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What to do with short nails in the summer?

What to do with short nails in the summer?

Summer – a favourite time of the year of many people. At this time the nature and all start waking up around and will be filled with bright paints and moments of perfectly spent time. Designers and stylists too don't doze. In such season at creation of the masterpieces they I give preferences to bright and saturated flowers, cheerful, original prints and designs.

Fashion trends also don't avoid also nail service. On a fashion displays it was possible to notice rather reserved and pertinent manicure in everyday life, but with original ideas of registration. It is caused by that in a trend there is a naturalness and naturalness.

Main fashionable tendencies of summer manicure:

  • Reserved color scale.
  • Short and average length of a nail plate.
  • Oval or almond-shaped shape of a nail.

Rules of summer manicure

The manicure created in perfection is always a final stroke of any summer image. And in order that nothing could spoil impression of your manicure in a warm season it is worth following the basic rules at its creation.

Main requirements to summer registration of nails:

  1. The form of a nail plate is allowed any, but it is considered the most suitable oval.
  2. What forms not you had their nails is long, has to be identical on all fingers.
  3. It isn't recommended to increase nails.
  4. Well-groomed and accurate type of nails and hands in general.
  5. Color scale of shades any. From juicy bright to quiet pastel tones.
  6. In a trend of this season manicure in equipment of negative space, caviar and geometrical abstraction.

Following the basic rules of summer manicure it is possible to create with ease ideal manicure not only in beauty shops, but also in house conditions. The main thing, this aspiration and diligence to make on nails a work of art, and is simple to support then hands and nails in an accurate and well-groomed state.

What to do with short nails in the summer?

Design of fashionable daily summer manicure on short nails

A variety of options of a decor of nails will allow each girl to pick up for itself the most suitable option. The interlacing of monophonic options of a covering in bed and quiet tones is ideally combined with bright and abstraktsionny designs of summer manicure. But about everything on an order and it is detailed.

The French manicure – the timeless classics created especially for short nails. The ideal option for girls who owing to a place of work can't, will dare to make bright summer manicure. It is possible to give a little summer mood using pastes for a decor or to make not really bright list of one-two nails.

What to do with short nails in the summer?

Neyl-art with a monotonous covering – in the favourite of a summer season there are white and beige coverings. Besides monophonic option of a covering of all nails use of such flowers as bases, and in the form of a combination with other shades, from gentle bed to bright summer is allowed.

Design of nails on a transparent background – the last peep of nail fashion. Design "Veil" refined and sexual. Despite the seeming complexity of drawing it is very simple to make it. Such design is used for dressing of several fingers on a palm. Most advantageously drawing on big, anonymous and average fingers of hands looks. Variations of images of the created on nail plates a set from peas, a setochka and intricate drawings to the night city.

Gradient manicure – such equipment of design quite difficult, but effect tremendous. The classical option of such manicure is a smooth transition from black to white. The summer design, besides use of such flowers, allows application of bright saturated shades for a covering of a nail plate. Such summer manicure on short nails looks ultramodno, stylishly and effectively.

We watch gradient manicure — here, wedding gradient manicure

Metal varnish – a fashionable tendency of a season spring-summer. Will ideally emphasize the general image of the girl and her aspiration to keep up to date. For such design all shades of metal are used: from light-golden and silver to saturated bronze and the titan. One of the main advantages of such manicure is its ability to extend a shape of nails and universality at selection of clothes and creation of the general style.

Bright imaginations of manicure on short nails

The summer is time bright and positive impressions. Images of girls are filled with elements of clothes of juicy saturated flowers and nails to that not an exception. Ideas for registration of summer manicure in bright and cheerful designs a set.

Combination from various drawings on each finger – the most trend option of summer manicure. Only in order that such design looked harmoniously and not chaotically it is necessary to use at its creation of at most 3 - 4 colors.

What to do with short nails in the summer?

The fantasy neyl-art comprises inconceivable abstraktsionny drawings. For its creation it is possible to use bright and contrast colors. The design of nails in peas, is considered one of the most popular and fashionable prints of summer manicure. Such manicure won't leave you imperceptible and will give to your image of originality and creativity.

In style hair dryer Shui. It is considered that correctly made manicure attracts positive energy. Its technique consists in certain use of shades of varnishes individually for each finger, dependence on its appointments by a technique the hair dryer Shui. The most popular option of such manicure, this allocation of two nails in the separate color, characteristic it is concrete for that finger which will be painted. The ideal decision for summer manicure plus to everything with positive impact on an organism.

Beach design – harmoniously look on short nails. Ideally prints of beach and sea subject look. Also use of other various elements of a decor of summer motives is peculiar to such type of a neyl-art: flower patterns, fruit and abstraction. Such design should be selected depending on a form and the size of nails, skin color and clothes style. In the general ensemble with a swimwear and beach accessories such manicure will successfully finish an image of any girl.

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Summer manicure in house conditions

Unfortunately not each girl is able to afford to visit beauty shops for the purpose of a manicuring and nails. But it not an occasion not to do manicure. After all its existence is in the best way displayed on appearance of any girl and influences perception her surrounding people.

So, having armed with the necessary tool and knowledge of features of summer manicure it is possible to start its creation safely. And not difficult in creation the following types of design are considered the most demanded.

The design of "caviar" is very simple in creation. For this purpose it is necessary to get special beads which are applied on all nail surface of ring fingers. Other nails are painted by a monophonic varnish.

What to do with short nails in the summer?

Negative space — is fashionable and available. For such design it is necessary to paint nails in some flowers, but so that there was a specular reflection of drawing in a transparent look. For each nail it is possible to choose separate drawing.

What to do with short nails in the summer?

To create color French manicure as easy as shelling pears. Having painted tips of nails with multi-colored paints, the feeling of summer mood is provided. Coloring in one color is allowed, and it is possible to cover each nail with bright and contrast colors.

The water color manicure – originality and universality of such equipment will allow to create with little effort, are unique also bright design on nails. The glass of water to steam of drops of multi-colored varnishes and 10 minutes of time is everything that is necessary for creation of such manicure.

The correct manicuring and nails in the summer – a basis of effective manicure

In the summer nails are subjected to big tests for durability. Influence of salty water, intensive sunshine, sand and dust promotes that the nail plate loses the durability, and skin of hands becomes dry and ugly.

The separate and global problem of a summer season is considered maintenance of beautiful manicure. It is possible to cope with it, following the basic rules of care of skin of hands and nails.

  1. The manicure is recommended to be done twice a week.
  2. Excellent option for the summer gel varnishes is considered a covering of a nail plate.
  3. It is weekly necessary to do a nutritious tray. After carrying out water procedures by means of a srub to remove the become horny skin.
  4. To use nutritious cream and a mask for hands of high quality.
  5. Twice a week to apply oil to care of nails and a cuticle.
  6. To apply on nails a special sheeting from UV rays.

Systematic and correct leaving will allow to contain hands and nails in an appropriate look. After all on hands judge not only, whether the woman watches herself, but also define her age.

By means of summer manicure it is possible to display easily a personal image of fashionable tendencies in design of nails, and also to lighten itself mood. But it is worth remembering that at it there has to be a sense of proportion. Is inadmissible to create too pompous and volume design on short nails. Fans of classics and minimalism can decorate manicure with the pastes or amusing sliders doing an image stylish and individual.

Bright summer design of nails will help to finish the general image of the girl. And additional elements of a decor will help to create mad ideas of design of nails in summer manicure.


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