to look a rectangular or square look, oval nails will be is ideally suited by any fringing of the top free tip. The square and rectangular shape of a nail plate successfully is in harmony with the rectangular, slightly rounded form.

But at a choice of a shape of a nail you shouldn't rely only on criteria of a nail plate, the shape of fingers too plays an important role.

In the presence of small and the opukhlykh of fingers it is worth making out a nail in the form of the extended oval. Long fingers, distinguished brushes with a nail plate, small by the sizes, harmoniously look with short nails of a square form. In the presence of slender and long fingers, the nail plate which is a little pointed will be ideally suited.

We will prompt: Ideas of manicure on short nails

It is worth remembering that incorrectly picked up shape of nails can instantly spoil the most stylish and fashionable manicure.


  1. Systematic care of nails: the strengthening trays, the use of vitamin complexes, nutritious masks with use of essential oils (an eucalyptus, grapefruit, a ylang-ylang).
  2. Professional and high-quality tool. For giving of a form and an obpil of nails, use only nail files with a sand dusting. Such manipulations should be carried out only on dry nails.
  3. Regular removal of cuticles with use of sticks from an orange tree and special preparations, for example, such as a remuver.
  4. Before creation of design of nails, it is necessary to degrease a surface of a nail plate.
  5. Before putting a decorative covering it is worth using a colourless basis, for preparation of an ideal surface.
  6. The final stage is putting cream on hands. After all the ideal manicure without well-groomed skin of hands is impossible.

Meeting all these conditions on care of skin of hands and nails, to become the owner of ideal manicure won't make special work.

Ways of registration

A variety of various structures of coverings and their technician of drawing defines ways of creation of manicure. The following designs will help to create a beauty standard from a short marigold.

The French manicure – timeless, elegant classics. Initially it was created for design of short nails. Its universality is that it approaches at any form of a nail plate.

A variety of design of the French manicure allows to distinguish main types of such dressing of nails.

Fashionable variations of the French manicure:

  • Color smile.
  • Service jacket with a double smile.
  • Angular service jacket.
  • Brilliant service jacket millennium.
  • Fan service jacket.
  • The non-standard.
  • Service jacket with drawing.

Lunar manicure – simplicity, a practicality and elegance. Today such design of nails has two appearance:

  • Classical is when the semicircle is drawn in such a way that as though creates a specular reflection of the line of cuticles.
  • The return – full painting of a nail along the basis of a nail plate.

In more detail: Lunar manicure

Or here: Lunar manicure of the house

And also: Lunar manicure of a photo

For such design use of bright contrast colors or shades which are combined among themselves is admissible. Originally and in too time the combination of an opaque and metal varnish harmoniously looks.

In case of need for additional ornament use a foil, pastes, a glitter, gloss and other types of a decor. But classical option of such manicure this retro registration in the form of red bright color on the basis of a nail plate and not painted over hole.

The monophonic covering – is one of the most widespread and demanded options of manicure. Effectively nails, a covering a poppy varnish look. For dilution of one-color design it is possible to place on a ring finger emphasis in the form of a glitter, lists, or drawing any other bright varnish.

Use of vertical composition at their design will be excellent option, in the presence of a small nail plate. It can be strips from an aluminum tape, the extended drawing along all nail.

Possibly to diversify monophonic manicure when using various the technician and types of a decor.

  • Stemping – creations of patterns and prints by means of the special machine.
  • Glitter – a kind of the spangles which are applied on a monophonic covering of nails.
  • Laces – creation of lacy applications on nails.
  • Stamps cliches will help to display ideal drawings on a nail plate.
  • Combination of glossy and opaque varnishes of one color.
  • The magnetic manicure — is created when using a special varnish.
  • Coloring of nails in different, but from one color scale monophonic colors.
  • The caviar design – is created by means of special beads.
  • Flock powder, its use creates velvet design of nails.

The design of nails with a list will emphasize identity and eccentricity of the identity of the girl. Depending on a type of drawing the manicure is classified on:

  • The flower.
  • The geometrical.
  • Sea subject.
  • The leopard.
  • The fruit.
  • The east.
  • Animal print.
  • Barbie manicure.
  • Smilies.
  • Chinese list.
  • 3D design.
  • The marble.
  • DOTS-manicure.

Big abundance of the drawings used for design of short nails testifies to that, as on such length it is possible to create unique and original manicure. The main thing that such manicure would correspond to clothes style and a way of life of the girl.

The manicure of "Ombre" – is considered one of the most trend designs. It is characterized by that when dressing a nail plate the varnish gradually changes saturation level. Also use of several shades of varnishes on one nail plate is allowed or each nail is painted in the new color. Effectively transition from dark in light throughout all fingers from a little finger to the big looks.

As additional design use spangles, pastes and even a list. Such bright design will suit very courageous and creative girls. Especially harmoniously it looks in a warm season.

The printing manicure strikes with the universality. It is ideally suited under any sizes and shapes of nails. It becomes by means of a photoprinter and the modern Uni-Nail technology. Drawings get out in advance and, observing technology of listing, it is transferred to nails.

Cheaper and primitive option of performance of printing manicure it is possible to make houses independently. For this purpose it is necessary to impose on not dried up varnish cutting about newspapers or any other printing image which is in advance killed in medical alcohol. To press down and hold so for 1 minute. After the image was printed on a surface of a nail it is necessary to fix it finishing means for nails and to allow to dry. The manicure is ready.

There is a set of ideas for manicure on short nails. But on what design will stop to solve only to you. If the manicure is done by the master, and you aren't sure of own professionalism and correctness of a choice of design, it is worth listening to its recommendations.

At a design choice for manicure the main thing that a form, color and drawing looked beautifully, accurately and harmoniously and then the ukhozhennost of hands is provided to you.


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