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Why nails on hands and feet, the osnovy reasons become blue

Why nails on hands and feet, the osnovy reasons become blueColor of nails on hands and feet is a peculiar barometer of our health.

Changes of color of nails it is practically always connected with problems with health. Therefore, for those who faced such problem as a posineniye of nails, the campaign to the doctor will be the correct decision. Especially, if you noticed a blue color on the nails for a long time.

But for a start it is necessary to understand the reasons of this phenomenon.

Why nails on hands become blue?

There are some "harmless" reasons of a sudden posineniye of nails on hands:

  1. Frost. When to the person it is cold, his vessels are narrowed and, as a result, blood circulation to nails is slowed down. As a result nails become blue. It is absolutely normal reaction of an organism to cold. The reasons for a panic aren't present here. But, certainly, if blue doesn't abandon you and in the warm room, the problem can be in other.
  2. Mechanical injury of hands. If you hurt or struck a hand, nails will turn blue. There are also such cases when because of a strong bruise the nail plate disappears in general. After it grows, blue color can paint a nail, but only not on long.
  3. Low-quality varnish. Sometimes, after long use of not really qualitative varnish covering, it is possible to find blue on nails. Usually, it happens after a covering by cheap varnishes, especially dark flowers. Also, the black varnish at washing off, can imprint slightly in the blue color. To get rid of such pigment it is necessary or to use once again means for removal of a varnish, or to wait until flowing water completely washes up it.
  4. Household chemicals. Frequent contact with household chemicals can become the reason of a posineniye of a nail plate on hands. During washing of ware, washing, a bathtub washing, we come into contact with chemical elements which not simply can "blue" our nails, but also negatively affect a condition of skin of hands. To prevent it, it is necessary to use rubber gloves always.Why nails on hands and feet, the osnovy reasons become blue
  5. On it the list of the possible reasons of a posineniye of the nails which aren't tied with problems of health comes to an end. Unfortunately, in most cases, the posineniye of nails can be caused by serious failures in an organism. Below the list of such reasons is provided:
  6. Fungal infection. At such infection, besides blue nails, such symptoms as an itch, friability of nail fabric, weakness and deformation of a nail are allocated. An illness the extremely unpleasant and it is impossible to treat it independently by no means. At the first signs of a fungus, it is necessary to address to the qualified doctor who will provide medical care.
  7. Physical overfatigue. Sometimes, because of strong overfatigue it is possible to find blue on nails. It is connected with work of cardiovascular system. To solve this problem, it is necessary to have a rest simply, well to sleep and nails will again be painted in a healthy pinkish shade.
  8. Blood circulation violation. It is the most common cause of a posineniye of nail plates on hands. If all ten fingers of hands were painted in the blue color, it speaks about failures in work of blood system as fingers of hands don't receive necessary amount of blood. One more symptom of this violation is posineny skin round a nail. At detection of such problem, it is necessary to address to the doctor at once.Why nails on hands and feet, the osnovy reasons become blue
  9. Heart failure. Symptoms of this illness same, as well as in the previous. But consequences in this case can be much more serious. In the absence of timely treatment there is a risk of gangrene.
  10. Liver diseases.

In the Chinese medicine there is an interesting theory according to which the posineniye of different fingers on hands can speak about different problems in an organism:

  • The blue little finger speaks about problems in work of heart or intestines.
  • The blue ring finger speaks about the problems connected with work of endocrine system, a metabolic disorder and problems with lymph nodes.
  • The blue middle finger speaks about problems in work of blood vessels, in particular veins, arteries and a capillary.
  • The blue forefinger speaks about the problems connected with work of a liver and pancreas. In rare instances, at women can be to be observed gynecologic problems.
  • The blue thumb speaks about problems of cardiovascular system. Risk of tachycardia.

Why nails standing become blue?

The reasons of bluish nail platinum standing same, as well as on hands. It is possible to add, unless, some reasons:

  1. Inconvenient footwear. Carrying such footwear leads not only to a posineniye of nails, the termination of their growth and, in certain cases and to deformation of foot. It is possible to solve such problem simply having replaced footwear.Why nails on hands and feet, the osnovy reasons become blue
  2. Bad pedicure. During a pedicure, the master can incidentally injure a cuticle that can lead to such effect as a blue nail.

What to do if nails standing or hands turned blue

As it was already noted above, in the absence of the concrete reasons which could lead to a posineniye of nails, it is necessary to address to the doctor.

Nevertheless, there are some recommendations how to interfere with such unpleasant effect:

  • If the nail turned blue after blow or a bruise, apply cold on a hand. It will accelerate process of "rozoveniye" of a nail and will slow down development of a hematoma.
  • If after washing off of a varnish on nails there is a dark pigment, it testifies to low-quality cosmetics. In that case, replace a varnish on better. Also, the problem can arise because of frequent coloring of a nail. Therefore to get rid of an undesirable posineniye of a nail plate, some time try to do without varnish.Why nails on hands and feet, the osnovy reasons become blue
  • Always put on rubber gloves at housework.
  • You carry only convenient footwear.
  • If the problem arose because of problems with health and having received medical treatment, appointed the doctor, blue completely didn't pass, it is necessary to complete a course of drugs which have property of strengthening of nails and hair. For example, it is possible to spend on drink a course of beer yeast, it is better if to find beer yeast with calcium addition. But to consult to the doctor concerning reception of a preparation, nevertheless costs.

Author of article: Doubinets Alain