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Why nails on hands hurt and their health depends on what reasons?

The women and young young ladies abusing frequent drawing on nails of a varnish of the lover of manicure notice that after removal of a varnish nails start hurting strongly. Thus pain gives to the parties from a nail. Especially pain is strong when the varnish is removed in the evening. By the morning pain doesn't allow even to hold a mug.

It seems to much that sources of this problem lie as liquid for removal of a varnish. And if to buy liquid without acetone, all troubles will disappear by itself. Actually, having tried various types cosmetics, it is possible to be convinced that these conclusions aren't always right. Besides liquid for removal of a varnish, the reason of pain can be the most different.

Why nails on hands hurt and their health depends on what reasons? Not on the last place there are a varnish of poor quality and building. In general, many procedures directed on decoration of nails strongly damage their health. If you are hurt strongly by nails after building, maybe, it makes sense to allow to them to have a rest at least week - two from excesses. Well holiday time will approach for this purpose. Any varnishes, building and manikyurnykh of procedures! The file also does to nails a lot of harm, conducting to their fast stratifying.

It is worth remembering that not only quality of the means used for procedures can become the reason of a pain syndrome. Important and how the manicure is executed. The illiterate master or performance of manicure in house conditions are capable to spoil nails seriously.

On what health of nails depends?

Nails represent the dense become horny educations on finger-tips of feet and hands. Their main function – to protect the nervous terminations which are settling down on trailer phalanxes of fingers from various damages.

Each nail lies on a nail bed. On small vessels of a bed nails also receive food together with blood. Capillaries give to a nail slightly pinkish color.

The nail plate is formed by keratinizirovanny cages. Those, in turn, come from a matriks. The back part of a nail is a nail root. Here also there is a matrix giving rise to keratinotsita. (A keratin – protein, the main component of nails, hair and the top layer of skin.)

Proteinaceous molecules of a keratin are connected with each other by a chemical bond. Durability of this communication causes the hardness and durability of layers of a nail plate, preventing stratifying of a nail. The layers of fat and water lying between keratin layers are responsible for elasticity and flexibility of nails. Under the influence of environment factors the nail is capable to lose quickly a large amount of water and fatty connections. Also quickly it also restores them at long stay in the corresponding environment.

And, of course, such chemical elements as calcium, phosphorus, zinc and even atoms of arsenic are a part of a nail plate. They are also responsible for its durability and hardness.

Growth of a nail plate depends on activity of hormones in an organism, climatic conditions, food, a physiological state. For example, during breastfeeding growth of nails is slowed down.

Reasons of emergence of pain

Why nails on hands hurt and their health depends on what reasons? Why nails on hands hurt? Here list of the main reasons:

  1. Chronic trauma of a nail plate.
  2. Sharp trauma I (hurt).
  3. Fungal diseases.
  4. Infections.
  5. Felon (local infectious disease).
  6. Unbalanced food.
  7. The grown nail.
  8. And, as it was already told above, manicure.

With injuries everything is clear: at a chronic trauma continuous influence of harmful physical or chemical factors of environment leads to weakening of communications between proteinaceous molecules in a nail plate. As a result the nail becomes more fragile, starts exfoliating and breaking.

Pain at a sharp trauma has a bit different character, than at the chronic: it is more expressed, causes bigger discomfort. The pain reason in this case will be eliminated by itself after some time. It is possible to accelerate process by means of the special healing ointments and creams.

Infectious diseases. Very often nails begin against viral respiratory infections. At the flu which is followed by high temperature, the ache in bones and muscles can pass and to nails. Pain in this case is very specific; it is possible to eliminate it with intake of paracetamol, aspirin or the powders containing these ingredients together with the fenilefriny.

Food. Serious deficiency of calcium, protein and some elements in an organism does our nails by more fragile. Actually, not nails in which there are no nervous terminations, and a nail bed start hurting from it. The thinned nail plates cease to bear the protective function, the nervous terminations are exposed to constant irritation from the outside. Calcium is besides necessary for transfer of nervous impulses.

Fungal diseases. The keratin which is a basis for structure of a nail plate serves as food for the causative agent of mycosis. The fungal infection is inclined to frequent recurrence and transition to a chronic form. The fungus can be localized on a nail and under a nail plate. Usually pain causes the forms which are settling down under a nail.

The grown nail and felon. Growing of a nail plate into soft fabrics leads to development of an inflammation and further suppurations. Approximately also the felon also develops: at a microtrauma combination (agnails, a cut, a crack, a splinter) and the infectious agent. It is easy to distinguish these pains from discomfort of other origin. As a rule, they pulling, strong, don't allow the patient to fall asleep. The place of introduction of an infection swells up (the hypostasis caused by an inflammation), reddens. Body temperature can increase.

If the grown nail or pain in the injured finger hurts are too strong, it is worth addressing to the surgeon. Otherwise inflammatory process can get deep into soft fabrics and affect a finger phalanx bone.

Most often, when the person reports about nail pains, it means that the finger under a nail, that is a subnail bed hurts. Exactly there are nervous terminations capable to react to feeling of pain.

How to protect itself from nail pains?

Why nails on hands hurt and their health depends on what reasons? What to do if nails on hands hurt? First, to check the diet regarding existence of products in it with the raised content of calcium. If you the vegetarian also don't eat animal protein and fermented milk products, you shouldn't even be surprised why nails on hands hurt. In case of impossibility to refuse habitual food and to include meat in the diet, cottage cheese and milk accept inside vitamin and mineral complexes. It is possible to get them in any pharmaceutical point.

Carefully you approach the manicurist's choice. It is best of all to do manicure in the professional, checked salon. The saved money can be fraught in the future with troubles with nails. It isn't recommended to carry out this procedure in house conditions also. If all of you do manicure of the house, conform to the rules of antiseptics. Disinfect the tool before procedure.

Performing homework, you watch that hands always were in gloves. Detergents contain a significant amount of the harmful chemicals which are negatively influencing structure of nails. Constantly maintain purity of hands, look after brushes. Use protecting skin of hands of cream. If you were wounded, process a wound iodine. It is possible to stop a wound by means of hydrogen peroxide. Then surely apply a sterile bandage. Felons often begin with tiny damages, which usually in life the ignore list