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What to do if the nail on a foot or a hand blackened: reasons and treatment

The black nail on a foot not always testifies to a disease. Prerequisites of this phenomenon a little, having attentively examined the reasons and having in due time taken measures, it is possible to prevent its further destruction.

Why nails standing blacken: reasons

At change of appearance of a nail plate on a foot it is necessary to find out the reason. Darkening of a plate on a hand can be caused by the same factors.

The reasons causing blackening share on 2 big categories:

  • Consequences of influence of external factors;
  • The diseases influencing change of color.

External factors

What to do if the nail on a foot or a hand blackened: reasons and treatment

The blackened nail on a photo. A hematoma after a bruise.

The most popular reason of darkening – traumatized. After a trauma color because of the burst vessel which causes emergence of bruise under a plate changes. Sometimes rather absolutely insignificant trauma that the nail on a foot blackened. If any physical impact it wasn't rendered, perhaps, too close and inconvenient footwear became the reason of blackness of a nail plate.

Signs of coloring of a nail in black color because of a trauma the following:

  • When pressing there are painful feelings. Pain can be published when walking and even in the quiet provision, depending on the area and force of a bruise;
  • The spot is located in one place and doesn't grow. Darkening borders accurate though on an initial stage they can be slightly smeared. Possibly, over time the spot will gradually decrease;
  • If was zazhaty – except blackening, change of a form is possible. Usually the plate becomes ridge or the zazhatiya has a hollow in a place (in the same place, where also a black spot).

If the reason of change of color of a nail – a trauma, thus strong discomfort and pain doesn't arise, it doesn't constitute any danger to the person.

Over time color will return to normal though in certain cases it is necessary to wait before full replacement of a nail plate.

Use of a varnish can sometimes become the reason of darkening of a nail plate. Some cosmetics are insufficiently qualitative therefore deeply get into structure of nails, why they darken. Not always blackness can be removed by means of liquid for removal of a varnish, it is necessary only to wait until the plate grows. For the same reason quite often nails darken and on hands.

Blackening of a nail as symptom of a disease

Fungal diseases of nails are standing very widespread. Except darkening, there are some symptoms of a fungal disease:

  • The plate becomes dim, crumbles and thickened;
  • Itch between fingers and round a nail;
  • Reddening of area near a plate.

If there are all these symptoms – blackening of a nail on a foot is caused by a fungal infection. For prevention of distribution of an infection it is necessary to visit the doctor and to make necessary tests, for purpose of timely treatment.

What to do if the nail on a foot or a hand blackened: reasons and treatment

One more reason which causes coloring of a nail in black color – a benign tumor. This serious disease which brings considerable pain. At discomfort, pain and dark color of a nail, it is necessary to visit as soon as possible the doctor to prevent serious consequences. Damage of a liver in certain cases can also become independent the reason of blackening of a nail or hands.

One more reason on video:

Why nails on thumbs of feet blacken

The reasons of blackening of a nail plate on a foot thumb not strongly differ from the general, however the black nail on a thumb can appear and because of other factors:

  • The hypostasis of feet which is followed by change of color of a nail on a thumb testifies to serious problems of cardiovascular system. In this case self-treatment is impossible and can be hazardous to health of the person;
  • The abscess under a nail plate of a thumb which appeared because of a microtrauma during a pedicure looks as a black spot. If he starts being ill, it is necessary to take urgently measures for cleaning out of pus and processing of this area;
  • At reception of some medicines possibly emergence of black spots on a thumb nail. In this case it is possible to get rid of unpleasant consequences only in one way – to reconsider treatment methods;
  • At the regular use in food of low-quality products nails of thumbs of feet can react change of color up to the black. The correct diet will help to get rid of blackness on nails.

A little more on the possible reasons:

What to do if the nail on a foot or a hand blackened: reasons and treatment

What to do how to treat

At emergence of the most insignificant darkening of a nail plate standing, first of all it is necessary to find out the reason.

