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Why nails on hands the wavy? (Treatment)

Why nails on hands the wavy? (Treatment)

Roughnesses on nail plates spoil all appearance even the most expensive and refined manicure. Such "crests" when the varnish is chosen bright or nacreous are especially noticeable. In a word, at the most special moments of our life to look in which it is necessary simply faultlessly, the mood at once spoils at one view of curves and the wavy made-up nails. Sometimes waves settle down on all plate, sometimes – in its part, happen cross and longitudinal. The essence from it doesn't change: ugly nogteynuzhno urgently to get rid of a problem and a complex! 


Quite often very first defeats of a plate are most noticeable on nails of thumbs. There is it because they are subject to the most frequent casual injuries. Especially, these nails it is slightly more than others by the size therefore any defect on them is much more noticeable at once.  


Many prefer not to pay simply attention to this small defect, and in vain! It is important to remember that if roughnesses appeared on one finger, means later some time they by all means will appear and on the others. Look narrowly more attentively at the nails right now! Waves sideways therefore simply turn a nail "in a profile" are most noticeable and look at a plate contour. 


Waves can be a little, located at various distance from each other, and maybe in general one cross depression in the ground which contrary to general opinion doesn't move in process of growth of a nail, and remains on the same place, continuing to spoil a general view of nails.

Why nails become wavy?


Actually, the majority of us considers that roughness of nail plates – a problem exclusively cosmetic therefore it is possible to live quietly further, without paying to it attention. Really, sometimes our organism so reacts to the wrong and rough removal of a cuticle, carelessness in house or even saloon care of nails, but change of a shape of nails is much more often is nevertheless a consequence of any violations with health. 


Naturally, the most important factor of formation of waves on nails – infection with fungal infections (mycoses). If your manicurist or at you had suspicions that nails are perhaps affected with any type of a fungus, urgently address to the dermatologist or the mycologist for receiving consultation and if it is required, purposes of medical preparations. 


All know only obvious confirmation of existence of a fungus – yellowness of nails. However even having noticed such obvious symptoms it is impossible to claim unambiguously that the diagnosis such. Today experts total some tens different types of a fungus of nails, their range is so wide, what it is possible to diagnose correctly them only on the basis of laboratory researches. Complexity exists also in purpose of medicine, after all the bacteria living in a concrete organism can be giperchuvstvitelna to one type of drugs, and thus are absolutely unreceptive to another. For this reason in order to avoid all these difficulties the special attention needs to be paid to prevention of a fungus, following simple rules of personal hygiene. It will save from infection not only you, but also close people. 


The second not less serious cause of infringement of an equal surface of a plate – infection with other species of pathogenic microbes. They absolutely also deform nails, doing them curve and ugly. So there is a lot of them, as well as types of a fungus therefore at the first change we advise you to address to the professional doctor, but not to self-medicate and especially not to neglect it. 


Why nails on hands the wavy? (Treatment)

Nails and general health of an organism. What communication?


It is for certain known that the risk of infection with fungal and other unpleasant infections in public places, such as is maximum: bath, sauna, beach, sunbed, pool, etc. But there is very interesting question: "Why to pick up a fungus, to someone time in a fitness studio or on manicure is enough to descend all, and someone constantly walks about barefoot on a pool locker room, without reflecting even on possibility of infection at all?!". 


The answer to this question the simplest – high immunity! The people leading a healthy lifestyle can brag of such characteristic. Sports trainings, healthy nutrition, useful rest and a healthy sleep – here the major factors which are favorably influencing human immunity. The organism of such people is very steady against hit in it of viruses and bacteria, respectively, your wavy nails, unfortunately, indicate the opposite. 


Only human organs healthy separately can protect an organism in general from aggressive influence of environment: the more harmonious them work, the is stronger our immunity. 


The huge value (especially for female beauty) also has the mode and structure of food, walks in the fresh air, a dream, active recreation, the word all that well influences a metabolism. 


Why nails on hands the wavy? (Treatment)Why nails on hands the wavy? (Treatment)

What to do if nails suddenly became wavy?


In order that nails grew equal, healthy and brilliant, both thus quickly and evenly, first of all be engaged in food. Put the maximum emphasis on the food rich with the vital vitamins and minerals. 


Many claim that to eat is balanced – quite expensive and difficult pleasure. But actually it not so therefore excuses aren't accepted any more! All essence of healthy food is reduced to one: our organism easily acquires products to which all human race got used for centuries. Of course, it is vegetables (beet, cabbage, potatoes, carrots), fruit (apples, pears, oranges, strawberry), nuts, greens, etc. Everything that well is also very useful!


These products contain substances, necessary for a healthy organism, among which and that favorably influence growth and quality of a marigold. 


