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Why nails become ridge? Ways of treatment

One of the reasons of emergence of ribbing on nails is a continuous contact with water who handles different chemicals. Nails can be wavy because of undesirable contact with chlorine and other harmful substances, being in water.

Therefore it is recommended to use gloves and as it is possible to look after better a marigold, by means of masks, trays, creams and various vitamins. But also there can be more serious reasons of emergence of grooves.

Why nails become ridge? Ways of treatment

Wavy nails on hands and feet: reason health

The matter is that claws rough can be:

  • Lack of vitamins and mineral substances, because of incorrectly food.
  • Internal state of an organism, illness.
  • Shortage of liquid.
  • Not correctly made manicure.

The lines passing vertically on nails aren't so terrible and can disappear in itself. But cross strips signal about failure in an organism, about any disease.

Now we will understand when it is necessary to pay special attention to a condition of a marigold on hands and standing. There are some types of grooves:

  • If the nail plate is condensed and on it are located to assume perhaps cross strips that you have a diabetes.
  • About possible violation of a thyroid gland, tells the flattening of a nail plate and the line passing horizontally.
  • Darkening of a marigold and emergence of nail breaks, signals about suspicion on a fungal infection, but also such effect can be because of reception of any drugs.
  • Small emergence of cross lines can be connected with a lack of vitamins, anemia.

As it became clear, the reasons of that nails relief and curve there is, a lot of, and before getting rid of an unpleasant problem, it is necessary to learn that caused it. As the healthy nail has to look, look at a photo:

Why nails become ridge? Ways of treatment

We learned why nails become ridge. Now let's understand as they need to be treated and as it is correct to look after them.

How to fix this problem

 Though "gibbosity" of nail plates doesn't bring any discomfort, but don't make impression on girls the look at all. If this problem appeared because of any illness, address to the doctor and he to you will appoint necessary treatment which will help to get rid of this shortcoming.

But sometimes the sinuosity is a result of the wrong leaving, the wrong removal of a cuticle, not skillful use of the manikyurny device, can lead to emergence of ugly ribbing and wavy grooves. Be ready to that quickly you as a certain period is necessary won't manage to level a relief. Ribbing will disappear in process of growth of a marigold. Somehow to accelerate this process, it is necessary to carry out rules on care of a marigold:

  • As often as possible do trays for nails in house conditions with salt which will help with improvement of quality of a nail plate and your handles will be in an excellent state.
  • Use qualitative base and a covering that promotes to hide all roughnesses when drawing a varnish.
  • Polishing nail files won't help to cope with this problem but only will aggravate it.
  • For support of beauty of structure of hair and nails, accept vitamins and minerals courses.
  • Use oils for a cuticle, it will help with delay of its growth, and also favorably influences a nail plate, promotes its moistening and nutrition. If to use oil it is constant, your marigold will start growing quicker, and grooves will disappear absolutely over time.
  • Delete a cuticle by means of an orange stick, but not metal.
  • Get not metal, but crystal nail files, or nail files with a dusting.
  • To saw nails, only dry, moving a nail file in one direction.

Why nails become ridge? Ways of treatment

Treatment by folk remedies

It is possible to add treatment in the national ways: bathtubs, masks and other procedures.

For trays it is possible to use soda, honey, broths of herbs, essential oils, glycerin is will quickly put the weakened and not healthy nails in order. Wiping by lemon juice, will also make appearance of your marigold much better. It is very useful to do massage nail plastinochek.

Massage can be done any free minute: before it to steam out handles in water with salt, it is desirable with sea, to blot hands with a towel, or a napkin, apply oil of a calendula, orange, grapefruit or any other oil which is pleasant to you on nails. Accurately and gently to mass round nails, a cuticle and to rub oil in a nail plate.

To be engaged in massage of minutes on ten in day, two-three times a week. And in a month the result of transformation of your nails will be already noticeable. And still besides such massage stimulates the nervous terminations of fingers that is very useful for an organism.

Why nails become ridge? Ways of treatment

Perfectly strengthens a nail plate and relieves such recipe of vertical edges: one and a half table spoons of the kindled honey, a spoon of olive or vegetable oil, also instead of oil it is possible to use glycerin, to add broth of a sage and juice of a lemon, to mix all this with a quarter of a glass of water. To lower in the received mix nails for thirty-forty minutes, further to wipe hands a napkin and to smear with nail cream.