If all signs and symptoms specify that the nail blackened because of a small trauma, severe pain is absent and no discomfort arises – need immediately to visit the doctor is absent. For own tranquillity and confidence in a state health nevertheless is recommended to visit whenever possible the surgeon for an exception of a fracture of finger, cracks and tumors. It is also possible to address to the nearest fracture clinic.

If the accompanying symptoms indicate a fungal infection or other serious diseases, it is necessary to address to the dermatologist or the therapist as soon as possible. Consultation of the oncologist can sometimes be necessary. The doctor will appoint inspection and will pick up necessary treatment which will help to avoid serious consequences. In some cases, at severe pains and temperature increase, untimely identification of the reason can threaten life.

If standing there were dark nails – treatment directly depends on the reason of this phenomenon.

We get rid of trauma consequences

At confidence that nails standing darken because of a trauma, a natertost, in specific treatment there is no need. In process of growth the injured plate will be replaced healthy or blackness will gradually decrease, brighten, won't disappear yet.

The exception arises if the struck area hurts, there is a notable discomfort when walking or there was an inflammation round a nail.

In case of these symptoms regular processing of the injured area antiseptics, rassasyvayushchy preparations is necessary, and in certain cases not to do without antibiotic. Treatment completely depends on weight of a trauma and is appointed the doctor.

Treatment of a fungus

At the darkening caused by existence of a fungus, options of treatment can be a little. Among people who postpone visit of the doctor as a last resort, national methods of treatment are popular. Some recipes are very effective, especially at an early stage:

  1. In 190 grams of acetic essence to place crude egg. When egg is dissolved – to merge the turned-out weight in capacity and to grease with it problem sites 2 times a day. Duration of application depends on that, the disease is how started.
  2. The fastest, but not the safest method – to steam out feet, to cut nails and to remove with a nail file superfluous, as far as possible. To take liquid iodine and to drip on the struck area, it won't cease to be absorbed yet. When it becomes impossible to suffer burning, it is necessary to lower feet in a basin with water. Sometimes for disposal of a fungus one procedure is enough.
  3. Strong coffee can help to get rid of a fungus, and also to improve a condition of skin of feet. It is necessary to pour coffee in small capacity and to place there feet. Not to shake up liquid feet. Daily procedures will help to get rid in short terms of a problem.

If national methods don't cause trust, in a drugstore it is possible to get modern preparations of the pharmaceutical companies. Their variety allows to choose means for every taste and depending on financial opportunities. Treatment needs to be carried out under control of the doctor, in a complex outside and from within, for the greatest efficiency. Preparations are issued in several dosage forms:

  • The varnish against a fungus will help at initial stages of a disease. Names of such varnishes – Lotseril, Oflomil, Batrafen and others.
  • Serum Mikozan. The set included some nail files for removal of the died-off part.
  • Nogtevit and Nogtimitsin allow to remove easily and without serious consequences part struck with a fungus.
  • Tablets are necessary for treatment of the started damage of nails a fungus. Flukanazol, Ketokonazol, Terbinafin – to choose a suitable preparation hardly it will turn out without the assistance of the doctor.
  • Cream, sprays, solutions and ointments – the most popular option at self-treatment. Such preparations as Ekzoderil, Nizoral, Nitrofungin and others concern to them. They differ in the active ingredient which is a part.

Treatment blackening of a nail of a thumb of a foot

If the thumb differs in color of a nail because of a trauma or defeat by a fungus, treatment same, as well as for the others. In cases when blackening is caused by violation of blood circulation and problems with cardiovascular system – blackness will disappear only after the correct treatment of the reason of its emergence. External influence in this case won't bring any results.

Nails on thumbs of feet quite often change color because of violation in work of internals, especially it concerns failures in work of a digestive tract. In this case it is also necessary to treat the reason, and the consequence (a black nail of a thumb) will disappear in itself.

It is important to remember that self-treatment is possible only in case of full confidence of absence serious a disease, caused a problem. If there are slightest doubts in the reason of emergence of this trouble – it is necessary to find time for visit of the doctor for prevention of unpleasant consequences.