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Why skin on hands oblazit and how to fight against it?

Why skin on hands oblazit? Than to treat such unpleasant phenomenon? We will answer these questions in the presented article. Why skin on hands oblazit and how to fight against it?

Main information

Why skin on hands oblazit? The reasons of such pathological phenomenon can disappear in various diseases. That to reveal them and to begin timely treatment, it is necessary to address to the dermatologist. After all only the skilled expert will be able to define the exact reason of a similar state and to pick up the correct scheme of therapy.

Why skin on hands oblazit?

There is a set of various negative factors which lead to violation of process of regeneration of skin, and also its integrity.

Experts claim that the top layer of epidermis is updated for the healthy person within every month. Thus the died-off cages imperceptibly are removed then are replaced with the new. It is quite natural physiological process which the person can't observe because of his gradualness.

If skin on hands or feet oblazit so that it is visible to the naked eye, the speech can go about development of various diseases.

Main reasons

Why skin on hands oblazit? The reasons because of which integrity of the top layer of integuments is broken, the skilled dermatologist has to reveal.
Most often such state testifies to influence of the negative factors or pathological processes happening in the patient's organism. Why skin on hands oblazit and how to fight against it?

So why skin on hands oblazit? Can act as the main reasons for this phenomenon:

  • wrong care of skin of hands or its insufficient moistening;
  • long influence of strong sunshine (for example, during a summer heat);
  • use of incorrectly picked up or counterfeit cosmetics;
  • allergic reactions or so-called contact dermatitis which arose owing to negative impact of various chemicals, including washing, hygienic, cosmetics and medicinal preparations;
  • dry air indoors, especially during the heating period or a hot season;
  • various skin diseases, including eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis;
  • addiction in the course of which the person often scratches palms that leads to penetration into fabrics of various infections and bacteria;
  • shortage in an organism of the patient of such vitamins, as And, D, E, B and C, taking active part in processes of regeneration of skin;
  • continuous use of soap with antibacterial effect that leads to loss by skin of the natural protection owing to what it becomes subject to defeat by various fungi and pathogenic bacteria;
  • secondary infections which develop after penetration of harmful microorganisms through microscopic cracks in epidermis;
  • violation of drinking balance that leads to organism dehydration.Why skin on hands oblazit and how to fight against it?

The reasons of skin problems at children

Why skin on hands oblazit at the child? Most often such pathological phenomenon is observed at kids with the weakened immune system. Besides, the peeling of palms at children is quite often provoked by violation of their hormonal background. Also this state is very often noted at hypersensibility of skin of the child.

Diagnostics process

Why skin on hands and feet oblazit? Independently it is senseless to establish the reason of such abnormal state. After all the ordinary person doesn't possess enough medical knowledge which will help to understand development of this pathology. Therefore at a skin peeling on the lower or top extremities it is necessary to address to the narrow expert, that is the dermatologist. Only doctors with long-term experience will be able to tell you about why skin on hands oblazit and as to fight against it.

In the course of statement of the correct diagnosis of usual visual survey it isn't enough. In this regard most of experts appoint to the patients various methods of research.

Thanks to carrying out a number of analyses, the dermatologist will be able to reveal existence of this or that disease then to pick up necessary treatment. Why skin on hands oblazit and how to fight against it?


Having established the reason of why skin on hands oblazit, it is necessary to start elimination of this pathological phenomenon.

Any skin needs special and careful leaving. Therefore first of all after each acceptance of a shower or washing of hands experts recommend to promakivat accurately covers a soft towel, trying to avoid vigorous friction. Drying up thus feet and hands, the patient warns irritation of epidermis.

Also the medical complex on elimination of an oblezaniye of skin can include the following measures:

  • Use of the moisturizing soap which isn't overdrying skin.
  • Transition to healthy nutrition. The used products have to contain vitamins A, In, E and C, various microcells and fatty acids which well influence regeneration of skin.
  • At a strong and pathological oblezaniye of covers it is desirable to complete a full course of reception of polyvitaminic preparations which contain all necessary vitamins and microcells.
  • If skin intensively gets down from palms, it is possible to say about non-compliance with drinking balance by the patient that promotes an epidermis peresushivaniye safely. Thus, the adult should drink not less than 1,5 pure liters in day. In the summer this quantity can be increased exactly twice.Why skin on hands oblazit and how to fight against it?
  • At development of contact dermatitis because of effect of chemicals, it is necessary to exclude contact of integuments with a probable source of pathology. Dermatitis it is necessary to treat immediately as it is followed by the strongest itch. After such raschesyvaniye various bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms which will provoke development of the secondary infection demanding expensive and long-term treatment can get into tissues of epidermis.


What medicines can be accepted at a strong oblezaniye of integuments standing and hands? It depends on the available disease:

  • At development of a fungal illness the dermatologist can appoint such local medicines as "Ketokonazol", "Ekzoderil", "Nizoral", "Diflucan", "Mifungar", "Lamizil", "Flukonazol".
  • At a regular and intolerable itch to the patient antihistaminic preparations, including "Suprastin", "Loratidin", "Diazolin" recommend to use.
  • At hit in an organism of various allergens it is necessary to accept sobrenta which promote their fast removal (for example, "Enterosgel", the activated black or white coal).Why skin on hands oblazit and how to fight against it?
  • For treatment of various skin diseases, including dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis, use steroid medicines (for example, "Prednisolonum"). Also locally it is possible to apply on skin resolvents, including "Bepanten", "Elokol", "Fenistil", and various kortikosteroidny ointments (for example, "Advantan" or "Lokoid").