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Why nails on hands exfoliate and than to treat?

Why nails on hands exfoliate and than to treat?

Smooth, equal and beautiful nails are a sign of an ukhozhennost, and also good health. Optional the manicure has to be bright and fashionable, the main thing that nail plates were pure and accurate. And when they exfoliate, look, it isn't really good. To get rid of such trouble, it is necessary to understand its sources and ways of the decision.

Why nails on hands exfoliate?

Perhaps, everyone came up against an unpleasant situation when nails on hands exfoliate – the reasons proceed from the general state of health. For a start the problem should be looked for in exchange processes. The organism receives less necessary useful substances. Water and chemical detergents, their frequent use also has negative impact. Besides, if nails on hands exfoliate, the reasons and treatment can affect internals.

Why nails on hands break and exfoliate?

The nail plate is a set of the thin horn layers fastened among themselves with a keratin. Gloss and elasticity are given by water. As a part of plates also calcium, zinc, sulfur, chrome. Dehydration of nails and a lack of microcells is a consequence of formation of small gaps and cracks. As a result nails exfoliate and break – the reasons and treatment different, and result one: hands take absolutely modest form.

In a pursuit of symmetry, many exclude fats from the diet or reduce them to the minimum quantity. It is absolutely wrong from the point of view of health. After all fats promote elasticity. If the organism receives less them, stratifying and fragility of nail plates are inevitable. For the sake of healthy and beautiful nails provide the organism with necessary amount of fats. It is only about bringing benefit to an organism.

Why nails on hands exfoliate and than to treat?

Why nails in corners on hands exfoliate?

Problem the extremely unpleasant, but remediable. To start treatment, it is necessary to understand why nails on hands exfoliate, the reasons are ambiguous and various:

  1. Leads a lack of microcells and vitamins to unpleasant consequences. The healthy look is lost by hair, skin and nails.
  2. As it was mentioned above, continuous contact with chemical compositions and water subjects to negative impact a nail plate, softens it then it starts exfoliating. Easy to eliminate this reason. It is rather simple to use rubber gloves.
  3. Make negative impact on nails and low-quality varnishes, the wrong trimming, use of metal files. Tools for manicure happen and from other materials. It is better to entrust this business to the professional. Under a color covering it is necessary to use a special basis.
  4. The following reason is connected with traumatizing a nail. It can occur during professional activity, as for musicians or people of working professions. Here usual knocking on the keyboard belongs. It is better to choose it with low keys. Mechanical deformation happens and if to gnaw nails, cross them, to use as a screw-driver or an opener.
  5. The unstable psychological state is capable to spoil a condition of nails. A stress – one of the main enemies of our appearance.
  6. Sloyeniye of nails arises against various diseases: skin (eczema, red deprive, psoriasis, a fungus), a liver, a gastrointestinal tract, etc.
  7. During the periods of hormonal reorganizations the problem is also inevitable. Its emergence and in pregnant women when the substances received by an organism share for two is possible.

Nails – treatment exfoliate

Why nails on hands exfoliate and than to treat?

If nails on hands exfoliate, treatment should be begun with inspection. For a start exclude problems with health. Here the doctor and a complex of necessary analyses will help. Having convinced that internals work regularly, skin diseases aren't present, and a psychological state in norm, start the following stage: reconsider the diet. It has to be balanced. The doctor can also advise a vitamin and mineral complex.

Than to treat the exfoliating nails?

Before treating nails on hands if exfoliate, it is worth addressing to the professional manicurist. There are modern ways of treatment. Experts of nail service can offer you modern procedure - "closing". Thus means, as a part of which vitamin and mineral complexes are used. They humidify a nail plate, interfere with its drying and stratification. Effect duration – about 3 months.

One more option is a gel strengthening. By means of gel nails can also be increased. The biogel with proteins promoting strengthening of a nail plate is for this purpose used. In salons will offer you also other cosmetic procedures: a parafinoterapiya, the strengthening masks, trays and massages. All this has the excellent strengthening effect.

Treatment of the exfoliating nails in house conditions

If necessary it is possible to do and without saloon procedures. When nails on hands exfoliate, treatment in house conditions is quite possible. The wide range of means for leaving from expensive to available to everyone is presented in shops. Here also make-shifts will help. For example, the cottage cheese swept-away, banana masks, from olive oil with carrots and lemon juice, clay have the good strengthening effect. For medical leaving it is necessary to get:

Why nails on hands exfoliate and than to treat?

Trays for the exfoliating nails in house conditions

Also medical trays are good for strengthening. For a positive effect here the main thing – systematicity. It is necessary to have patience and to allocate for this purpose time. Procedures should be carried out regularly, not to start this process. There is a set of the ancient recipes helping to cope with a difficult problem. When nails exfoliate and break, you shouldn't postpone treatment. The majority of means necessary for this purpose will be in each house:

  1. One of the most known trays: to take a little hands in water with sea salt. To repeat procedure every other day.
  2. Vegetable oil + + vitamin A – such tray needs to be used apple cider vinegar daily for 15 minutes.
  3. It is possible to mix warm beer with apple juice. To lower hands for 10-20 minutes.
  4. Vegetable oil and couple of drops of iodine for 15 minutes a day will be made by nails strong, smooth and brilliant.
  5. Also berry juice – cranberry or currant has excellent impact on a nail plate.
  6. The effect and from usual table salt is good. In a complex with iodine, lemon juice and water it will perfectly strengthen your nails.