For strengthening: vitamins A, With, E.


For rapid growth: all vitamins of group B, iodine.


For the hardness of plates: calcium.


For elasticity: silicon.


For protection of a cuticle and a marigold against various inflammatory diseases: sulfur.


Select vitamin complexes taking into account these recommendations and features of the nails, but you remember that if you are disturbed often by problems with health, such as: constant catarrhal diseases, unmotivated fatigue, weakness, apathy and bad mood, first of all it is necessary to address to the skilled doctor and to make the general blood test. It will help to reveal those sites in an organism which demand special attention and treatment. 

How to get rid of waves on nails in house conditions?


As we already wrote earlier, this problem can be connected not only with violations of work of an organism, sometimes cross depressions in the ground on plates of nails appear because of our own mistakes. Simply we incorrectly look after the marigold of the house. 


But you shouldn't be upset, there is an occasion on the contrary with relief to exhale and, considering all the mistakes, to change approach in home care. Unlike the solution of problems with health this option is less terrible, demands less than monetary and time expenditure and in general to eliminate the cosmetic errors much more simply. The only characteristic which influences elimination of similar defects is a usual growth rate of your natural nails. After all any plate with defect needs certain time for restoration.  


Why nails on hands the wavy? (Treatment)

The most widespread mistakes injuring nails


Deformation of nails. It can occur, for example, in case you simply incorrectly use a usual ball pen: too strongly you press it to nails during the letter, you press it on root or any other part of a plate. People who spend behind the keyboard much time quite often face the same problem, but print on it not all fingers, but only two or three. On them there is bigger pressure therefore weak nails can not sustain it. 


Rough and inaccurate removal of a cuticle. Waves on nails are very often formed in view of especially rough removal of a cuticle at the basis. Metal tools very much it is easy to damage gentle structure of a marigold, and various small cuts, cracks and wounds do skin even more susceptible to penetration there of bacteria which, in turn, aggravate roughness of plates even more. 


Besides barbarous trimming an agnail and cuticles, it is also necessary forever to forbid to bite off and tear off skin round nails. Especially accurately it is necessary to delete all this with that who already suffers from a problem of wavy nail plates. 


For this reason in house conditions experts advise nevertheless to do not cut manicure. For this purpose you need only special means for a cuticle softening, to get which without effort it is possible in any cosmetic shop or in a drugstore, and a manikyurny stick from an orange tree (usually they are on sale a set on some pieces). Before softening a cuticle and accurately to move it a stick, it is good to take nails in a warm tray with sea salt, and then to massage a little fingers. 


Why nails on hands the wavy? (Treatment)

What will help to reach quicker than good result in treatment and temporarily to hide defects?


  • Favorably all types of not cut manicure influence improvement of nails: European, Japanese, SPA manicure.
  • Performing housework, use cotton or household rubber gloves. Remember that it is always simpler to prevent any problem, than then strenuously to fight against it!
  • Regularly do massage of nails by a soft toothbrush (or special manikyurny).
  • Trays with addition of sea salt enrich skin and nails with necessary minerals, and with vegetable and essential oils humidify and strengthen, it is also good to use natural oils at massage. 
  • Good habit – use of medical and simply basic coverings for nails before drawing color decorative varnishes. It will protect them from harmful pigments and will in addition strengthen. 
  • If your nails already rough, choose decorative varnishes without spangles and sand once again not to damage their structure. Ideal option – uniform, glossy coverings of soft colors without nacre. In this case defects are least noticeable to people around. 

The major recommendations about leaving


The majority of us is considered surely that strong and healthy nails – a gift of the nature or result of successful heredity. It so, but, believe, among us there are many girls ready to argue with this statement. All the matter is that having put a lot of effort it is actually possible to make beautiful, equal and fast-growing even nails bad by nature! Important constantly to watch them and correctly to look after. 


Only to file and cut them there is absolutely not enough. Nails, as well as many other parts of our body, need special care, whenever possible, professional or at least the correct house. 


Why nails on hands the wavy? (Treatment)


Remember three main rules:


• Correct and careful manicure! Even nails healthy and strong by nature not long will remain in a good shape if thoughtlessly to saw them in all directions, to gnaw teeth a plate or skin around, to injure nippers. 


• Nails, as well as hair, have porous structure therefore perfectly absorb all substances from the surface. Therefore protect them from harmful household chemicals, protect gloves and periodically let's "have a rest" from decorative and especially bright varnishes.


Feed them with oils and the special strengthening means. 


• Follow rules of personal hygiene: get a personal tool kit for manicure and don't forget them to process regularly a disinfectant!


Be beautiful and natural! Remember that nails – one of indicators of your success and health. Please surrounding with interesting manicure and more often indulge yourself vitamins and small female priyatnost!